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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shawn Rants about The Real Talk Show

The Real is another one of those Knock-offs of the View and The Talk Featuring Tamar Braxton,  Noni Love, Jeannie MaiAdrienne BailonTamera Mowry Housely, and a couple of other celebrity females it’s supposed to give us a Viewpoint of African American and Latina Women. But if this program is a reflection of African-American and Latina women today, then Black and Brown America should be disappointed.

This show is real. Real Ignorant.  These women were loud, obnoxious and just annoying. Reinforcing every racist stereotype about Black and Hispanic women for the past forty years. Presenting the Woman of color, especially Black women as shallow, greedy and materialistic.

 For an entire these Black women talked about the most idiotic and superficial topics. Hair weaves, clothes, shoes, and Men, men and men. These women spent a good half hour bragging about their boyfriends and their husbands. And Sex. They talked a whole lot about sex.

If this is reflective of the state of Black Womanhood, then I’m embarrassed about the state of Black women.  I’d like to think if I put four to five Black and Brown women together on a stage they’d be able to talk about subjects with a whole lot more substance.

With things like the controversy over the George Zimmerman acquittal, and over five hundred Black-on-Black murders in Chicago transpiring last year, I’d like to think these so called Black and Latina women would spend time talking about those serious topics than about hair, men and orgasms.

There’s a lot more important things going on in the Black community, and it’s a shame that one of the few public forums we get to see Women of color talk about issues is focused on puerile nonsense. 

In addition to being real ignorant, The Real is a Real missed opportunity. These women of color have a rare chance to make a statement about Black Womanhood in public media. A chance to say that Black women aren’t loud ignorant rude greedy, materialistic and obnoxious. But they take that opportunity and squander it by taking a public forum and reinforcing all the negative stereotypes about Black women.

What’s most disappointing about The Real is most of these women are supposed to be some of our best and brightest Black women. Our college educated successful Sistas. Role models for the young Black girls growing up in the community of who they should aspire to be like. Watching some of our best Black and women act like a bunch of loud, ignorant ghetto Hood Rats is the most disturbing thing about this program; I’d think these women would know better than to allow themselves to be presented in such an embarrassing fashion on a media forum like this.

The Real is pure coonery at its finest. In an attempt to blend The View and with the Real Housewives it’s a program that takes the image of Black women and throws it into the sewer. I’ve seen Black women like JiaIreland, DaintyA, and Colnel of Wisdom, on YouTube present themselves much more intelligently and discuss topics with much more political and social complexity.

Shawn’s going to keep it Real: We don’t need any more shows like The Real on Television. In an age of Love & Hip-Hop, Real Housewives, Basketball wives, Flavor of Love there are enough programs depicting African-Americans as loud, ignorant obnoxious, materialistic and buffoonish. We don’t need another one. 


  1. Agree 1000%.
    Tamar Braxton is ridiculous, REAL hood rat, extremely annoying with that squeaky voice.
    Asian chick is hood-wanna-be, so unattractive.
    Hispanic one tries way too hard to act like Tamar Braxton.
    I'm shocked that Tamera Mowry stooped down so low as to even associate herself with other 3.
    The show gives an impression of low life, uneducated, self centered, not very bright females.
    And speaking of make up! OMG! They look like clowns, especially Tamar and Adrianne. All those wigs, fake nails, fake eyelashes, etc.
    It's not real, it's real fake.
    Tamar Braxton should take English lessons.

  2. Tamera Mowry is on this show for a reasons. You give her too much credit. She's not that different from those other 'ladies'. I stopped watching after she said if you go black you never go back. What a bunch of horse sh!t. Btw, he DID go back, and don't want her back.
    Ghetto show for ghetto audience. Thumbs down

  3. A hoodrat show for shines and Minstrels. Gave Tamera Mowry the benefit of a doubt, but now I see she's just another bedwench.

    Watched one episode and I'll never watch it again. Still waiting for some decent Black folks to come to TV.

  4. The producers of the show and writers are not doing a good job, because almost the whole show these 5 woment talk about THEIR life, their kids, men, preferences etc. As if there is,NOTHING else going on in the world but how often they like to have sex and the expensive birthday parties they throw for their kids.
    Very narrow, very boring show.
    Seems that it was specifically created for low life audience with no ambitions, motivation to thrive for more intelligent topics.
    Thanks Shawn for this blog.

  5. Pardon my typos. Women, not woment

  6. The Real Shows us the arrogance, narcissism, and humongous ego these women have. It's a modern day minstrel show that showcases the absolute WORST in Black female behavior. The only people who would find this abomination of a program entertaining are hoodrats. Sad to see that there is no difference between an educated Black woman and a hoodrat because on this show they are the exact same thing.

  7. Thank you Shawn for this blog, it is much needed. I totally agree with you Tamar is a disgraceful hair hatted hooligan! hopefully after tonight Adrienne, Loni, Tamarcian, and Tamera will answered their NIGGAH WAKE-UP CALL! The call was made by Jeanne Mai this is what she said my mom said you are her favorite Adrienne because you remind her of a CHIHUAHUA! Tamar my mom think your hair colors are funny! She then said "Black men are good for a side dish but I had to marry White because that's what makes me HAPPY! The look on their faces SURPRISE!