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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The ISIS I write is Egyptian…She has NOTHING to do with Islam!

I recently got a tweet from someone telling me about the terrorist organization ISIL (I refuse to sully the goddess’ name with that acronym).  And after reading that tweet, I realize I need to clarify some things.

The Isis I write has NOTHING to do with the dysfunctional terrorist organization currently known Islamic State formerly known as Al-Queda in Iraq. The Isis I write is a character that’s part of a positive African-American fantasy series designed to inspire and uplift little Black girls. Seeing the lack of Black female heroines in comic books and overall American media, I created Isis so those little Black girls would have a real princess and heroine all their own.

My Isis is based on Heliopolitan Mytholgy. She’s part of a family of gods that have been around since early B.C. Gods who lived to serve the people.

The Isis I write is based on the legend of Isis, Osiris and Set, a legend that has been around for thousands of years. In my adaptation the main character Isis is the daughter of Osiris born during the Pax Romana and a few years after the Heliopolitan War.

I’ve been writing the Isis character since 1998 when I created her. And I’ve been publishing her books since 2002.  I just started publishing a new series of Isis stories in 2012.

When 9/11 happened 13 years ago I was at home. And I could see the smoke from my window when the World Trade Center was hit. And I was as disgusted by what the terrorists did as any other American.

Back in 2002, I said to myself the Islamic terrorists who masterminded 9/11 were not helping their cause by causing so much death and bloodshed.  As I’ve grown older I’ve come to understand that terrorists in organizations like ISIL do not represent the Islamic religion. They’re a bunch of shakedown artists who use religion to manipulate the minds of the young and poor and use violence to coerce others into doing their bidding so they can profit economically.

The ISIL organization is no different than Al Queda, or the PLO before it to me. No one in these organizations really wants to build an Islamic state.  No, like the Pimp pastors of Black Christian churches they just use religion to exploit the masses.

Back in the late 1990’s early 2000s before 9/11 Osama Bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Omar actually had the entire country of Afghanistan under their control. And before 9/11 Omar had the full support of the United States government.

All the tools to build that Islamic state right were in front of them. They had Bin Laden’s billions. A powerful trade partner in the U.S. and an opportunity to build the ruins of Afghanistan into a virtual Mecca.

Instead Bin Laden and his cronies masterminded 9/11 and killed 3,000 people. And then went to Mullah Omar to secure a hiding place in the caves of Afghanistan. Again, neither one of these men had any interest in building anything substantive in the Middle East.

It was bullshitting back then. And it’s bullshitting right now. ISIL makes videos of decapitations of White men and make a lot of threats to get the attention of White people.

There’s a reason why they only make videos of killing White men. Because no one in the world will CARE if they kill a person of color.

These terrorists talk Islam. But it’s clear they’ ve been brainwashed by White Supremacy. To them a life in their country only has value if it’s White and male.

In their eyes God is White.

Only most of the militants who say they are practicing Islam don’t know they’ve been infected with the ideology of White Supremacy.

And like the PLO, Al-Queda, and the Taliban before them, the ISIL militants they have no plans to building a nation in the Middle East. Anyone smart all over this world knows religion has NOTHING to do with Economics.

 If anything, ISIL is no different than the Pimp pastors, Civil Rights activists, and thugged out gang members here in the Black community. A bunch of vultures looking to explioit a political situation so they can get cash from American White corporations so they can live the high life while the people around them suffer in poverty.

Ask any of the Islamic militants what their long-term economic plan is for the Middle East and they won’t give you an answer. Why? Their economic plan is extortion.

From what I’ve read the goddess Isis from Heliopolitan mythology was a kind, benevolent entity. She dedicated herself to helping the peoples of Egypt and Nubia live the best life in this world and a better life in the afterlife. She was a wife and mother with the strength and resolve who did everything in her power to help build Egypt, Nubia and Heliopolis into strong kingdoms.

The goddess Isis would be disgusted with her name being associated with this terrorist organization. These jackals do not represent her divine mission or that of anything to do with the principles established in Heliopolitan Mythology. (Book of the Dead) the real Isis was part of a panthenon of gods and goddesses who worked with humanity towards building Egypt into one of the greatest kingdoms of all time.

A nation built so solidly by a series of Pharohs that served them that monuments such as the Sphinx and the Pyramids still stand as monuments to remind us of it to this day.

What has ISIL built in the short time in it’s been around? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

My mission as a publisher is to publish postive stories about the African-American experience. When I wrote the first ISIS story, the goal was to connect brothers and sisters to their history. To take away the White-wash White Supremacy put on the Egyptian gods and show them how BLACK they are. The Isis series I write is about empowering African-Americans and helping them to get the mindset that will help them become builders and creators like their ancestors were eons ago.

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