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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Negro Bed Wenches-The Only Black Women Allowed in the American Corporate Workplace

In a previous blog, I detailed the three types of Black Men allowed in a White Corporate workplace and the reason why those three sellouts are allowed there. Now I’m going to go into detail about the most dangerous predator in the corporate workplace, the Negro Bed Wench.

The Negro Bed Wench is a Black woman who will do ANYTHING to please her White bosses, especially White men. She is the female equivalent to the Uncle Tom, someone completely loyal to her White bosses and will not only lie, cheat and steal for him, but allow him to use her as his sexual plaything.

Negro Bed Wenches makes White Corporate business owners comfortable. In fact out of all the Black sellouts she makes White bosses the most comfortable. White managers love Negro Bed Wenches because he knows how ruthless they are. As his enforcer, White Men can always count on her to do their dirty work. No matter how immoral, unethical illegal or heinous the act is she’ll get the job done and do it with pride.

Anything an Uncle Tom or a Coon won’t do, A Negro Bed Wench will. And she’ll do it with a smile. Plus they allow him to meet the Affirmative Action quota by killing two birds with one stone, by hiring a minority person and a woman at the same time. 

Negro Bed Wenches are often placed in management positions and entry level front desk positions, she’s known for her hostile no-nonsense attitude and her cold demeanor. White Managers used her to strike fear and terror in the masses of employees and customers, especially the Black males. She’s a cruel dominatrix who lives to humiliate and crush people, especially Black men. 

Examples of a Negro Bed Wench in corporate America include Condoleezza Rice and Olivia Pope on the TV show Scandal. 

A Negro Bed Wench is loyal to only two things: MONEY and WHITE DICK. And she’ll do anything to get an unlimited supply of both. Many a Negro Bed wench will have a Black boyfriend or husband, but that SIMP is usually for show. Negro Bed Wenches lust for White men and crave White dick like a crackhead fiends for the crack rock. Most bosses know they can count on her to offer them a steady supply of pussy when they’re working late nights. She’ll take White dicks in the mouth, the pussy and if gets her a raise, in the ass. Sometimes she’ll let three bosses fill all three holes at the same time.

And after they screw the boss, they screw over the communities they work in with their reinforcement of institutionally racist and inhumane business policies. Negro Bed wenches are indifferent to the suffering of others and will throw people, under the bus with relish. A Negro Bed Wench is ruthless enough to fire old people who have dedicated 20 years of their life to a company, close a day care center serving a community of families and if she has to, even commit murder just to make her white bosses happy.

Brothers have to be extra vigilant on the job when they identify one of these monsters. A Negro Bed Wench HATES Black Men on the job. Especially decent, down-to-earth brothers. For her, hardworking, decent Black men are a threat to the fiefdom she has established with her White Masters…I mean bosses. Negro Bed wenches want to be the HNICE (Head Nigger in Charge) and will do anything to maintain this position of pseudo-authority in the office. Whenever another Black man comes into the workplace she’s the one working tirelessly behind the scenes to get them fired. 

Plain and simple, whenever a Black man on a job sees a Black woman too chummy with a White male supervisor on the job, he better watch out. This traitor is taking information back to her bosses and trying to use it against a brotha to get him fired. 

There are three types of Negro Bed Wench who usually work in corporate AmeriKKKA. The Mammy, the Strong Independent Black Woman, and the Hood Rat. 

Mammies are extremely loyal to their White Masters. These are older women who have maintained a close long-term relationship with the White managers of a company. Usually these are veteran administrative assistants or veteran managers with seniority. These women have a lot of pull and a lot of influence in a White corporate power structure. They can get people hired and fired literally on their word. 

What makes these old women dangerous is the fact that they are deeply entrenched in the White supremacist corporate culture and its way of thinking. In fact, many are so brainwashed that they’ll go along and justify with racist and sexist business policies such as racial discrimination and sexual harassment. Some will go even as far as protecting the racist policies by enforcing them! 

The way they see things, if a White man says it, it must be true and he must be right. In the eyes of a Mammy, a White man is infallible. They are the first ones to defend a White manager no matter how unethical or immoral he is. 

When Mammies are e in management positions like Human Resources they can easily prevent other Black people from getting jobs at a company. In her eyes no Negroes are going to come into the business and take her place as the Head Nigger in Charge.

