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Monday, October 20, 2014


When I published the Original Stop Simpin-Why Men Don’t Need Finance to Get Romance in 2011, I designed it as an eBook for teen and tween boys and young men so they could learn the basics about Simps and Simpin.

However, over the course of the last two years while I was writing Manginas: they look like Men but act Like Ladies, The Misadventures of Captain-Save-A-Hoe and Why 70 Percent of Black women are Single, I’ve learned a bit more from other men about Simps, Simpin and the paradigm.

And I’d like to share that information with readers. So I’m planning a second edition of Stop Simpin-Why Men don’t need Finance to Get Romance. This edition will be more comprehensive, going more in depth into the Simp and explaining further why the Simp paradigm is guraunteed to end up in failure for men and boys who participate in it.

The response to the original editon of Stop Simpin-Why Men Don’t need Finance to Get Romance has been extremely positive over the last three years it’s been free online. Several thousand men have downloaded the eBook and many have contacted me on Twitter and Facebook to tell me how the book has helped them. I want to help more men take their lives to the next level. That’s why I’m planning this revised eBook.  

I want the new Stop Simpin eBook to be more comprehensive and focus more on men empowering themselves so they can look at women objectively and make every effort to break free of the Simp Paradigm. So I’ll probably be adding chapters such as:

How a man becomes a Simp (dealing with single mother households, Feminism, and Simps in American media)

Types of Simps,

The Power Simp- A danger to both men and women,

Personal Power and the Intangibles of Manhood,

Controlling your emotions,

Quenching your thirst,

Why the Woman of your Dreams is a Nightmare,

Why it’s important for men to NOT put women on pedestals,

Understanding your Value as a Man,

Understanding the Value of a man’s time,

Vetting Women,

Assessing what women to the table,

Pussy Begging 101,

How women turn Simps into Tricks,

Why Pussy is overrated,

Why it’s important to keep your wallet in your pocket,

Why Men are NOT supposed to submit to women,

What Simps lose when they submit to women,

What happens when a Simp sacrifices his personal power and intangibles to get with women,

Why it’s important for a man to maintain his personal power and intagibles,

Why it’s important for a Man to Control his dick,

And an updated chapter on breaking free of the Simp paradigm.

Thanks to interacting with men’s groups on Facebook, Reading things like Eliot Rodger’s manifesto, watching youTube videos and just talking to brothers, I’ve learned a lot more about Simps and Simpin over the last few years. And I want to share that new information with men out there. The more men who learn about the Simp paradigm, the better. I believe the earlier boys learn about simpin the faster they can be broken free from that dysfunctional way of thinking.  

Right now I’m roughing out the outline second editon Stop Simpin. This is a book project that I want to get out there ASAP, and I want to put my best efforts behind it. The only person who can teach a boy about Simps and the Simp paradigm is another man, and we desperately need more books out there for boys that discuss men’s issues.


  1. Another book that NO ONE will buy.....

  2. once again, Mr. James, another good read!

  3. "If you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism)-what it is, and how it works-everything else that you understand will only confuse you".

    -Neely Fuller Jr.