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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Halle Berry Got Married AGAIN….WHO GIVES A ****!

A couple of weeks ago Halle Berry married her current boyfriend and future Baby Daddy Oliver Martinez in Paris.

Shawn didn’t write about it. Why?

More important things were going on in the world. I was promoting my latest book in the Isis Series: Isis: My Sister, My Frenemy on Kindle.

And I was keeping tabs on the George Zimmerman trial. July 13, 2013 A Florida Court showed America a Black man’s life like Trayvon Martin’s still has the same amount of value it had sixty years ago When Emmitt Till was murdered. A person in this country like Michael Vick can do more time in prison for killing dogs than they can for murdering a Black man.

The saddest part is America with its Token Black President in the White House feels this precedent is still perfectly fine.

I immediately stopped the promotion for my new book that Saturday night when I heard the news about the verdict and posted up a blog about the travesty of justice in that Florida courtroom. I’m still deeply saddened and disgusted by that verdict. America had a chance to put a sociopath away before he harmed others, but White Women fantasizing about a White Knight™, let a madman back out to kill again. I don’t know who’s sicker, Zimmerman or his six enablers in that Florida courtoom sitting in the jury box.

After the Verdict, I’ve seen Zimmerman’s insanity full force. This Bitch-Made™ coward says he needs his gun to protect himself. But I have a question to ask America:

Who is going to protect YOU from George Zimmerman?

Seriously, this madman who says he’s in fear for his life shows up at the scene of an overturned SUV ready to play superhero again. It’s like this fool never learned anything from the past year. But that’s par for the course with a sociopath. They never learn from their mistakes and they continue to do the exact same things and expect different results.

The rest of the world calls this Insanity. But the State of Florida calls it business as usual. He and Casey Anthony are two of the reasons I will never visit the State of Florida.

Seriously I urge everyone all over the world to take their travel and tourism dollars anyplace else other than the State of Florida. You never know when you’ll become a victim of a crazy person like George Zimmerman who decides to “stand his ground” because they’re fearing for their life because you speak with a foreign accent, or are wearing the wrong clothes. The way these laws are written ANYONE can be killed by someone who fears for their life in ANY place. Anyone can literally justify killing anyone else for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Imagine if Adam Lanza lived in the state of Florida. He could say he was standing his ground because he was in fear of his life of those elementary school kids and those teachers.

Or Imagine if James Holmes lived in the State of Florida. He could say he was standing his ground because he was in fear of his life in that dark movie theater.

The scary part is a Jury in Florida would find those insane arguments perfectly logical. And both those madmen would be free to wreak more havoc on the streets again like George Zimmerman is doing right now. Even after killing Trayvon Martin, he’s still running around with a cape and Mickey Mouse galoshes on playing hero. And the scariest part is no one in America thinks anything is wrong with it. In the eyes of some people they still think he’s a hero for killing Trayvon Martin.

Sadly I believe it’s only when either a rich White tourist some rich White American is killed due to another paranoid or insane White male claiming to be “standing their ground” that these insane laws will be repealed in the State of Florida and other states with Stand your Ground laws. Maybe after a big office massacre or school shooting due to a psychotic White male nutjob “standing his ground” will there be a constitutional amendment banning these insane laws.

The Constitution gives Americans a right to bear arms, but also a responsibility to take care when possessing those weapons. In the case of Zimmerman he was clearly abusing his right to conceal and carry. What sane a man would need to carry a loaded gun while patrolling a neighborhood watch? If you’re just observing and reporting, where do you need a gun in those duties?

What’s even crazier than George Zimmerman is that some troll came to my blog looking for me to write something about Halle Berry’s third marriage to her first White man when legal precedent was being re-established regarding the value of the lives of Black men in America. Like I honestly give a shit about this washed up almost 50-year-old twice divorced run through Negro Bed Wench with two babies by two different White boys when there are more serious and important things going on in the world.

Sure I’ve written about Halle Berry in the past to teach Black women what happens when Black women think they’re so special when they get involved with White boys. And I also wrote them to teach men what happens when you play Captain-Save-A-Hoe. But that verdict in Florida was more important to me and the rest of the world than the Halle Berry’s third Marriage to her first White Man. Seriously, Who cares if Halle Berry is married to a White man when the value of Black life is confirmed at less than a dog on the same day?