Like the Black Mangina, the Black Mammy is more likely to help a nonblack person get a job at a corporation than a Black person. In fact she’s more eager to hire a grossly unqualified White, Hispanic, Asian, Arab or homosexual person over an overqualified Black person, especially a Black man. If a Black man’s resume gets on her desk, it’s automatically going in the trash.

Mammies also have a deep seeded hatred for younger Black women, especially good self-aware sistas. Mammies are jealous of the youth and intelligence these women have. Moreover, they’re scared if these women start speaking out against the status quo, they could threaten their position as the top woman in the corporate hierarchy. 

While a Mammy is filled with vitriol and hatred for Black men and younger Black women they are the biggest COONS in the presence of White men, especially older White male executives. It’s not common for an old Mammy with a scowl on her face to twist it into the kindest gentlest smile in the presence of a White manager or executive. And these women will buck dance, shuffle, and Coon like Amos N’ Andy grinning and laughing while these men make all sorts of racist and sexual comments about her and Black people. 

The Strong Independent Black woman is also allowed in White Corporate America. Like the Mammy, these younger women profess an extreme loyalty to White Corporate America. They often work in professional positions such as junior managers, lawyers, HR managers, and office Managers. Some are even executives. They like to boast about their college educations, their designer clothes and expensive homes. Many are cold, calculating and indifferent to the feelings of others. As long as they’ve got theirs, no one else matters. 

Strong Black women are easy to identify by their armor like business suits, hair weaves that look like helmets (some wear dreadlocks that look like feathers in a war helmet) and faces painted up in make-up that looks like war paint. She is always ready to do battle for her White Supremacist Masters on the front lines of Corporate America with her two deadliest weapons: Her hostile attitude and her razor-sharp tongue.

The Strong Independent Black woman believes in feminism like a religion. And White Managers love having her in their corporate businesses because those feminist and misandristic views of men, especially Black men make her into a vicious and brutal enforcer. She is a cruel and vicious overseer who is used to terrorize the office and strike fear in the working masses with her brutal implementation of company policy.

Company policy is the Strong Independent Black woman’s bible. It’s what she uses to justify crushing, humiliating and degrading people, especially Black men. A Strong Independent Black woman will always turn to her corporate rulebook to condone the most unethical and immoral practices even though the Holy Bible she reads in church every Sunday says what she’s doing is wrong.

One of her favorite pastimes is using corporate policy to emasculate, humiliate, and degrade men of color, especially Black men. For them writing up a Black man on the smallest infraction is a pleasure. She has even more fun when she terminates Black men from their jobs. When she fires a Black man, oftentimes there’s a smile on her face. Some may even have a sated expression on their faces just like they’ve had an orgasm after taking a black man’s job away.

However, Strong Independent Black women will turn friendly and kind in the presence of a White Manager or a White executive. All that hostility they had for lower level Black men, other males of color and White women soon dissipates when a White Manager or White executive walks into the room. If you ever see a Strong Independent Black woman in the presence of a Black man then see her in the presence of White Man, You’d swear it wasn’t the same person.

White Corporate Bosses love Strong independent Black women because of their fierce loyalty and commitment to White Supremacy. These women will go above and beyond not only in the business arena, but the bedroom as well. The same Strong Independent Black woman who will talk about Christianity and saving herself for marriage to Black men will be the first to drop her panties or drop to her knees to service a White Dick. This Negro Bed Wench will allow White corporate bosses to run through all three of her holes and nut in her smiling face if it’ll get her a raise or a promotion.

Strong Independent Black Women never get fired from their jobs no matter how nasty, hostile, belligerent or unprofessional they are. A Black man in the same workplace could make one small mistake and White bosses would be insistent on his termination. But A Strong Independent Black woman makes that same mistake, shows up late, and curses people out in public and it’s business as usual. Some even get promoted after YEARS of fucking up on the job!

One of the main reasons a Strong independent Black woman never gets fired even during the worst economic times is because she’s oftentimes a White Man’s sidepiece. White corporate bosses know they can depend of their enforcer in good times and bad to protect their business interests and take care of their sexual needs. 

