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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dealing with a Cyberstalker

Yesterday I had an encounter with a cyberstalker. And it rattled me.

 Now this individual had been trolling the blog for several weeks. And after I deleted their comments they would stop.

A week ago they came back. And when I realized they would not stop after some replies I started deleting their comments. When that didn’t stop them from re-posting the same comments over and over again along with more personal attacks questioning how many hits I actually get and the lack of comments in the comments section, I changed the settings of the comments section.

But less than an hour after I changed the settings of the comments section they decided to escalate things. They came to my Facebook with a Spoof Shawn James page looking to escalate the cyber bullying into cyberstalking.

I hit the block button. And I’ve contacted the Police here in New York City. When person follows you from one social media site to another posting harassing comments it’s a CRIME.

As I stated before in a previous blog, I don’t do “beefs”. I don’t go back and forth with people in tit for tat exchanges. In most of my web conduct I try to avoid drama whenever possible.

I find it sad that people, especially Black people cannot agree to disagree. This stalker got upset because I refused to agree that Nino Brown from New Jack City was the same stereotype as Mary From Precious and the maids from the Help and that the Movie No Good Deed did not feature stereotypes. In their twisted mind arguing over the semantics of a moive none of us were making money on was the basis for continued harassment in the comments section.

Clearly this person has mental health issues.

I’m pretty rattled by this. In my 15 years on the Internet I’ve run into lots of people with different views. Comic fans. Toy Collectors. Wrestling fans. Pro-Blacks. Afrocentrics. Feminists. Homosexuals. Goths. Art Models. Artists. Writers. Even actors and actresses. People all over the world And I got along with most of them. Yes, we all had our differences of opinion. But we always kept it civil.

Yeah, there were disagreements sometimes. And most times we agreed to disagree. But most of the time we all understood if there was content we didn’t like we just clicked out and moved on.

But that kind of rational, logical thinking does not exist on the Black side of the web it seems. The David Carroll, Akwesi 100, Iceman, Jia Ireland, La Reyna, Dan Freeman, GeneralBacklash/Colnel of Wisdom JM McSwain side of the web seems to be the exception to the Black World Wide Web, not the rule. For every one of these intelligent brothers and sisters we have seven minstrels causing trouble for other Black people online.

I have to wonder what’s WRONG with Black people?  Why can’t they just LET THINGS GO? Why is there always so much drama and nonsense on the Black side of the web? Why do Black folks have to take things so PERSONALLY? Why is the Black side of the Internet such a SEWER?

I’m starting to find out how crazy it is when it comes to the Black side of the Internet. And the more I learn about most of the Black folks online, the more I want to avoid them.

What’s crazy is that these Negroes will follow me around social media and harass me over my views on a couple of movies but won’t have the backbone to go to a White Supremacist Group’s website and troll them with ad-hominem attacks.

Nor will they have the backbone to go out and harass the webmasters of a racist stereotypes in a White-owned website like Ghetto Gaggers.

Nor will they have the backbone to go over to the official site of one of these rappers like Nicki Minaj or one of these entertainers like Rihanna to protest how they present degrading images of Black women.

Nor will they have the backbone to go to the site of the backers of these rappers and harassing e-mails to the CEO of Viacom, Disney, NewsCorp, Warner Brothers, Universal, or Sony to tell them that the content of their movies and TV shows are demeaning or degrading to Black people,

And the reason why this individual won’t go after any of those individuals is because those individuals have the power to slap them down in a second. All of these groups will call up the ISP this fool gets their internet on on and in a few seconds have his IP address blocked and his account terminated.

And after that, the FBI would put out a warrant for his or her arrest. And because the people they are harassing are White and nonblack, they will make those charges stick. Sending his or her stupid ass to jail. Crazy.

Moreover, This Negro who will troll my blog and cyberstalk me won’t make the effort to confront the local Pastor in his or her community who exploits the Black women and children in their neighborhood.

Nor will they have the backbone to confront the Arab store owner about the women exploited behind the counter, the food stamp fraud, illegal drug sales, and stale groceries,

Nor will they have the backbone to confront the drug dealer who sells the weed and meth to the people in their community.

Nor will they have the backbone to confront the gang members in their own community that terrorize the youth and indoctrinate them into a dysfunctional way of life.

Dealing with the Negro this year has me at a cross-roads. For a while I’ve been thinking about calling it a career. And incidents like this with this cyberstalker have me feeling that it would be best to move past the Black community. I came to help brothers and sisters with my writing. However, when it comes to many of these Negroes, I’m starting to realize there isn’t much I can do to counter the dysfunction. They are FUBAR and completely beyond my ability to help.


  1. And why does this have to be a "Black" issue?

  2. And why is everybody who disagrees with you a troll?

  3. And do you honestly think the NYPD gives a damn about your loser ass being "harrassed"?

  4. What grown ass man calls the police over "cyberbullying"? Are you a 12 year old girl?

  5. Why arent you thanking me? When have you ever gotten this much attention?

  6. Why dont your facebook friends care about your work?

  7. Why do you care so much?
    I called the police because what you are doing is a CRIME.
    When you went to the facebook with the spoof account you were STALKING me. That's a CRIME. A Federal one at that.

    If you are so upset about a blog, just click out of it. Do you understand boundaries? DO you understand that I do not want to be bothered by you?

    Most people disagree and move on. You keep coming back. That's harassment.

    The fact that you WASTE time out of your day to post numerous comments on a blog you DON'T like speaks volumes about your character it shows how pathetic you truly are. Other people use the internet as a tool to build themselves up, you use it to argue about NOTHING.

  8. Shawn James, I would just like to point some things:

    1) You consistently have a condescending tone to your articles (some). You probably listen too much to people like David Carroll, Akwesi100, etc.

    2) The thing that you are going to have to realize is that David Carroll, Akwesi100, Heyitsablackguy, painlessrisen, Johnathan Gentry, etc. are nothing more than White Supremacist yes-men. Why?

    a) They NEVER talk about Racism-White Supremacy.

    b) They always talk about Black women disparagingly (the women that they describe are hoodrats anyway) and attempt to put 'White' Women on some sort of pedestal (if not that, they just talk disparagingly about women in general).

    c) As much as they complain about solutions, they have not once picked up a book with the solutions in them, such as 'Powernomics' and 'The Destruction of Black Civilization' (yet they have the nerve to say that Black people don't read). And then if you give them solutions, they'll complain about why they won't work. This guy pretty much exposes their fraudulent 'criticism':

    3) You have to realized that we have been forcibly addicted to White Supremacy. It's a subconscious addiction. This blogger hits it on the nail: