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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Broke Females Trying to get Shawn to Trick on Them

A couple of weeks ago when I was in the Chinese restaurant a girl no younger than about 12 or 13 came up to me and started paying compliments to me. Talking about how she liked my hair and my Timberland Chelsea boots. I brushed it off because she was a kid.

But I knew something was up. Here I was a 40-year-old man. Most CHILDREN do not come paying compliments to men old enough to be their fathers.

A few moments later she went into her pitch, asking me to buy her something. I was freaked out on the request.  What CHILD asks a grown ass 40-year-old man she doesn’t know from Adam to buy her something?

I politely told her I didn’t have it.  She left with her head down. I could care less.  I don’t go along with sick behavior like this.  If your 12 or 13-year-old daughter is walking up to grown men she doesn’t know asking them to buy them Chinese food, chances are one of them is going to ask them what they’d do to get it.  And chances are your daughter is going to do something for that box of fried rice and chicken wings that will make your stomach turn if you’re a parent.

Here’s some parenting advice from Shawn: When your kids are doing stuff like this you get out a belt and chop up some ass like a lumberjack. Because your daughter is halfway on the way to becoming a Hoe. Nip that shit in the bud as fast as you can.

Now I didn’t have it. And even if I did, I still wouldn’t have bought her anything. This kid had a mom and a dad, if she wanted Chinese food, it was their responsibility to buy her something, not mine. 

With me being a grown ass man and her being a kid me buying her something could have gotten me into a whole lot of trouble.  And the last thing I needed was to kick some single Mom’s ass over their raggedy ass kids.

Besides I also know chicks do stuff like this in the hopes of finding marks to set up for robberies. I’ve heard too many stories about broke chicks walking up to dudes asking for them to buy them a meal, then after they do it they ask them for a ride to someplace or to go somewhere with them and what’s waiting for them is a bunch of dudes looking to rob them or kill them and then rob them.

Now that wasn’t the only disturbing situation I ran into with a female. A few weeks before that a Latina chick dressed up in a slinky sexy dress and heels. I’m on my way down the Grand Concourse and 169th Street and she walks up to me and asks me for fifty cents to get on the bus. 

Looking her up and down, again I said I didn’t have it. The way I figure it if she had enough money to buy expensive clothes and shoes and get all dressed up to go wherever the she wanted to go, she could have budgeted bus fare for her trip to wherever she was going.  

And the most recent incident I had with a begging female was with a fat Black chick who was dressed up in a T-shirt and shorts with a sweater around her neck. She asks me for fifty cents to get on the bus. Again I said I didn’t have it.

The way I figured it in, since both these women were walking, they could continue to walk.  Or they could just get on through the back door the bus like the rest of these broke people here do in the South Bronx when they don’t have enough money for the fare.

Seriously, What’s the deal with women today? Don’t they understand how raggedy they look when they have to ask a dude they don’t know to give them money to get on a bus? Don’t they see how irresponsible they look to a man when they leave their house and don’t have enough money to get on a got damn bus? Don’t they see how bad it looks when you’re asking a dude you don’t know from anywhere to ask them to buy you Chinese food?

Or do they think every guy out here is going to be a SIMP and give them something they ask for just because they bat their pretty little eyelashes?

I really feel that today’s females have a horrible sense of entitlement.  Thanks to all these SIMPS and Manginas out here enabling these females by giving them whatever they want they think they don’t have to take responsibility for themselves.

Any guy who falls for this weak game is Trickin plain and simple. It isn’t chivalrous to give a woman change to get on a bus. It’s just STUPID.  All a guy is doing when he offers that woman fifty cents to get on a bus is enabling these women to continue to NOT take responsibility for her own bad choices and allowing her to think that she has a privilege just because she’s born female.

 If a man didn’t have enough money for a ride on the bus he’d be told to suck it up and start walking to wherever we wanted to go. And if a 12-year-old boy walked into a Chinese restaurant, he’d be told to take his ass to a soup Kitchen and eat whatever was given to him.