Like the Mammy, The Strong Independent Black woman is totally and completely dependent on White Supremacy for her existence in the workplace. And because she fiercely fights to protect White Supremacy, she makes sure no Black people get hired. Especially Black men and young, intelligent self-aware Black women. These Handkerchief heads would rather laugh in the face of a brotha or sista and hire a White, Hispanic, Asian, Arab or Homosexual first.

Hood Rats are the female equivalent of Coons. Hood Rats are usually found working in low-level positions such as receptionist or Administrative assistant. Some can even be found in other front desk jobs like cashier or customer service. A few will work as security guards. 

Hood Rats are known for being loud, obnoxious and arrogant. Their fierce bark, razor sharp tongue, surly body language, nasty attitude, and hostile demeanor are what make them perfect for front desk positions. White corporate bosses often use these women as the gatekeepers for their businesses because they’re effective at screening people and keeping undesirables (Black men) out of a company. 

A Hood Rat can literally curse a customer or client out and still keep her job. She can come in late every day and still keep her job. Some will even get promoted after providing YEARS of the WORST customer service at a sales counter or reception desk. Why? Because they save a White Corporate business lots of MONEY. Thanks to them intimidating the masses of customers and clients, they fear asking for anything and take whatever is given to them.

When she’s not at the reception desk or providing horrible customer service at the front counter or the reception desk, A Hood Rat will bully and harass, and threaten other Black co-workers. When a Black person, especially a Black man comes in and says “good morning,” she’s the first to roll her eyes and suck her teeth at them. And around other Black employees, she’s the first to make threats and talk about who she can get fired.

She’ll also do passive-aggressive things to Black co-workers like hiding information, “losing” files, “forgetting” to tell them about phone calls, “forgetting” to relay messages to employees, and chastising them about coming in one second late. But in the presence of a White Man even one in a position LOWER than hers like the janitor, she’s the first to greet him with a friendly smile and tell him good morning. And she’s the first to offer inside information to them on what jobs are available and how to work with certain bosses in the company. 

Many Negro Bed Wenches working in Corporate America are snakes in the grass. On the surface these Black women will talk about Black pride and their love of Black family, but their actions will show how they are only loyal to the institutionally racist White Supremacist power structure. Negro Bed wenches in Corporate America are often the first people to work AGAINST Black people than for them. While most Black people may see the Uncle Tom Black man as dangerous, but the Negro Bed Wench is the deadliest predator in racist AmeriKKKa. She’ll sacrifice her own children to her White Corporate Slave Masters if they tell her to, and does so every day. The only reason she’s allowed so much power in the business world is because she’s given so much of it away.


  1. Oprah Winfrey, Melissa Harris-Perry, Sherri Shepherd, Crystal Wright are obvious examples of what you're talking about. Here's MrSuperboy's video on Ms. Wright:

    I'm glad you're writing about the self-hating Black women in America today.

    La Reyna(S.Baldwin)

  2. Have to La Reyna. No one ever talks about these Black female sellouts. Thanks to all the weak brothas the sellout females get a free pass. I'm calling them out.

  3. Successful and happy individuals rarely feel the need to degrade other successful and happy people. It's almost always the unhappy who haven't made much of their lives that want to offer their "critique".

  4. Sounds like another butthurt sista who can't take hearing the truth.

    Who's degrading successful happy people? The statistics prove Black women are miserable. 70 percent of Black women are single. They whine and complain about how bad their lives are.

    Sounds like you're projecting if you ask me.

    This was a general piece. All I'm talking about how Negro Bed wenches and how you are the only Black women allowed in corporate AmeriKKKa. Stuff I've seen with my own eyes on jobs I've had over my life. You're only upset that in reading my "critique" you heard something that relates directly to YOU. That's got nothing to do with me. If I hold up a mirror and you see your reflection in it, then it must be true about YOU.

