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Saturday, October 18, 2014

GOOD GRAVY The Halle Berry Baby Mama Drama….IT JUST DOES NOT STOP!


Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the Internets…Halle Berry is back with MORE BABY MAMA DRAMA.

*SIGH* Somebody just give this woman an episode of Maury once a month so she can embarrass herself on a regular basis during Sweeps periods. It’d get higher ratings than that horrible Extant show that just aired this summer. Now that TV show was shit on a plate with a cherry on top.

Halle Berry is headed back to court to get the child support she pays to Baby daddy Gabriel Aubry cut from $16,000 a month to $3,000 a month. She claims Gabriel isn’t working and is living off the money.

All While Husband #3 and Simp Du Jour Oliver Maritnez sits around the house…living off her money. I guess he needs more money for his trips to the liquor store for that bottle of Ripple and his morning pack of Kools.

In Halle’s world a dusty ass husband can live off her money buying wine and cigarettes, but her baby daddy can’t get child support to maintain the lifestyle of the daughter she insisted on having on her terms.

Don’t you just love the hypocrisy of women like Halle Berry?

Now the terms of the court are this: Child support is for the child. And the goal of child support is to help the child maintain the lifestyle afforded when the child is at home with the parent who makes the higher income.

The fact is Halle Berry makes more money than Gabriel Aubry. So she has to pay more in Child support to so Nahla maintain an equal lifestyle in Mr. Aubry’s home.

I don’t see where anything is unfair here. Many women have been living off men’s child support for over 40 years. I can tell readers stories about women here in the South Bronx who have taken child support money to finance SUVs, clothes, trips to the hair and nail salon along with taking care of a boyfriend or two. All while their children’s fathers sleep on air mattresses or live with family because judges take over 2/3 of their income for Child support.

These women justify these expenses as caring for the child. So what’s wrong with a man spending some money on himself to care for his child? I mean if Ollie can have his Ripple and Kools, why can’t Gabe?

Seriously how much did Halle Berry make last year? A couple of million dollars? I doubt that $192,000 she’s paying in Child Support is gonna bankrupt her. It’s probably pennies compared to what she made wasting people’s time filming that abomination to Science fiction called Extant show and filming the hot mess known as X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Here’s the Kicker: now it’s okay for Halle Berry to give an ulimited amount of money buying Ripple and Kools take care of a bum ass husband who isn’t working. But not okay to spend $192,000 to support baby daddy in taking care of the daughter SHE insisted on having?

Ah, these double standards. I guess they come with the territory of women living on their terms. Thanks Feminism. This is women living on their terms. Women like Halle Berry make all the decisions, but never want to take any responsibility for them. When things go wrong in their lives because of the STUPID decisions they make, then they’re victims.

And now Halle Berry wants to go to court to get that child support reduced to $3,000 a month because she says she’s being victimized by a lazy no-good man. The same courts that slapped her with a child support order when Gabriel realized he was a White man. And White men don’t have to live on Halle Berry’s terms.

Halle was so angry at brothers she couldn’t see the game White men play when it comes to relationships with Black women. The main reason why White Men get involved with Black women are based in economics, not romance. Ever notice that most of the dusty White dudes Black women involve themselves in make considerably LESS than they do? That’s because those White men are SMART enough to look out for their assets long-term. If they break up with said Black woman, that gurauntees them spousal and child support when they go to divorce court.

Gabriel Aubry is playing Chess. And Halle Berry is playing Candy Land. And she just drew a red card that slid her ass down into Caramel falls where Gabe is waiting to checkmate her ass before she falls into the sweet quicksand.

The definintion of insaninty is doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result. And Halle Berry is clearly crazy as catshit to think she can win in a White Supremacist institution like the AmeriKKan court system.

AmeriKKKan courts were made by White Men for White men. And here we have Halle Berry, a Black woman asking a White Supremacist insitution to make a judgment against a White Man like Gabriel Aubry.

Good luck with that.

I thought Halle would learn the lesson the FIRST time she went up in Mr. Charlie’s courthouse. But here we are again.

Here’s the deal: AmeriKKKan White Supremacist courts do not make judgments against White men to favor Black women. It sets a bad precedent that other White Judges might possibly be forced to follow. Sort of like that whole OJ Simpson trial 20 years ago.

And White Supremacy is going to let a Negro bed wench like Halle Berry slip one past them the way that Sellout OJ Simpson did. AmeriKKKa is still smarting from that travesty of Justice 20 years later. That makes the white boys extra vigilant about keeping Negro bed wenches like Ms. Berry in their place.

Nope, Ms. Halle Berry is gonna be on the hook for that Child Support at $16,000 a year for the next 18 years. And that’s how it’s gonna stand. You lay down with a White Man, you have babies with a White man, you deal with life on HIS terms when you go into his White Supremacist courtroom. The games she ran on brothers like Eric Benet and David Justice don’t work on White men like Gabriel Aubry.

Poor Halle Berry just doesn’t understand the legal precedent for interracial relationships between Black women and White men was established in the courts with Tonya Pinkins 20 years ago. And that standard says she’s gonna pay her White man a bunch of money whether she likes it or not for the next 12 years. And if she keeps pushing, she may wind up having to get on Welfare like Ms. Pinkins did when he’s given full custody. 

Halle wanted kids on her terms. Unfortunately, she didn’t understand White Supremacists here in AmeriKKKa don’t play by a Black woman’s terms. There’s a lesson here for all the Black women out here who want to watch shows like Scandal and aspire to be like Olivia Pope. Will they learn it? Probably not.  Maybe when another high profile Black woman like Tamera Mowry or Persia White winds up getting screwed over by the court system by White men they’ve married, Black women will start realizing that they hopped over the fence right into a pool of quicksand.


  1. Black men screw over Black women too. Usher and Deion Sanders just to name a few. Halle is stupid to have made children and/or marry TWO men who make significantly less money than her. Neither one was technically broke at the time but they didn't make "Halle money". This whole fiasco is a prime example of why Black women won't date men who make significantly less money than them. I thought Halle learned her lesson from dealing with Eric Benet and allegedly having to pay him spousal support but I guess not! Halle is All beauty and no brains.

  2. Halle never learn from her mistakes. No white man is going to rule in her favor and she probably going to pay her baby father more money because of it.

    She should learn her lessons from Tonya Pinkins and Vanessa Stiviano that white men, regardless of socio/economic class, are putting Black women in their places. She really thought that she could get away with such behavior when it involved her former white boyfriend and baby daddy. They'll punish her in a heartbeat.


  3. Yet you think it's fine for black men to date white women! Nothing wrong with Halle Berry dating white men or black, after all she is half white and half black, so if she can't - who can!? And the point isn't that the "white man" judge is going to rule against her because she's a black woman - the point is you're so gleefully happy about it. You love for white men to put black women in their place and then you want to preach about race relations. Ridiculous.

  4. Here we go with emotional histrionics. I never said anything about Black men dating White women.

    Time and time again I have said that I do not care about who Black folks date.

    My point is how it's INSANE for her to go to a White Supremacist court made by White men for White men and expect them to rule in her favor. My other point is that her situation is based on her trying to get men to live on her terms. Then when the table got FLIPPED on her she got upset.