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Thursday, October 3, 2013

People own Dogs and collect Public Assitance….WTF?

I’m noticing something crazy in my neighborhood. All these people on public assistance like WIC, Welfare SSI, and Section 8 with EBT cards and they own...DOGS.

Does anyone see what’s WRONG with this picture?

I don’t get the logic behind this. If you're POOR enough to qualify for government benefits why do you own a friggin' DOG? You can't afford to feed YOURSELF and your kids and you BUY another damn poop machine with a mouth to feed? What the hell is wrong with people?

Dammit, where are people's priorities here in the Bronx? What are these motherfuckers on?

In a time where Republicans in Congress want to cut $40 billion from the Food Stamp program it’s morons like this who reinforce Republicans’ argument that poor people don’t need all those Food Stamps. If you’ve got enough money to feed and take care of a dog, then what the Hell do you need with food stamps?

Most of these broke motherfuckers in my neighborhood getting public assistance aren’t doing productive things like going to school or getting job, going to job training or looking for work. But I see them up at 7AM walking their damn dogs like clockwork. Some even have cellphones and are texting people while they walk their pets.

Right now I'm out of work and my main priorities are looking for work and building my up my publishing business. Doing without until I can find a way to take care of myself. The way I see it, if you're poor then you need to make SACRIFICES until you have the means to take care of yourself.

And one of those sacrifices is not bringing another mouth to feed into your home when you don’t have the resources to feed yourself.

I have to wonder what the hell is with poor people these days. Back when I was a kid in the 1980s I grew up on public assistance and my main priority growing up was doing well enough in school so I could get off those programs and be able to make my own money. After I graduated college in 1994, I left public assistance programs and I moved on to the job market looking to find a way to make my own living.

When I see grown ass people with illegitimate kids by multiple fathers owning damn dogs I feel they’re abusing government assistance like Welfare, WIC, Section 8 and Medicaid. If you’ve got enough money and TIME to spend money taking care of a damn dog, then you’re WASTING TAXPAYER DOLLARS. Get your ass off the dole and get yourself a JOB.

The whole point of government assistance is to ASSIST you into getting to a point where YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN can stand on your own two feet and take care of yourself.  While you’re on the programs like Welfare, WIC, and Section 8 your goal is to get to a point where you find employment that allows you to pay the taxes so others can use these programs to get their lives together.

In that time you’re on the state’s dole, you’re supposed to going to school, getting some job training and networking with business contacts making the efforts that will help you find full-time employment.

These programs are not about making you comfortable. They’re not about making you happy. They are not meant for people to become so dependent on them that they having enough money to start owning extra mouths they have to feed.

If you’re poor enough to take taxpayer money for public assistance you should NOT OWN A DOG. Hell, you shouldn’t even own a goldfish. When you haven’t proven to anyone you’re responsible enough to make enough money to feed yourself or your children, why they hell are you bringing another mouth to feed in your damn house?

It’s this kind of imbecilic thinking that keeps poor people poor. They spend their money and more importantly their TIME on garbage that doesn’t enrich their quality of life or take them to the next level.

People on Public assistance spend money on dogs, sneakers and cell phones, but don’t think to buy a computer or the tools that will help them take their lives out of poverty. That’s backwards thinking.

I’d go as far to say it’s fucking retarded. If a person is crying poverty alleging they can’t feed themselves or their children, where do they get the money to pay for feeding a dog and taking it to the vet?

If you’re on public assistance your main priority should be getting your shit together. Nothing more nothing less. There’s a five year time limit on welfare and government benefits, and that time should be spent going to school and getting the skills to get out of poverty, not wasting it buying bullshit that keeps you stranded in poverty.


  1. I remember Newt Gingrich when I was younger. People were acting like everything was sweet. I'm talking 15 year olds getting knocked up by the same guy and giving their kids goofy ass names. The thing I remember was Newt was going after them hard and they acted like Newt didn't have an audience. Seeing all of this was frustrating as a kid. Thinking about it now kills my optimism.


  2. Excellent comment. When I go to the grocery store, I see people on welfare spending more on junk and frozen TV dinner foods than on fresh fruits and veggies. That's sad.


  3. I'm on public assistance and have a cat. I also have an aquarium. Get this I also have a job, which means I pay taxes! The way I see it, I get to keep all the money I make. And if I want to feed my cat and eat frozen pizza I will do as I damn well please.