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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Why Black women DON’T Need Feminism

 Many Black women believe that feminism is about fighting for all women’s rights. This is a lie that has been perpetuated through society for the last 40 years uncontested.

What many Black women don’t know is that feminism is a White Supremacist social construct. And the goal of feminism is to promote the superiority of White women in America, not fight for the rights of women of any other race.

Throughout history White Feminists have made every effort to distance themselves from Black women. During the early days of the suffrage movement, White Feminists had nothing to do with Black women like Harriet Tubman and Sojurner Truth. Sojurner Truth openly denounced White feminists in her “Aint I a woman speech.”

And some like Susan B. Anthony were racist as well. Anthony was upset that Black men got the right to vote before White women did, and stated that it was wrong that “Niggers got the right to vote before White women.”

Feminists like Margaret Sanger worked behind the scenes to eugenically purge the Black race in Planned Parenthood clinics. Sanger’s goal was to use abortion and sterilization to purge the Black race from American society.

When Black women like Mary Mcleod Bethune and Ida B.Wells asked White feminists for help in the Civil rights of Black women both were rebuffed and blown off.

While thousands Black women were being raped during Jim Crow by White men, not a single White feminist advocated for their rights as a woman. Not a single White woman marched or protested

However, when a Black man was accused of raping a White woman, many of these same White feminists were probably at the lynching party cheering on the murder of this brother.

In the 1960’s during the Civil Rights movement White feminists like Gloria Steinem Steinem promoted the idea to Black women that they were women first, and Black second. And sadly many Black women fell for that lie.

Not understanding Steinem was a CIA agent sent out to divide the Black community so White Supremacists could conquer it and control its economy by giving Femiinist thinking Black women control of it.

A Black feminist is a White Supremacist. Only she doesn’t know it.

Black women need to understand Feminism is not about helping Black women fight against sexism or misogyny. It is about promoting White Supremacy in the Black community. It is a tool White Supremacist Males use to control Black females and the way Black females think.

Black women need to ask: Where were the White Feminists when Gangsta rappers 2 Live Crew was promoting raunchy lyrics like Me So Horny in the 1990’s? Where were the White Feminists when gangsta rappers were calling the Black woman Bitch and Ho?

We never saw a protest from NOW or any other White feminist organization when gangsta rappers like NWA and 2 Live Crew. Not a single White woman was seen at a protest when these rappers came out with their sexist and misogynistic lyrics.

But there were plenty of Black men out voicing protest with Black women about this kind of music. 

Where were the White Feminists when Lisa Bonet was starring in Angel Heart? Where were the White Feminists when Halle Berry was starring in Monster’s Ball?

While these kinds of films were degrading to the image of Black women, not a single White feminist showed up to protest against them on Oprah or any talk show.

But plenty of Black men spoke out against both of these movies.

And Black women need to ask: Where were the White feminists when Lil’ Kim debuted Hard Core in 1997? Again, another sexist and degrading image of Black women. But there wasn’t a single White female to participate in a protest against it.

Although there were many Black men to speak out against this album cover.

And where are the White feminists when singers like Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Rihanna prance around half-naked on stage and sing raunchy lyrics? To this day we hear from Black men protesting these performers.

But not a single word from a White Feminist. Silent as a rat pissin’ on cotton.

And where were the White feminists when magazines like Smooth and King were featuinmg images of scantily clad Black women? Again, images that could be considered sexist and degrading to women, but when it came to Black women, not a PEEP was heard from ANY of these White women.

Furthermore where were the White Feminists when a Black woman is raped or assaulted by a White Man? It’s interesting to note how these White women will come out when a White woman is assaulted or raped by a Black man to talk about violence against women like in the case of OJ Simpson, but not a single one of these White Feminists showed up when a Black woman was alleging about White boys on the Duke Lacross team raped her.

And it’s further interesting to note how the White Feminists perceives her sexuality as different than that of a Black woman. If a White woman participates in certain behaviors like posing in a sexually suggestive way or walking around topless or having sex on camera it’s “empowering.”

 However when a Black woman participates in the same behavior it’s just normal. Because in the eyes of these female White Supremacists, a Black woman is naturally a Jezebel and a whore. And the degradation of a Black woman in public is just the way things are. In the eyes of a White Feminist Black women are less than human, and aren’t deserving of human rights equal to that of White women.  

So there’s no reason to come out and protest for the rights of a Black woman. When something tragic happens to a Black woman like a rape, a murder or an incident of police brutality no one cares.

Except a Black man.

The message the White Feminist sends to Black women is one based in the hypocrisy.
She’s the one who has rights. She’s the one who will protest when she perceives her rights are being violated.

But will remain as silent as a rat pissin on cotton when it comes time to fight for Black woman and her issues. And that’s because the Black woman has no rights inher eyes.

The only person fighting for the rights of the Black woman is the Black man. Only the Black woman doesn’t undestand it. 

Black woman, you have to realize that the only man out to elevate and uplift you is your Black man. He has always been at your side since the inception of this country. He is the only one out to support you and protect you from White Supremacy. However, when you embrace a White Supremacist construct like White Feminism, you put a target on your back. The White Supremacists in AmeriKKKa aren’t acting in your best interst. They only use you as a tool to divide and conquer the Black community. 


  1. Very brilliant post. White feminists don't give a care for Black women. They just use us as fodder for their agenda, i.e. the continuation of white supremacy.

    La Reyna(S.B.)

  2. Mr. James, why do you think the founder of Planned Parenthood was invited to 13 Ku Klux Klan rallies.

    “What do you suppose Margaret Sanger was talking about that made her so appealing to the KKK? I believe she was talking about killing 14 million Black babies. I suppose she was telling them of a way to kill four thousand “Ns” in four weeks using eugenics and abortions outdoing the number of “Ns” they lynched in 86 years…Planned KillerHood was targeted by Civil Rights Movement activists in the 1960s and ‘70s for its involvement in a ”Black genocide.” Since 1973, legalized abortion has been specifically aimed at the African American population and has killed more Black people than cancer, diabetes, heart disease and gang violence combined…This is a sad day for Black America. We are killing ourselves using the most racist, legalized tools today: abortions.” ~ Black Journalist Lucky Rosenbloom

  3. So true.
    Planned parenthood and Unicef were responsible for mass genocides in Puerto Rico. "La operación" as it called .The way some of these Stockholm syndrome suffering Puerto ricans kiss up to whites, you'd think they either forgot or just don't care, or because books only serve as door stoppers in many a latino home, they will never know.

  4. Nah, white women could care less about us. As long as we're loud, obnoxious, nasty, it's ok. But if you have self respect, have class, and a head on your shoulders, you're a threat because you've risen above their expectations of you. We need black romance back, that black love. Supporting each other, loving one another.