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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The late 1980’s were a golden age of art, music, film and even food.

It was also the Golden Age of Simpin.

If anyone thinks Simpin was bad today, they have no idea how much worse it was in the late 1980’s.

Money from jobs, Crack hustles, the Rap game, and even the NBA left many a brotha’s pockets flush with cash. And because most of these Black males came from female headed households, they didn’t think to take their money and invest it in businesses or even to buy a home.

No, because they grew up with their mothers and no father in the home, they adopted her consumerist way of thinking. So they took their money and went out and bought gold chains, Air Jordan sneakers, Gap Clothes, and leather jackets. In the wintertime they bought Timberland boots, goose down jackets, or if your pockets were really fat, a shearling coat.

And of course every guy had to have a car. Usually a Jeep Wrangler or a Nissan Maxima. And If he was really getting broke off selling those crack rocks, a guy would buy a Mercedes 300E, a BMW, or a SAAB.

And the main reason why these dudes spent this money this way wasn’t because they liked this stuff. No, the main reason why they bought all this stuff was to get the attention of females. Because these guys grew up in female headed households and saw their mothers mistreated by their fathers they wanted to make sure they treated their women right. And because they heard their mothers always saying that they never had enough money to take care of things because their fathers walked out on them, the way they saw it they were going to solve all their problems with the women they involved themselves with by having lots of money to take care of her.

As these brothers started making moves on girls, they put women first. Worse, they led with their wallets instead of their personality, character, and confidence.  The mantra of the late 1980s-early 1990s was “you needed money to get a girlfriend.” And guys made sure to show how much money they had to women. It wasn’t common to see a dope boy in the neighborhood running around this time with four or five pairs of Air Jordans, Air Force  and Air Force I sneakers in multiple colors to show he had it. And it wasn’t common to see a guy driving around in an expensive car with a boomin sound system the whole block could hear to show women he had it either. To top things off, many a drug dealer, aspiring rapper or even a guy working a nine to five would run around with not only these expensive toys, but a roll of cash in hand.

Before around 1986, a guy did not need to open his wallet to get the attention of a female. All he had to do was just be himself and the girls would come to him.

And dating was fun. Because it wasn’t about money, but because it was about the good times people shared and finding out if you were compatible with each other. Before 1986, a guy could take a girl out to a movie and McDonald’s and have a great evening for around $20.

But as soon as that drug loot from crack cocaine started flowing in the Black community women stopped chasing the working class educated professional guys and started chasing the dope dealers with the fast dollars. Not because they liked him, but because they wanted to see what they could get out of him.

Most sistas and even many Latinas knew that most of the drug dealers were weak guys. They knew because they came from single parent female headed households that they’d put a woman first. And because they’re so thirsty for female companionship and the possibility of sex, they’d give a woman whatever she wanted. This was the main reason why Black and Latina females always chose thugs over working class guys. They knew they could get leverage and control of the relationship by just promising a guy some sex.

Moreover, these women knew these guys weren’t very smart. That made them easy to manipulate and very made some easy to control. All a female had to do back then was whisper a little sweet nothing in a dude’s ear and….She’d be broke off with expensive items like Air Jordan sneakers, Gucci purses, down jackets, GAP clothes, and gold chains. Some females would get cars out of these dudes! Because these guys were going to make sure their women were going to be taken care of even if they hadn’t shown they could bring anything to the table in terms of character.

Thanks to these SIMPS, many a tween and teenage girl growing up in the late 1980’s early 1990’s grew up believing all she had to do was show up and guys would give her whatever she wanted. And all she had to do was offer them some pussy and gifts, clothes, shoes and cash would be rained down on her. And thanks to these Simps offering up presents for sex, this drove the price of pussy up to the astronomical levels it currently is today.

Why should a woman deal with the working class educated guy who would demand she bring something to the table such as integrity, character, loyalty, and self-respect when the dope boy would give them whatever they wanted? Why should a woman work towards meeting the standards of a man to show she could be worthy to be his wife when a dope dealer with money who had no standards whatsoever was offering her a lavish lifestyle just for being born light skinned or Puerto Rican and pretty?

The main reason women are so low grade and disrespectful in the Black community today is because over 25 years ago, dope dealers, rappers and every other Negro male back in the day was willing to pander and grovel to Black and Hispanic females back then in the hopes of getting her to notice her.

The truth was the dope boys, the thugs and the bad boys were the original SIMPS. Back in the late 1980s early 1990s they were considered the cool dudes because they could give a woman whatever they wanted.

 But in reality they were just tricks paying for pussy.

The Golden Age of Simping made many a female think she was living large. That fast drug loot and rap money gave many a teenage girl or a woman a lifestyle upgrade. It gave her a swelled head and made her think she didn’t have to work for anything. This is why many a female today runs around with a sense of entitlement in the Black community. She’s been spoiled rotten by Simps who will buy her anything just in the hopes of getting pussy.

Unfortunately when crack went out of vogue in the early 90s, the gravy train was over. And when the dope boys who weren’t killed in the shoot outs over turf were arrested and put in federal prison for 10 to 25 years, these females found themselves without a source of income. And with their children’s fathers either dead or incarcerated, these women pampered and spoiled by SIMPS had to make it on their own.

Many realized how fucked up their situation was because they dropped out of high school to get with these dope boys. Some tried to get jobs, and found thanks to their lack of education all they could get was work at fast food places and retail. Those who didn’t want to work got pregnant and hoped to get on public assistance and milk that system dry just like mama and grandma did. Unfortunately, those females soon found out that the free ride they enjoyed was also over when the Welfare Reform Bill was passed by President Clinton.

The Simp is the primary reason we have the Baby Mama epidemic in the Black community today. Twenty-five years ago he was the guy flashing the cash in the hopes of getting the attention of females. And when he started spending and making like he was a big shot to impress her everything was cool.

Until she told him she was pregnant.

Again, if he wasn’t killed in turf wars or sent to prison, the rest of these Bitch-Made ™ cowards simply high-tailed it out of wherever they went. Scared and overwhelmed at the prospect of being a father, these punk ass baby boys realized that they couldn’t deliver on the man-sized promises he made to the females he stepped to.

Many a female who thought she was being played by a player in the late 80s and early 90s was in actuality tricked by a SIMP. These guys were the ones who were ready to buy a woman whatever she wanted when he was getting pussy out of the deal. But when the baby came along, he was gone. Because his prospect of getting pussy for his pay was over with that female.

Brothers and sisters, you see it was the Golden Age of Simpin that created the dysfunction that currently ails the Black community. These Simps were the ones who used their wallets to pander to females and it was their constant eagerness to please them that led up to the price of pussy being driven up to the astronomical level it is now and the spoiled rotten entitled mindset many women have today. It was their constant pussy begging, attention whoring and woman worshipping that swelled women’s egos and made them impossible to deal with. In their attempt to treat a woman better than their mothers treated their fathers, they created the monster known as the Baby Mama.

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