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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Simpin’ in the Summertime part 2 - How a ticket turns into a Warrant

All over my neighborhood I see these dudes walking their pitbulls without leashes. These Summertime Simps run around swaggering with their shirts off posing and flexing thinking they look like thugs and bad boys.

Only they don’t understand that walking a dog without a leash is against the law.

What these male attention whores don’t understand is that in their quest to make themselves look cool on the street, they make themselves a target of police officers. Police officers who are looking for someone to stop and frisk. Or someone to give a ticket to meet their quota.

And it’s those tickets that can turn into trouble for a brotha. Usually these wanna-be bad boys can’t even afford Kibble’s N’ Bits for their dogs. So they definitely can’t afford a ticket. They tricked off all their money on those Air Jordans and saggin shorts trying to look cool for the ladies.

In a lot of cases these idiots wind up ignoring their date to appear in court. And that’s a decision that comes back to haunt them.

What these chumps don’t understand is that when they don’t show up for court, that turns into a warrant for their arrest. And one day while they’re walking down the street with their pit bull off the leash, smoking a blunt, drinking a 40oz in public or some other dumb N*gga sh*t, like playing their car stereo or boom box loud they wind up in handcuffs.

Why? Because they didn’t show up for court over some stupid Sh*t they shouldn’t have been doing in the first f*ckin place.

Dumb mother*ckers.
And since these SIMPS don’t have any money for Kibbles N’ bits for their dogs, or to pay for a ticket, they sit in jail for six months waiting for their court date. And six months later they get kicked with time served.

All for what? Not putting a damn leash on a dog? Trying to flex and pose like a bad boy? Trying to get the attention of some female who has been run through by four or five dudes on the block? A woman who is possibly a Baby Mama?

Seriously is getting her attention that worth a jail record? Is pussy worth doing time over?

Something that’s something for you SIMPS out there to think about.

Pussy Beggars always think they’re getting ahead with their attention whoring. But all a SIMP wastes with his dumbass stunts is TIME. That six months they spend in jail for walking a dog off the leash was time they could have had to do other more productive things like going to school, taking a course or working on a side hustle. Time they could have spent working towards making money instead of trouble.

Real men spend their time chasing dollars not women. Because the man who pursues paper has the females following behind him.

Fellas, wasting time doing dumb N*gga sh*t like walking a pit bull off the leash can ruin your life. A brotha may think it’s cool to imitate some two-bit rapper in a music video, but that’s all staged and choreographed to take you out of the game. In real life pulling attention whore stunts can get a Black man ticketed, arrested, locked up, or even shot and killed by the police. Don’t make yourself into a target for law enforcement.

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