  5. Great article. Everything you mentioned was "ON Point"...sad but very true. This has been going on since slavery.Even then many of the slave women continued their affairs with masters even after being freed and that was by choice. Nothing has changed. Thanks for sharing.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. "Even then many of the slave women continued their affairs with masters even after being freed and that was by choice. it depends on how you look at slavery because if you look at it with a myopic view then you will never understand how much of a complex system it was. Here in Louisiana they had what was called the "Placage" system where mulatto women would attend "octoroon balls" to be paired up with wealthy white men. They had children for them and they were provided with a house and in most cases those off spring were sent overseas to universities. Even the famous voodoo priestess Marie Laveau petitioned the Catholic church to sanctify interracial marriages. Harriet Jacobs in her book "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl" went on to say that she had children with this prominent white lawyer/politician just to keep her white master off her back because he was pursuing her so hard that she hid in her grandmother's attic for nine years. Yes, there was even politics during the time of slavery and I guess people did what they thought was best for themselves and their children in order to survive. They did a research study and they found that Louisiana has one of the highest rates of people who claim to be white as having some negro ancestry in them next to the State of South Carolina.

  6. Sounds like scandal . Now I see why so many women are attracted to the television show. Many of the black female news castors are these same women. Those who are not married or those who are married to Europeans are the worst.. You can actually see the hood rat version on Basketball wives and L.A . Wives. Uneducated and acting like children . Look at Wendy William I dont know is she is a man or a women. Never inviting strong brothers on her show..,

  7. I think I knew about the Negro Bed Wench, but never in these terms. As a black woman, I have to say it is difficult to come to terms with the descriptions in this article because I know people who fit them, but I can also identify with some of he characteristics of each Bed Wench type. I'm educated, I can be feisty, and I typically play by the rules in the workplace. I do not, however, hate nor am I hostile toward black men.
    The reason this is so hard for me to swallow, is because its difficult to make the distinction between the negro bed wench and a black woman who's just trying to get ahead. Many of my peers have called me stuck up, or they say I think I'm better than them because I speak properly, have a career, and live in a nice from the perspective of those individuals, I'm a negro bed wench as well. In my opinion, its a matter of perception...we all wear different 'faces' to navigate the workplace. I am not arguing that the negro bed wench does not exist, but where is the line drawn for women like me?

  8. No one has an issue with you being educated or speaking well or living in a nice area. If what I wrote doesn't reflect you, then don't worry about it.

    Having worked in corporate jobs with Black women I know the difference. A Black woman who wants to get ahead has a line she'll stop at. For her it's all about her work and doing the best job she can do.

    But A Negro Bed wench has no morals or ethics. She'll throw other Black men and women on the job under a bus so she can be the top Black person.

    Negro bed wenches work with White men to keep Black men and good Black women out of the job market. These women will lie, and do whatever it takes to get a Black man or a good sista fired.

    A Negro bed wench doesn't CARE who she hurts, as long as she gets ahead.

    She will sleep with white bosses so she can get ahead. Negro Bed wenches have no morals or ethics. She'll stab people in the back. As long as she gets a benefit, she'll do it. White Bosses use the Negro Bed wench to do the dirty work Uncle Toms are too scared to do and he won't do.

    A Negro Bed wench is a traitor to black women and the Black community. You have to watch out for her!

  9. So if black women are supposed Negro Bed wench for the white man. What do you call black men who f*** white women??? Statistically Black men Date and marry white women at 4 times the rate of black women, but you Niggaz are real quiet when it comes to that. You are nothing but a pack of hypocrites. Here is a thought, perhaps if you negroes grew a pair and actually did your job as Men instead of being BITTER BLACK BETA MALES in being protectors and providers black women would not pose such a threat to you when it comes to men of other races. The cowards you are know you cannot compete it is easier to blame de black woman for your incompetance.

    You are the only race of men that I see constantly tear down their own women I do not see any other race of men doing that. I would rather see a black woman happy with a white man than deal with the likes of you. Trust me no one is butt hurt over your childish rant, until you all MAN UP and do your JOB, you have no one to blame for your failure. NO ONE

  10. I can just hear the GHETTO in her voice.

    Err....Perhaps you didn't read the other Blog that goes along with this one discussing Mangina Sellouts and the other Black men allowed into Corporate AmeriKKKa.

    Please take your loud mouth and shaming tactics elsewhere.

  11. "...Most bosses know they can count on her to offer them a steady supply of pussy when they’re working late nights..."

    You are a sick individual.

    1. This whole blog post is beyond sick and weird. This guy needs lots and lots of therapy and lots and lots of psych meds...But somehow I really doubt that would help. He's just an angry, hate-filled, ignorant, and delusional man. When someone disagrees with him, it seems the only thing he can do to respond is name call. It also seems like he doesn't want anyone to succeed at life-black/white male/female. Guess the best thing you can do when you fail at your own life, is to lash out at others.

      "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." Words to think about, Shawn James. But somehow I know it will go over your head. I wonder what it's like to walk around with this much anger inside? Must be hard.

    2. Oh brother!!!! More drama coming out of the black race!!!! Wow!!!! What vitriol!!!!

    3. I like this website because it profiles the uniqueness and the complexity of Louisiana's culture and they have good music on there also.

  12. Raymond sit your SIMP ass down. The only person sicker than the bed wenches are the SIMPS who make excuses for them.

  13. Raymond your a dumb ass

  14. There used to be a song called," Smells like Teen Spirit", a satirical take on pop culture.

    This piece smells like misogyny, even for those of us who are not the hard core feminist camp. But sadly, it is non-satrical. It takes kernels of truth, envelops them in untruths, lies and opinions.

    First of all, since when did black intellectualism and men of honor resort to calling the women who bare the generation of the race disparaging names? No white man has ever called me his bed-wench or a mammy no matter how racist and voltaic some have been. I suppose that pleasure is reserved for articles such as this.

    Secondly, instead of examining some of the systemic reasons for the disparity between the number of black men and black women in corporate America, why resort to crabs in a barrel thinking? Sadly there are some real reasons that Black men have been denied access to corporate America, but your article seems to pithily reflect that Black women's subservience to white men and I suppose some inherent genetic predisposition to arrogance and ratchetness is the cause of the Black man's downfall.

    Mammy, by the way, like actual mammies-- were often victims of rape. They bore their rapist children, unable to escape from the brutality of slavery. Amazing there was not more infanticide. So was the so called bed-wench often a victim of rape. She could not control her master's advances. The rapes started as young as 14 years old. These women often took this abuse to protect their families. Case in point, Harriet Jacobs, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.

    Sadly, you do a disservice to real issues with rhetoric, and all the black mothers who labored to get us where we had to be as a people.

    I hope you all don't have daughters.

    But then, what do I know? According to the article I'm just a self-hating naturalista, anti-black man femi-nazi jockin' white guys like Kerri. Let the bashing commence.

    By the way-- Jesus loves you, brotha.

    1. Anonymous I mentioned Harriet Jacobs in one of my posts. In Louisiana they had what you called "the placage" system where beautiful mulatto women would be paired up with wealthy white men. These men would provide them with homes, sent their children off to Universities in Paris to study and even left them things in their wills. Then on the other side of the state you had Cajun men (Cajuns are a sub-ethnic group) and black women coming together and Ernest Gaines wrote some books on this--one was called "Of Love and Dust". Then you have our most famous voodoo priestess, Marie Laveau. She petitioned the Catholic church to sanctify interracial marriages. So if that makes us negro bed wenches down here in Louisiana then so be it. We do things a lot differently down here. Our culture is the most unique in the entire country and everyone flocks down here to come and get a taste of it.

  15. Wow someone is completely Brainwashed by White Supremacy. A complete slave. Mentioning that EMO BITCH Kurt Cobain really shows how sold out you are.

    All that false historical context is a nice deflection to what goes on today. And today is what I'm talking about. And today these Negro Bed wenches are the gatekeepers of White Corporate AmeriKKKA.

    Personally I've worked with Middle management mammies, Skrong Black females and other hoodats. And they are only there for two reasons:

    Because they meet two Affirmative action qoutas,

    and because they provide White bosses a chocolate fantasy.

    These women could be INCOMPETENT and keep their jobs. They could have the WORST ATTITUDES and still keep their jobs. But if a heterosexual Black man just as much LOOKs at a white man or a WHite woman the wrong way or speaks out of tone he is disciplined or fired.

    White Supremacy does not want Black men in their workplace unless they are COONs, Manginas or homosexuals, individuals who will promote and support White Supremacy and racism in AmeriKKKa.

  16. Interesting that you focused on how sold out you think I am rather than answer the question. *shrugs* Why don't you focus on the real issues of white supremacy that impact Black men?

    I'm not sure where you worked in corporate America, but it sounds like poor management may be part of the culprit in thay senario, if indeed an employee was allowed to abuse customers. If I were you, I'd have retained a discrimination attorney. There are legal remedies to these situations outside of mysogynistic diatribes.