 I believe these women need to be told the same thing. After all, that’s what would happen in a free and equal society. Unfortunately, thanks to the reverse sexism due to feminism we don’t have that free and equal society. Today’s American women believe they are VICTIMS when it’s clear they have more advantages then women all over the world.

These same women begging for change have all sorts of privileges that we men don’t have. They can get jobs faster than a man due to Affirmative Action, can get all sorts of government programs like Welfare, WIC, Food Stamps and Section 8. Not to mention money from Child Support.

With all this money floating around and all these opportunities to make money floating around, grown women should have more than enough money to get on a bus or get something to eat. They shouldn’t have to ask some dude on the street like myself for change.

These ladies have no idea how much of a BUM they look like running around asking dudes on the street they don’t know for change. How SHABBY and TACKY they appear to the rest of the world.

If you women can’t get a job in spite of all the privileges given to you by these SIMPS, Manginas, and Liberals, you go get you a hefty bag take them run over Jimmy Choos and start picking up some cans, bottles or whatever. You’re not getting any of Shawn’s money.

Here’s the deal: Shawn doesn’t Trick. Period. Not on females he knows and definitely not on females he doesn’t know.  The way I see it If a woman has enough money to buy herself expensive clothes, get her hair and nails done, she should be able to afford to budget enough of her own money to get where she’s going.

If she can’t that speaks volumes about her character to me. It basically tells a Real Man like myself that she’s got poor money management skills. That she’s not very responsible. And that there’s probably no telling what she’d do for money.

Chicks who ask for change from strange dudes may be willing to offer those dudes a little pussy in exchange for it if they’re desperate enough. So she may be riding dicks before she takes that ride on the bus.  You dudes better start asking some questions if all of a sudden she’s complaining about being broke one day and flush with cash the next when payday is two weeks away.

Guys, You better watch out for these females. If they’re asking dudes they don’t know for change, there’s a chance they may be doing something strange to get it. Now I may not be the one to trick, but there’s a chance to get where she’s going she’s sucking some dick. If her kisses seem to taste salty, there’s a chance that she’s doing something naughty.


  1. Why are you directing your response to the child at the unseen or absent parent? Can you honestly identify the child's movitation for asking for money or food? Perhaps you could told her that it is better to simply ask for assistance without talking about a man's shoes. Maybe you could have presented an example of a black male giving a female something without expecting a favor in return? Maybe this hasn't been her experience?

    The child is separate from the parent. Your decision to say no- was yours to make. When you turned your focus from the child to the parent you lost me.

  2. I direct my response at the parent because they did not raise this child properly. When a teenager is approaching grown men and trying to con them into buying them something they had to learn that from somewhere...and that place is their parents.

    When a man gives a child something in the South Bronx it can get them KILLED. Kids like this can set a man up for a robbery.

    This child was NOT a victim and I will not give them or their parents a pass. If your kids are begging dudes in the street, there is something clearly WRONG with how this child is raised.

    The lesson this child could learn is that they can't use manipulation to get what they want out of men. If more men said no to Broke females they'd stop running these games.

  3. A lot of your articles seem to eventually just get to a point where you hate on women. And it seems to diverge for a bit into a bitter mysoginistic rant.

  4. I apologize, as I did not read your response sooner. I understand safety has a priority as it relates to being robbed and possibly physically harmed.

    I may have simply misread your comments. It seemed that you wanted to teach the young female a lesson. How do you know that she being manipulative in asking for money? More importantly, what lesson or message did you give her when you told her "no?"

    Perhaps the child is a con, although I am unsure if I would name a child a con if they are really trying to get a physical need met even if the are manipulative in getting the need met. Perhaps she was earnest and genuine.

  5. Sad to say, but parents raise their children to be just manipulative as they are. The word NO is the best word you can say nowadays.