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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Men Define Manhood, not Women!

MTV has this show called Guy Code. It’s supposed to be a program where men and women talk about the social rules men are supposed to follow.

I call it the Mangina Action hour.

What’s wrong with this show? Women are shown as the ones dictating the terms of manhood. Women are the one shown as the ones establishing the social rules for manhood. And women are shown leading men. The entire basis of this program predicated on Men pleasing women and behaving in a way women deem acceptable.

This isn’t a Guy Code. It’s Emasculation 101.  If you want to see what a SIMP looks like, check out this show.

Now I knew this show was suspect when I heard it came from MTV. The only thing worth a shit to come out of that network since 1992 when they stopped showing music videos was Beavis & Butt Head and Daria.

Most men don’t understand that Women have been defining manhood for the past 50 years. And in that time America raised two generations of SIMPS and Manginas. Weak, insecure men who are led by women and follow her rules. Men who do things on her terms. Nice “sensitive” guys no one respects. Pussy whipped chumps who wind up becoming laughingstocks.

Here’s the deal: Real Manhood is defined by REAL MEN. A man knows what social character traits make a man a Real Man. We teach men how to become leaders and we teach men how to behave in ways that are acceptable to US.

A woman has NO INPUT in the REAL MAN CODE. The men in the community establish the social rules men follow. Only a man knows what makes a man a man, and only a man can teach a boy and other men the about manhood. And the unwritten social rules of the Man Code are passed down from father to son generation after generation.

 The problem over the last 50 years is that Women have been allowed to establish the rules for manhood. And as two generations of men have made accommodations in the way they lived to please them, they have sacrificed their personal power. And thanks to those sacrifices Masculinity and the male identity have been feminized and subjugated to a second-class role. Instead of Men working towards pleasing themselves, and accomplishing their goals, men have made it their primary focus on making women happy.


A mans job is to do two things: Serve God and PUT HIMSELF FIRST. And when I say put them first, I mean dedicate himself towards working towards his goals. Focusing on his crafts and careers. Taking care of his personal needs by working out, getting enough rest, studying, and improving their skills. Having his own life and doing the things that make him happy.

Remember, Men define manhood, not women. When women dictate the terms and conditions of manhood, all a man does is put himself in a secondary role where he’ll be treated like a second-class citizen.

The Real Man code is something that won’t be televised on any TV show in American Media. Mangina controlled and Feminist corrupted Madison Avenue and Hollywood won’t allow that to be put on the air. If you want to know what the Real Man code is talk to a Real Man. All Television is going to do is rot your brain.


  1. That was definitely a great written post Shawn and it was definitely needed as the MTV Show Guy Code needed to be exposed for what it is as a Mangina Emasculated show that has been around since 2011. I thought that I was the only one that saw that show as an emasculated farce of a show. Thanks for writing this blog and exposing that Mangina Half Hour Garbage Guy Code

  2. so true my brother!!!!!!

  3. It seems simple: men define manhood and women define womanhood, the problems start when cross-contamination happens, then you don't know who goes where.

    1. Exactly. The opposite sex merely determines what is attractive in both scenarios. This is why in ancient and functional societies, a thorough rites of passage existed.