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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shawn’s Thoughts on the Outcome of the George Zimmerman Murder Trial

Many fear that Black people will riot and loot now that the Verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial is Not Guilty. I’m not afraid of the outrage Black people have regarding this trial. What I’m more afraid of is the ignorance, indignance, and indifference White America and Black America has towards this sociopath. Many are so blinded by the smokescreen of race they won’t see how their personal prejudices towards color allowed a man with no content to his character to continue to terrorize American society.

If anything the George Zimmerman trial to me is a testament to the power of White Supremacy and Racism in America. Not because it belittles the value of a Black man’s life, but because racist white people would devalue their own lives. Only narrow minded fools would allow a dangerous sociopath to roam freely among them based solely on the color of their skin.

George Zimmerman is more dangerous than Adam Lanza. Why?

Adam Lanza is dead. He can’t harm anyone else other than the 26 people he killed that day he decided to commit mass murder.

George Zimmerman on the other hand is alive. And now that he's acquitted he’s free to go wherever he pleases.

That means he’ll be a danger to whoever he’s around wherever he goes. Now that he’s acquitted, he’ll probably move to another neighborhood. And I fear for the lives of those people. Because they’ll be so blinded by race that they won’t see the clear and present danger of the sociopath in front of them.

George Zimmerman will kill again. It’s just a matter of time. My fear is that it’ll take the murder of someone White for America to wake up and see how dangerous he is. It’s only then that they’ll realize the opportunity they missed to put him in prison after the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Like Adam Lanza, the scariest part about the George Zimmerman scenario isn’t George Zimmerman. It’s the American people around him who enable his insanity. They’re the ones who are going to allow him to get away with all sorts of violence and criminal activity by making excuses for him. Thanks to their justifications for his controlling, violent, and abusive behavior he’ll be able to get away with harming others in whatever community he moves to.

Clearly Most Americans don’t see how Zimmerman is a sociopath. All one has to do is look at his past history objectively to see there is a method to his madness. But instead of acknowledging his sociopathic behavior, America sweeps it under the rug. Just like they did with Michael Miele, Peter Braunstien, James Holmes and Adam Lanza. Denying the problem until it comes to their backyard and kills a member of their family.

What people don’t understand about sociopaths is that they’re ticking time bombs. Because they appear charming and friendly on the surface, no one sees their danger inside them. These are people with no remorse, no conscience, no sensitivity to others, and no compassion. No sense of right or wrong. They do whatever they feel like whenever they feel like. They don’t care about consequences. They don’t care about the law. All they care about is being able to do whatever they please.

And what George Zimmerman wanted to do was pull the wool over America’s eyes. And he succeeded. All because the American people were so caught up on race that they couldn’t see how he manipulated them and the facts of this case.

 Now that George Zimmerman has been acquitted, I don’t fear race riots. I don’t fear outrage. I don’t fear the politics and the rhetoric on all the news shows. What I fear is that a sociopathic murderer will be allowed to roam freely in yet another community waiting for another opportunity to kill again. And I fear that the American people will be too caught up in the emotional debate on race to do something about him until he kills the right person of color. Maybe when it’s a Rich White man’s teenage son Zimmerman kills America will finally do something about him.

Remember this America: Now that George Zimmerman is free, he's coming to YOUR TOWN. And he's got a loaded gun. I suggest you get your own weapons to protect yourself from him.  

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