It’s clear to me at this point a Negro Bed Wench like Halle Berry does not care about the Black community that spent its money to make her into a star. While she’s in France on her Honeymoon to a White Frenchman, The rest of the Black community and even the rest of the world is fighting to get Justice for Trayvon Martin. If that doesn’t show Black America where she and Black Hollywood’s priorities are, nothing else will. If you want to know where all of Black America’s real sellouts are head over to Hollywood California. Nothing in that town but Uncle Ruckus’ and Handkerchief heads out to take Black dollars and hand them over to their White Slave masters.

In the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict I’ve got no time for sell-outs like Halle Berry. I’m planning a course on where I want to go from here. With the value of a Black life still at ZERO, who cares about interracial relationships between two washed up celebrities?


  1. Funny enough, what links Oliver Martinez to George Zimmerman is that they're both SPANISH MEN; they're NOT WHITE.

    George Zimmerman's mother is Peruvian and George himself says he considers himself a 'latino'. George's father called him a 'spanish-speaking minority' and George also checked the 'hispanic' box on his voter registration form.

    Oliver MARTINEZ is also a spanish man. I guess Black women want to rub marrying a white man in the noses of Black men at every instance, but this man is clearly NOT WHITE. In Oliver's case, he's not even fair-skinned.

    So in the case of George Zimmerman we see another instance of spanish people hating Black americans. There have been reports of spanish prison gangs joining with the aryan nation prisoners to kill off Black people in correctional facilities. And white biker gangs actually recruited spanish people to fight off other white biker gangs.

    But in George Zimmerman's case, he's got a complex of how WHITE HE'S NOT; that's why he pulled the trigger on Trayvon, 'cause Black people remind spanish people that they're NOT white. AND THEY HATE US ALL THE MORE FOR IT!

    And in Halle's case, I'm just gonna' wait for her to get another divorce; 'cause you know that's what's bound to happen.

    And for Black women who want to tell brothas that Halle's marrying her first WHITE man, I'm sorry, she's NOT. She maybe marrying her first SPANISH man, but not a WHITE ONE.


    One last thing sistas...with the ways you treat brothas, you're lucky that any one of us still dates or marries you AT ALL. And soon you'll be forced to date and marry yourselves exclusively because you've given yourselves such a bad reputation, that NO MAN WILL WANT TO DATE OR MARRY ONE OF YOU AT ALL!

  2. Olivier Martinez is Spanish and French (meaning one parent from Spain and one parent from France, making him 100% White). George Zimmerman is not "Spanish" as he is not from Spain. And being Latino does not negate Whiteness seeing as how Hispanic/Latino is NOT a race (Zoe Saldana and Alex Rodriguez are both Hispanic but they are clearly NOT the same race).

  3. Okay, in regards to the last person to leave a comment; I'd like you to join me in a little reality break.

    Oliver Martinez is SPANISH and french...and this makes him ONE HUNDRED PERCENT WHITE?!


    Do you see how foolish a statement that is? Or are you just another spanish person who can't deal with the fact that you're NOT WHITE AND YOU NEVER WILL BE...JUST LIKE OLIVER MARTINEZ.

    Have you seen Oliver Martinez's skin? It's olive colored...the guy's not even fair-skinned. Do you know what spanish people typically look like? I'll give you a hint...they don't look like the irish.

    They usually look like every other latin, spanish and latino person; whether they be mexican, puerto rican, peruvian, colombian, etc.

    Now let's go to George Zimmerman...his mother is PERUVIAN. Not italian, but peruvian. Again, zimmerman himself referred to HIMSELF AS LATINO. And again, HE checked the hispanic box on his voter registration form. Even if you don't think he's spanish/latino/hispanic...HE DOES.

    You say being latino doesn't negate you 'whiteness'? And you say hispanic/latino is not an ethnicity...I didn't say 'race'. Well check this out...

    Congressman Don Young (a white guy) called spanish/latino/hispanic people 'wetbacks' on a recent radio show. When MARCO RUBIO...himself a spanish/latino/hispanic person was asked what he thought; he said he was concentrating on the then upcoming easter holiday, and had NO COMMENT!



    If you are spanish/latino/hispanic and try to join the KKK claiming that you're white, what do you think will happen?

  4. The more bizarre and controversial news is, the better to the minds of producers.