    Secondly, you never did respond to my point that "mammies" and "bedwenches" were often young girls brutally raped. If I were to believe your assertion (which I don 't, but let's go with it for the sake of arguement) that these were legitimate assertions endemic to all black women, why would you use terms steeped in sexual violence and pedophilia?

  17. Since you know so well...what are the "real issues" behind White supremacy...Educate us.

  18. This is a painfully true blog here. In retrospect, a couple of different things come to mind.

    First and foremost, is that women like this don't just exist in corporate America...THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. I've been in the military, and guess what? Self-depricating black women made my job a living hell seeing as how I was forced to conduct business with them on a daily basis, often times on someone else's behalf no less.

    After the military, I had to jump through hoops in order to get financing for college, who ultimately helped? A black male. Who told me that I needed to save more money and try again next year? Take a wild guess.

    Through menial jobs in manufacturing, retail, the restaurant biz, entry level administration, who did I have to appease to? Black women. I consistently performed exceptionally, yet for even the most miniscule of slip-ups, my name suspiciously popped up in conversations with slightly disparaging remarks.

    Secondly, I've heard a lot of disgusting talk lately of people openly admitting that they are "house niggas". A claim which has been uttered with an 80/20 split of pride/joking. It's not just women, but men too.

    Which brings me to my next observation. Why do people proudly proclaim that they are black republicans? I don't know about anyone else, but I find it difficult to co-sign with a political party that historically hates me because of the color of my skin.

    Lastly, I don't have children by the way, but the child support system, regardless of what anyone thinks is the ultimate form of bed wenchery if that's even a word.

    Example, a guy in my neighborhood has four children with one woman. He works hard, he loves his kids, he provides for them as well as they're mother financially, emotionally, you name it.

    They have a disagreement and ultimately split-up. The guy continues to handle his responsibilities even more so since their break-up. Everything goes smoothly until he meets and becomes an item with a young, professional woman. Mind you, he's establishing a romance and still fufilling a NON-COURT ordered agreement that is handsomely substantial.

    What happens next? This dude has subpeonas thrown at him. The judicial system is questioning his fatherhood, the whole nine yards. The point is, these women think that they're getting over on a black male, but they're just pandering to, and spoon-feeding the white man who absolutely adores these types of situations.

    For years, i've been attempting to get my community to open their eyes on issues besides just the black wench, but it all falls on deaf ears, or "this nigga just mad speeches". Any suggestions on how to uncloud foggy minds?

    1. I have a situation that is very similar to what you have just written about. My ex-wife is blinded by hate and has produced a situation that has allowed a white man to question my commitment to my children. It has taken my children and built a barrier.

  19. Can't offer any suggestions on how to uncloud the mind of the Negro, except keep speaking the truth. You can lead the Negro to the truth, but you can't change how they think.

    These kinds of Black women undermine their own communities and destroy their own families. They think the White Man is going to reward them for betraying their families and communities, but all they're going to get is laughed at, used abused and discarded like so much garbage.

  20. You totally nailed it. But don't give the simps a pass. The simps help empower, enable, perpetuate, proliferate, and support these monsters; just by being the simps they are. The simps are found in all stations in life. These monsters torment the simps as well, but the simps are complicit in their own suffering.

    1. He has also written a blog about SIMPS also

  21. The simps are enablers for sure. The fact is most Black Men are simps vis-a-vie their female counterparts. This extends to the hyper macho Black Man as well; those who will kill another Black men at the drop of a dime, but refers to average black females as goddesses and queens. It takes a considerable amount of personal effort for a Black Man .to break free of the simp mentality, and see the black female objectively.

  22. One more word about the role that the simp mentality plays in all this. Most Black Men are conditioned from birth to have a simp mentality; by institutions, communities, family, friends, media, peers, etc. If you are the type of Black Man who refers to average or less black females as goddesses and queens; if you have said things like, 'you can bad mouth my father, but don't you dare say something bad about my mother'; you are exhibiting symptoms of a simp mentality. Again, all you need do is look at black females objectively, this will cure you of simp psyche syndrome.

