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Monday, October 28, 2013

Shawn Reviews Tech Talk

I spent a few hours this weekend listening to Tech Talk, a new show on Blogtalk radio.

Tech Talk is hosted by Tyrone Thompson and JM McSwain and these two brothers discusse Information Techology and computers from an African-American point of view. The first episode was rock solid with a great discussion about Internet security.

As an old head who has been working with computers from back in the Commodore 64 NEC TREK BASIC days where we had DOS and 5.25 floppy disks, I found this show to be very informative and educational. I learned a lot about hackers, and how they pose a threat to computer users on a variety of networks. McSwain and Thompson have a strong knowledge of IT and break down all the jargon into plain English so that the average brother or sista can get an understanding of what’s going on with computers.

McSwain and Thompson said they came up with Tech Talk as a way to get more African-Americans discussing IT and exploring careers in the IT field. I believe it’s a program that’s right on time for the Black community. There aren’t enough African-Americans thinking about IT or careers in IT. And with everything being computerized, that’s going to be a huge disadvantage for Black people in the next five to ten years. Brothers and sisters have to start thinking about focusing on careers in the IT field yesterday!  

Future shows will be broken into 4-30 minute segments where they discuss various topics in the IT field.  Tuesday’s show will have  will be about Tech News,  Black inventors in IT Fixing your computer problem and the final segment will be a versus segement between the Iphone vs the Obama phone the pros and cons of both. You can call in and talk to JM and Tyrone at  (858) 357-8453 call us and tell us about your computer problem and finally.

I believe that’s a good format that will allow them to discuss various topics and share information effectively with the listener. Last week’s show went off on a tangent in the last few minutes, but I believe the structure they’re establishing will allow them to stay on topic.

Brothers and Sistas, if you want to learn about Technology and the IT field, then check out Tech Talk It’s on Tuesdays and Thursdays on Blogtalkradio. You can listen to it live or do what I do and download it to your laptop, ipod or smartphone and listen to it later.  This is a great show that will inspire young brothers and sisters who want to pursue careers in IT and who want to learn more about computers. 

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