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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Two and a Half Men…Or Two and a Half SIMPS?

There’s this show on CBS called Two And A Half Men. Unfortunately, that’s false Advertising. Because there are no Real Men in this show or producing it.

The show should be titled Two and a Half SIMPS. Or A Simp and a Trick.

Because if one if one examines the content of the characters in this show they’ll see how they clearly fit the pattern of a SIMP.

Jon Cryers’ character Alan Harper, is the Classic Mangina. A guy who panders to women by giving them a Pussy Pass™ in the hopes that if he lets them get away with all their bad behavior he’ll get a Penis Pass™ to participate in his own sexual indiscretions. From his ex-wife to his girlfriends like Lindsay, women do all sorts of cruel stuff to Alan and he lets them do it in the hopes that if he’s “good” enough they’ll allow him a chance to get to the goodies between their legs.

And when that doesn’t work, he starts pussy begging hoping to get sympathy from women so he can persuade them feel sorry enough for him that they’ll drop their panties for some pity sex.

Alan is shown as soft and weak with effeminate leanings and behaviors. It’s implied that he’s a closet homosexual. But in reality he’s just a typical Bitch-Made™ emasculated male without the BALLS to stand up and live life on his terms. He thinks that if he submits and does things the way on the woman’s terms he’ll get what he wants. But all he usually gets is screwed.

Charlie Sheen’s Character Charlie Harper is the classic hypermasculine SIMP. A man who overcompensates for his insecurities about his manhood. On the surface he looks like he has masculine traits by dating all those sexy women in every episode but in actuality he’s a bigger SIMP than Alan. In fact he’s become such a SIMP that he’s become a Trick, paying the women he picks up in every episode for sex.
For all of Charlie’s bravado and swagger, he often lives to please women. Whenever he’s pressured by women he often defers and caves in whenever they make demands of him. In most episodes women use him for dinners, drinks and gifts, then dump him for someone else.

Jake Harper is grows up to a be a Mangina just like dear old dad. In later episodes he’s shown to be a SIMP off the old block getting involved with predatory women who use him as a tool for their sexual gratification or, as a pawn to make another man they’re involved with jealous, or to get stuff out of him.

If anything, Jake shows us the damage that’s done when a boy is raised by a Mangina. All a boy learns from a father like that is to pander to women by giving them a Pussy Pass™ and the art of Pussy begging.

When Charlie Sheen left in 2011, Ashton Kutcher was introduced as the billionaire Holden Caufield. And in spite of all his riches Holden is shown to be a SIMP who lacks not only experience with women but confidence in his game to pursue quality females.
Like Alan Holden is fresh off a divorce with a predatory woman who still seeks to bully and control him. And like Charlie he has the good looks and hypermasculine swagger, but thanks to his low self-esteem he often pursues predatory females who are far beneath him. A Classic Captain-Save-A-Hoe, Holden believes that if he can fix up dysfunctional woman she’ll be the perfect mate for him. He’s been disappointed twice.

All throughout Holden’s first season on the show He puts on Power Ranger Galoshes and a cape playing Captain-Save-A-Hoe to Zoe, a British single mother. She drops him when he asks him to get married.  And in the 2012-2013 season, Holden playing Captain-Save-A-Hoe yet again by pretending to be poor. This time he tricks his money off on a poor woman whoto help her get her career started in the fashion design industry. After she makes it big in New York fashion, she dumps him to move on to the next man she plans to use as a tool.

 All four of these characters lead spend most of their time in an episode pandering to women in the hopes of getting into her panties. All four may get sex, but its’ not good sex. Most of the time the sex they get is on a woman’s terms, not their own. And after they get that sex, they’re often pussy begging, which leads to them being stranded in a vicious cycle of Simpin’ and Trickin desperately chasing the woman for her favor.

The common denominator for all of the male characters on Two and a Half SIMPS (I refuse to call them Men) is the household they grew up in. Three of four these characters are also shown to be the product from Single mother female headed households. Charlie and Alan are shown to come from a Single mother household with a domineering emasculating Single mother. And Holden is shown to come from a home with an emotionally unavailable Single mother who has more of a connection to a chimp than her child. And while Jake lives with his father, the lessons learned from his father’s dysfunctional upbringing hinders, not helps the boy’s growth into manhood.

If anything Two and A Half SIMPS (I just can’t call them men, because they aren’t) shows us the impact the single mother female headed household has on manhood. In between the cruel jokes on this show, is a commentary about how when single mothers raise boys alone they grow up to become dysfunctional.  They either grow up to become like Alan, dedicating their lives trying to please women who don’t appreciate them, or like Charlie, a misogynist who thinks he’s using women for sex, but in actuality being used by them as an ATM machine when he pays for pussy. Or they grow up to become like Holden, being used as a tool women use to get ahead and discarded for the next man. Or worst of all, they grow up like Jake, a second generation SIMP who follow in daddy’s dysfunctional footsteps.

Two and a Half SIMPS is not a good program for men and especially boys to watch. The misandristic messages in the undertones of this program only teach a boy that men are incompetent, have no value and contribute nothing at all to society except to be used by women as tools. Manhood is devalued in every episode and the dignity of a man is often sacrificed for a laugh. Males especially young boys watching this show may laugh with the jokes but don’t understand that they’re being laughed at. The creators say it’s comedy, but I don’t find it funny when emasculation is shown as entertainment.

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  1. If anything this show proves that crazy is the new norm and sanity is to be rejected.