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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Isis: All About The Goddess Chapter 2

Marilyn is a bundle of nerves as Joe, one of the security directors for the Next School Campus Police finishes his report. He looks her up and down contemptuously before confirming all the details she told him about the incident earlier.
“You say you found this in your mail cubby when you came in here Ms. Marie?” Joe growls as he presents her with the note again.
“Yeah. Amy hadn’t done the mail yet and it was just there.” She replies.
“Are you sure you didn’t put it there?”
Marilyn’s eyes grow wide on the accusation as her face twists into a scowl. “Why would I put a picture like this in my own cubby?”She bristles.
“Well, you Hollywood types are always looking for attention.” Joe snarls.
“Dude, I quit acting over a year ago-”
“Maybe you’re thinking about making a comeback?” Joe jabs.
Like the tabloids would care about an R List celebrity like Marilyn. If she’s been modeling nude in an art studio for over a year with no press, then there’s no money in taking photos of her and selling them. The window for some cheap heat through the papers already came and went.
“I doubt Marilyn would waste our time with a false threat.” Chris replies.
“These celebrities are notorious attention whores Professor.” Joe snarls. “Especially washed up ones like her.”
“Joe, you’re out of line-”
“Whatever Professor. Look, I’ll file this report with campus security and forward a copy to the police precinct. If this guy strikes, we’ll have a paper trail.”
That doesn’t seem like an effective plan of action for protecting a student who’s been threatened by a potential stalker. “Aren’t you going to do something?” I inquire.
“Not much I can do until this crazy strikes miss.” Joe growls. “All I can tell the movie star here to do is to go home and wait until this blows over.”
Marilyn cocks an eyebrow. “Dude, I can’t just go home. I’ve got a test in a few hours-”
“Work that out with your professors. It ain’t got nothin’ to do with me.”
Joe stuffs the note in his file, jumps off the sofa and storms out of the office. Chris gives Marilyn a concerned look as he sits beside her on the sofa in the reception area. The cold way this girl has been treated by the Next School’s safety office is egregious. We’d never leave a girl so unsupported in the face of danger on the Spelman Campus or at the Theta House.
“In all my time in L.A. I never had a stalker.” Marilyn sighs.
“Most people were probably scared you were just as vicious as the character you played on TV.” Chris says.
“Yeah, no one wanted to mess with Nikki.” Marilyn replies.
“But they love to start with Marilyn.” I say.
“That’s the story of my life.” Marilyn sighs. “One year into art modeling I get the crazy on campus.”
“Are you sure you don’t want to go home?” Chris asks.
If she gives up, the crazy wins. And from what Chris has told me about Marilyn, she’s worked too hard to rebuild her life to have someone tear it down again.
“I can’t. I have a test in two hours. And a four o’clock studio session with Professor Lewis in Figure Study 101.”
There’s that fighting spirit. “You probably need the money from both these jobs to pay your rent.” I say.
“Pretty much. If I don’t work, I don’t eat.”
“I think you can work in the office full-time until this blows over.” Chris says.
“I’d love to, but I don’t want to put you in a jam.” Marilyn continues. “The way models quit around here, you’re lucky most of the figure study classes actually do go on.”
“Even when she’s in trouble she’s always thinking about others.” Chris laughs. “I told you this girl is a sweetheart Edna.”
It’s clear to me she is. If anyone deserves the help of a goddess, it’s her.

“She reminds me of my granddaughter.” I say reaching into my purse for my cell phone. “I think I know someone who can fill in for Marilyn in your four o’clock class Chris. Just let me make a call.”

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