  23. One more word about the role that the simp mentality plays in all this. Most Black Men are conditioned from birth to have a simp mentality; by institutions, communities, family, friends, media, peers, etc. If you are the type of Black Man who refers to average or less black females as goddesses and queens; if you have said things like, 'you can bad mouth my father, but don't you dare say something bad about my mother'; you are exhibiting symptoms of a simp mentality. Again, all you need do is look at black females objectively, this will cure you of simp psyche syndrome.

  24. Just some random thoughts I'm having this morning. Our corrupt academics and corrupt institutions are employed by corporate powers to slice and dice our demographic groups and market a specific mindset to each group. This helps perpetuate the unsustainable, unhealthy, unnatural order, that we have. What can an individual do, when subjected to a daily tsunami of crap? Each individual has a responsibility to develop their mind as fully as it can be developed. Each individual gas a responsibility to see all people objectively, but not as objects. When you see people objectively, not only do you see our common humanity, but you see that no group is intrinsically better or worse than another.

  25. Not giving the simp a pass. I deal with him in another blog. And I've dealt with his dysfunction in several other blogs.

  26. I just had to use this blog topic as an example of racial self-hatred here...

  27. As a white male executive...56 years of age...I am ever grateful for the always available crop of black bed wenches who cater to my every perverted sexual need. Their exceptional breeding and physical superiority make them a lot of fun!!! Especially when coupled with a "Yas, Suh" attitude and a hot-in-the-tail libido. The lips; the big bubble butt. I love it when they call me "Colonel"... I really do!

  28. Bitter ugly old coon. Did you your girl leave you for a white dude hahaha they are at the top of the food chain which black men like you will never be as you're too busy hating on your BETTERS. Lowly negro hahaha

  29. Sadly the Olivia Pope syndrome is totally true I wish it was not but it is.

  30. These women are the weakest of the weak. Though in their minds they truly believe they are strong. We can not build a strong black people with weak minded women. We must write them off and are better off with out them. It is my hope that (all and not just some), will feel empowered enough to make themselves known and own there positions. Why? Because change is coming. And in that change, while they sun themselves on the "executive's" yacht, the hull is taking on water. Brothers though it seems we barley have a makeshift raft these days, drowning people will swim for anything that floats. Let those who have made that choice go down with the boat while they go down on the massa. Part of their function is not only to inform on us to the massa, but to distract us from rising to greatness in the change that is coming. Let me repeat, a change is coming; you know it, I know it and the white man has always known it. They were given a period of time to rule and that time is up. But they would rather we all come to demise if they must give up power. (and they must) So let them have their fun with their modern day volunteer slaves. Let us work, build, support each other as brothers. If the future is not ours let it not be because we failed to stand. If we were not great, they would not be working day and night, on every level to keep us in this position. The one supreme force of the universe will do away with the oppressors in its time. I believe the universe has a special reward for those who side with the oppressor. The question is, "will you and I be ready to claim our place in the hour ?" She may be on the deck of the yacht looking down on you in the raft as though on top of the world; but so were the "executives" on the titanic.

  31. Someone called me a bed wench after she provided me with false information and I refused to do her tax returns. I had no idea what bed wench meant, so I decided to look it up. I started reading the article and I could not stop myself from laughing. This article is a joke and most of the comments. You people need to let go of the negative energy.

  32. So you blame Black women for your failure. FOH... I do my job I do not bed the bosses . I try and be a reliable employee and do my best for my company because that's what they are paying for . I also try and instill this in my Black husband, . Sounds like someone is a bitter bobby and that's why you are having a problem with Corporate America. If you would like to do what you want to do invest in your own business sir and you can then run things how you like.I know your kind ....WHOA is me the white man dont like me BS. You probabaly a shit starter and it's obvious very negative . Not sure where you were working but our VP is a black man and we are promoted all the time at my company and noone is sleeping with our Black female boss.. So what is she called since she is in charge however didnt sleep her way there , what is she called since she promotes and motivates black employees everyday without prejudice. What is she called since she treats us all the same ... Shut up , grow up and do what they are paying you to do and you will get promoted .

