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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Respect & Cooperation The Core Elements of a Man’s Relationship With a Woman

Trust is the core of a relationship with a woman. However, to get to trust a man must have two elements: Respect and Cooperation.

Respect means that a woman values a man for himself. She likes him for who he is inside and outside.  She sees something in him that she admires. Something inside him that makes him stand out from other men.

Cooperation means that a woman is willing to work with a man.

How does a man get respect and cooperation from women? By being himself.

A man cannot sacrifice his personal intangibles like his dignity and self-respect if he hopes to receive respect and cooperation from a woman. If a man does not value himself, then women will not see him as valuable enough to cooperate with in a relationship.  

If a man’s internal character is solid, he will get respect and cooperation from women. However, if he shows any sign of weakness or he presents a false face to females, they will not respect him. A man must remain true to who he is if he wants to earn a woman’s respect.

It’s a man’s actions that define his character. It’s that character that women respect and admire. A man who is true to himself will earn a woman’s respect faster than a man who does not.

If a woman does not respect a man she will not cooperate and work with him towards building the trust that’s needed to form a relationship with him.

Many men wonder why the Thug or the bad boy gets the girl. Because these men are true to themselves. They are not afraid to be themselves.

While the decent guy sits there trying to make himself into whoever he THINKS the woman will see as respectable. That’s the biggest mistake a man can make in pursuing relationships with women.

Guys who follow this pattern like Simps think they can spend their way into earning a woman’s respect and cooperation. They’re often disappointed when they realize the women they’re involved with don’t respect them. Worse, they are only willing to cooperate as long as they have cash. Once his money runs out women stop cooperating with him.

And guys like Manginas think if they kiss a woman’s ass and pander to her they’ll get a woman’s respect and cooperation. They’re often disappointed when they find out women don’t respect them and will not cooperate with them because they were too eager to please a woman. When women see that a man is too eager to please her, they take this as a sign of weakness. Again, if a man does not see himself as valuable, the woman will not see him as valuable enough to respect.  

For example, the thug or the bad boy doesn’t care what others think about him. This is why women admire them. This is why women respect them.

And they respect them so much that they’re willing cooperate and go above and beyond in supporting and protecting them. In fact, they’re so cooperative they have no problem submitting to that man’s leadership. They have so much faith in his leadership that they respect his authority.

This is why women are willing to do things like commit crimes for them, and be there for them with bail money when they wind up in trouble with the law.

When a woman respects a man, it’ll be expressed in her words and her actions. She’s willing to go above and beyond for him. She’ll be friendlier to him, kinder to him and be eager to work with him. She’ll show him tact and consideration. She’ll be sensitive to his feelings. She wants to be around him. She thinks about him constantly. She cooperates with him because she knows he sees her as valuable enough to reciprocate that same respect and cooperation to her in the relationship.

In order to earn respect and cooperation a man has to have the confidence to be himself. It’s that confidence is what women are going to find attractive about him as a man. That’s what women will admire about him as a man. That’s what’s going to make them respect him as a man.

The biggest mistake most men make is trying to please women. This is why they fail to earn a woman’s respect. This is why their relationships wind up being so unsatisfying. This is why they wind up being mocked, ridiculed and disrespected by the very same women they choose to have relationships with.

If a woman does not respect a man from day one, she will resent him later on. A relationship without respect and cooperation turns into a relationship with resentment, contempt and resistance.   

Too many guys make the mistake of taking being liked for being respected. Not understanding that they are two different things.

A woman may like a guy. But liking someone is just a surface emotion. Women like lots of men just like they like their favorite color or their favorite brand of shoes. While A woman may smile and enjoy time with a guy she likes, but she will not co-operate with him or have an interest in forming a long-term relationship with him.

Guys a woman like will get treated kindly, but at the end of the day he’ll just be seen as a friend. But a man a woman respects she’ll want a deeper relationship from.  It’s that respect that makes them desire to make a commitment to a man and cooperate with him in building a long-term relationship.

Guys, understand you need a woman’s respect from day one. Without her respect you woun’t be able to solidify the foundation of trust.  A woman cannot just like you, she needs to see something in you that makes you stand out above all other men. It’s that distinct character trait that’ll make her your woman and no one elses’.

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