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Monday, July 22, 2013

Superman or Supernangina?

About a week or two ago, Superman Killed people. Twice.

First in the Man of Steel Movie where he intentionally snapped Zod’s neck. Supposedly to keep him from killing people.

And in the New 52 Where Dr.Light was fighting with Wonder Woman. Here, seeing Wonder Woman in trouble, the emotional Superman Kills Dr. Light by disintegrating him. He says it’s an accident.

I believe this is intentional. DC is Taking The MAN out of Superman and turning him into a rusty butt emotinal SUPERMANGINA.

I’m not liking the direction DC is taking Superman in. Instead of fighting for truth, justice and the American way, He’s acting like a Bitch-Made™ dude from a single-parent female headed household. The guy kind who can’t control his emotions. The kind of guy who loses it over everyday little things. The kind of man who knows absolutely nothing about manhood or being a Real Man.

I’d like to think Jonathan Kent would do a better job of raising Clark than what DC Comics has presented in its new universe. This ain’t no Superman in the New 52. This is a Mama’s boy. No man with his father in his life would be acting like this.

Especially a Real Man like Jonathan Kent. A man who grew up on a farm and spent time with his father every day is going to learn the values of Real Manhood. Clark growing up on that farm learning how to be a man from his father is integral to who Superman being the all-American boy scout he is. It’s how he learned how to temper his super-powers with MANHOOD.

Now you golden age purists can come in with your stories of douchebag superman who kills and bullies, but that’s not going to wash here. Again, any man with his father in his life is not going to be an emotional as depicted in current DC Comics.

The New 52 Superman is not reflective of the values of Smallville Kansas and Middle America. He is reflective of the Bitch-Made™ values of single-parent female headed households. The only guys I see getting emotional here in the South Bronx like The New 52 Bitch-Made™ Superman do are the ones raised by single mothers.

When Clark quit his job at the Daily Planet a few months ago, it was just like a tantrum a guy would throw around here when a supervisor told him to do something at the local Target he didn’t like. Bitch-Made™ guys from single-parent female headed households love to quit their jobs when they can’t get their way, then talk about how they’re gonna take their time to pursue their music careers. Then six months later, bitch and moan about not being able to get a job when they don’t have the money to pay for studio time.

That’s how Clark appeared to me when he showed up in his jeans and a hoodie, and telling his boss Perry White how to do his job. Then he quits and storms out talking about how he’s going to start a blog. Seriously, That’s not what a Real 27-year-old REAL MAN does. That’s what a BITCH MADE™ BABY BOY does.

And now after killing a villain in an “accident”, he’s acting more and more like the guys who come from Single parent female-headed households in my neighborhood. “Accident” is the kind of excuse they make when they do some stupid shit like shooting someone just for stepping on their sneakers, looking at their girl, or talking to them in a way they don’t like. Then they expect people to let them get away for their bad behavior by making excuses for them like mommy does.

When they find out they’re going to jail for 25 years to life they start calling for their mommies and crying like babies.

With Superman on this Bitch-Made™ road, I wonder what’s next? When Wonder Woman disagrees with him and they get into an argument like couples do, will he lose it and call her a bitch like guys from female headed households do in my neighborhood do when they can’t get their way? Or will he start doing SIMP shit like blowing up her phone with a bunch of text messages and emails? Or will he post a silly ass apology video on YouTube where he sings or goes into a crying fit?

And if Wonder Woman breaks up with Superman will he start stalking her in the JLA satellite and following her invisible jet to Paradise Island?

Lois Lane better watch out. If this is how he’s acting with Diana, she has no idea what she’s in for if she gets involved with him. On that note, has anyone heard anything from Lana Lang?

This new direction for Superman is a slippery slope. Emotional dudes don’t know what social boundaries are. And an emotional Bitch-Made™ dude with superpowers is a lot scarier than the super-villains. I’m guessing Batman is gonna have to put on his Adam West cape and bat-galoshes and play Captain Save-a-Heroine with some Kryptonite laced doo doo to check Clark’s punk ass when he starts acting crazy with his current girlfriend Wonder Woman. After Diana smashes it in his face, maybe he’ll start to man up.