  33. Any black girl who views white men better in any form or way is a sell out hoe bed wench. Any black man who does the same is the same he's a sell out bitch nigga. In times like this we have people self hating calling black men no good and bitter. Black girls out to know the white guy is the same guy who enslaved your fucking mothers, sisters and brothers. In this modern world they still do discriminate against you. Fuck a white girl i will never date them. If you ever go white you can stay there we dont want you back. I've felt discrimination and i will never cater to giving my resources and effort for the betterment of the white community. Race is a REAL THING people dont act like it doesnt matter IT DOES. The whole world gives a fuck where you come from and what color you are. Humans from the existence of time has classified and categorized every single thing on the planet DONT think for one second when you go for a job interview or in any walk of life you wont be classified. Whether conscious or subconsciously they WILL think of you in stereotypical ways. Racism will persist to the end of times it will never end. I prefer my own and i always will, black woman and men should date each other we are the minority for many reasons and relationship issues is just one of them. TAKE CARE OF OUR BLACK KIDS, FAMILIES, BUSINESSES, COMMUNITIES AND ALL. FORGET THE WHITE THE WHITE WOMAN AND WHITE MAN WHO HAVE HELD YOU DOWN FOR CENTURIES AND ARE STILL DISCRIMINATING AGAINST YOU!. We can make it as a whole but we need to preach what it is to have self pride and to stick to each other.

  34. Black men must separate from American black women. The types u named are all the kinds of bw period

  35. Simple this is the only kind of negro I will keep at my company all others are fired an by the bed wench no less. If you don't like it leave. There are plenty that live this way an will do anything I say. As a matter of fact I have one that will call her self a nigger whore, monkey, fuck meat or what ever else is degrading just to please me. This is the mind set of the new generation of slaves an they are welcomed.

  36. A whole year later, and still no response to "mammies" and "bed wenches" being terms defined by rape. Crickets.

    1. A whole year later and you're still looking to argue over an old blog. Sad. Move on.

  37. You're really great person, Shawn.
    Thank you for everything!

  38. So... Any black female who is successful in climbing the corporate ladder in "Amerikkka" is a bed wench? I am from the Congo (central Africa for those of you who are incapable of understanding geography outside of America) and raised in the UK. If the corporate world is controlled by White America and as a black female, you would like to take your chances at actually being successful in that corporate world, you would have to be a "bed wench" to succeed? Am I right in drawing that conclusion from your written piece?

  39. "There 12 Tribes of Israel....If the so called "Black" woman would rather be a dog in the eyes of her white masters than a Queen for her King...Hebrew men have 11 other choices of women without even having to date outside of race; once you know that you are not "Black" or "African-American" but Israelites spoken of in Deuteronomy 28 (if so called blacks would actually read instead of taking interpretations as truth) Our people were sold by African Muslims to Caucasian Khazarian converts to Judaism which started our quest as slaves (these bed wenches especially love this type of white boss).....let these whores be modern day slaves as long as these whores are happy with the outcome of loneliness at the end of thier careers as bed wench whores. These scandelous no good whores have no monopoly and the white woman is the least of thier threats both with Israelite Men and on the job. Highest Divorce Rate, Highest Single Rate, Highest STD rate = highest disloyalty rate thereby proving this post 1hunna due to the fact that her loyalty lies with pleasing her master....just like an Authentic Bitch (female dog).

  40. My people have entirely too much hate that was created in this country to divide us. I'm disappointed with the concept of Scandal, but that is apparently easy to sale in Hollywood. I know it has been the black female as a whole that has stood by black men in America. I don't want any of you to fall for this nonsense. Let's work together with those who are willing to work for the common good.

  41. I'm a beautiful black woman. I date a man who makes more money than I do. I am also a full time student and a single parent. He's great with my son and caters to my every need. Not just money wise, but intellectually and spiritually. I've never had a better relationship, where I can be myself FULLY without judgement. What if I marry this man and make little bi-racial babies? Would that make me a bed wench? No it would make me a wife and a mother. But because my boyfriend happens to be white, there MUST be a hidden motive, right? I can't help but think that this is nothing more than a subjective opinion. We're all human. Not every white man is hateful racist moron. Not every black man is a knight in shining armor.

  42. And you Shawn James, are just another disrespectful troll who clearly is unhappy. Someone who talks down about another race so visciously and can still consider themself a good person is beyond me. Ask yourself, are you any better than the slander that you throw on someone else's name?... Pathetic really. By the way, yes it's 2016 but this blog still exists, so I thought I'd throw some ideas out there for ya. Teach you some manners.