Seriously this new Bitch-Made™ Superman is not the kind of man who would make a good role model for children. Hell, he’s not even a good role model for men. It’s really irresponsible for DC Comics to promote their flagship character acting like a Mama’s boy with no sense of self control of self-discipline. Now DC may think it’s building a story where he learns these things, but this is a WRONG MOVE.

In real life Real Men learn discipline and self-control from their fathers before they go out into the world. The ones who don’t learn discipline and self-control often wind up doing crazy stuff like getting into fights over silly shit like someone dissing their favorite rapper, not getting enough ketchup on their French fries (saw this in my local Chinese restaurant first-hand) or getting mad because a girl is dating someone else. Most men who don’t learn how to be a man from their fathers usually grow up to become Simps and Manginas, men who put women on pedestals and worship them. Men who spend their time trying to please women instead of doing what’s right for them and what’s right for others. Men who are led by women instead of leading their communities.

That’s not a man like the Real Superman.

Seriously I’ll take the old Superman any day over this little bitch appearing in DC Comics. At least the Real Man Superman had the character and discipline instilled in him from Jonathan Kent to understand how to control his emotions. Jonathan Kent always instilled in his son that he had to have extreme patience and self-control when using his powers, or he’d harm someone the way this emotional baby boy did when he killed Dr. Light.

And he was smart enough to know how to handle his business in the Justice League and at the Daily Planet. Clark knew better than to shit where he ate. He knew that dating Wonder Woman would complicate his life when he was doing his job as Superman when he interacted with her at the Justice League. As one of the heavy hitters on the team and the spokesman for all of the Justice League, he’d know that it’d be impossible for him to do his job objectively if he got involved with someone at work in the JLA. With millions of lives depending on him, he’d keep things professional with anyone he worked with there.

If the Justice League were in battle and the Real Man Superman saw Wonder Woman having a hard time with a bad guy, he would keep his feelings in check. He’d let Diana handle it. He knows she’s WONDER WOMAN. And knowing her power and skill set, he knows she’s strong enough to handle a lightweight like Dr. light. Only if she ASKED for help would he step in.

And when it came to his job at the Daily Planet, If the Real Man Clark Kent was missing for a week, he’d come to work in his best suit and tie, apologize and say he was doing research. Then he’d go out and write an article that would make the front page of the Daily Planet. Lois Lane would be pissed about getting scooped, but she’d respect him.

It’s a sad day when an American Icon representing manhood like Superman is emasculated. Instead of fighting a never-ending battle for Truth, Justice, and the American way, he’s chasing super women and trying to please them. Will Someone at Warner Brothers grow a pair and finally FIRE Dan Didio, Jim Lee, and Bob Harras already?


  1. I'm skeptical about the "learning self-control from fathers" bit, only because I'm cynical about seemingly simple statements, but it does seem like this version takes both the harshness of the Golden Age and the Superdickery of the Silver Age and cranks it up beyond acceptable levels.

  2. There needs to be a new rule, if Superman is on the cover of your comic then that comic needs to be all ages. There should no debate about that. It's like they don't know how to write this character. What's Superman's motivation? Simple: he is someone who does the right thing, because he was raised right by his adoptive parents. He has incredible powers, and uses those powers to inspire not to rule. Is everyone at DC so cynical and jaded that they don't understand that? So they have to darken Superman up, just so they can wrap the minds around the character? Funny how 20 years ago John Bryne and Jerry Ordway were able to write stories about the "World biggest boy scout" and still make him a complex and compelling character.Now-a-days nobody seems to know what to do with Superman. Sad. Even sadder because I thought Superman was supposed to be DC's flagship character.

  3. Have to agree with you. Superman is easy to write. He's a good man who wants to use his powers to do good.
    The big problem is that people try to make Superman hip and edgy but A CLASSIC character never needs to change. To me Superman is timeless due to his internal character and his values. And it's his values that make him a hero.