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Monday, October 27, 2014

Disagreements, The Internets, and The Negro.

Some people don’t know how to agree to disagree.

In my travels over this World Wide Web these last 15 years I’ve met lots of people and seen lots of different viewpoints. And in my journeys I’ve learned to agree to disagree.

If I liked the content someone posted on their website, I kept visiting that site. And when I found valuable information there, I bookmarked it.  In a lot of cases I became a regular visitor.

If I didn’t like what someone posted on their website, I just moved on to the next site.  Simple as that. No drama, no arguments. I just clicked out of the page.

But some people, especially some people in the Black community just don’t get this. They’ll see the content on a website or a YouTube video they don’t like and continue to visit said site or said channel. They’ll argue for pages and pages and pages in the comments section. And even though they don’t like the content, they’ll subscribe, follow and look for new posts every day to be angry about.

Instead of understanding the logical thing to do is just click out of the page and move forward to the next one. There are three trillion web pages on this information superhighway. If you don’t like the content, just move on to the next site.

But most Negroes I’ve learned are not logical thinkers. With most Negroes having been raised in single mother households, many are emotional. And the emotional response for a Negro is to try to destroy any information that they do not agree with.

Because stopping up their ears and closing their eyes just doesn’t seem to work. Nor does clicking the back button with their mouse.

When presented with information they do not agree with online, The Negro will do everything in their power to make their viewpoint the ONLY viewpoint, even on another person’s webpage.

The rest of the world calls this cyber-bullying. But for the Negro it’s business as usual.

Some will try to point to statistics citing how unpopular the site is. This is a minimization tactic to attempt to lower the value of the webmaster’s content. They’ll say you only have such-and-such comments and so-and-so Twitter followers. Or you only have so many Facebook comments.

When none of this has anything to do with why a Webmaster like myself is posting said content. It may not be important to the Negro, but this is what the Webmaster wants to post about on their page. Whether or not it’s popular has nothing to do with why the Webmaster is producing it. Again, if you don’t like the content, use the back button and head to another site.  

Other Negroes this group will tell others about said site in the hopes of gaining a false consensus. They’ll send links to the site to their forum in an attempt to get their friends to agree how bad the site is.

I call this Pseudometrics. An attempt to use phony statistics to shame webmasters like myself into not producing their content. The hope is that We’ll see so many people complaining about our content on their message board or other forum that we’ll stop producing it.

An attempt to use the group to control the individual. A ploy from a Juinor High class playbook.

Again Negroes, if you don’t like the content of a webpage, there’s a BACK button on your browser. Click that and be taken to another webpage of your choice. Or type a word in the search bar.

Then there are those who are just too cowardly to express their feelings in the comments section. These butthurt individuals hide behind another person’s message board to say how they really feel about someone elses’ website. They post up a link and then they and their friends start making all sorts of putdowns and insults they don’t have the backbone or the balls to say themselves in the comments seciton.

And finally, handful of Negroes will start sending messages to the webmaster looking to argue with him or her about content on their own page. The hope is that by keeping up a prolonged argument the person will concede and agree with them.

A page taken from the Black woman’s playbook of “You are going to listen to me no matter what.” An online version of following the individual around and not letting them leave.  Because the Negro female believes she is right, and she’s going to convince you that she is right no matter what.

The rest of the world calls this cyber-stalking. But again business as usual for the Negro.

This is what the delete button is for. And the Block button.

And if that doesn’t work I go to the ISP and block their IP address. I have no time for drama or bullshit.

Here’s the deal Negroes: On the World Wide Web no one has to listen to you. What many Negroes in this group don’t understand is that you can follow a webmaster from blog to blog or forum to forum looking to take it off topic. Hoping to get more people to join in and continue arguing, but a smart webmaster like myself will SHUT IT DOWN. Now if Google would allow me to BLOCK and BAN commenters like Facebook does, that’d be great.

And let’s face it following people around is a total waste of time. Time you cannot get back out of your life. Again, most logical thinking people like myself who disagree with the content on a webpage will just click out of it and call it a day. I understand it’s that Webmaster’s right to have those views.

And when I don’t like his or her content, I go to another site with content I’m actually interested in. Life is too short and my time is too precious to spend it arguing with someone halfway across the globe about their views on a webpage.

One or two of these Negroes will go to the extreme of writing to the WebHost to get a site that offends them shut down. Or in the case of YouTube try to flag content they disagree with, and have it deleted.

Only the Negro goes to these extremes to have content censored on the Internet. Only the Negro will go to a website and argue for pages on end with other people about content they disagree with. Only the Negro wants to turn the World Wide Web into the Semi-Fascist state that the dysfunctional Black community has become under the leadership of the Black Matriarchy.

The greatest irony is that while Negroes are the most oppressed people in the world they make every effort to oppress and silence other Black people. For the Negro, there is only one viewpoint that they feel comfortable seeing being expressed: The one that falls within agreement with their White Liberal Slave masters.

What I find funny is that these same Negroes who will take the time to go to blog to blog to disagree and argue with me over content on my blog will NOT go to a White-owned website like Ghetto Gaggers and voice any protest. Here is a site that promotes hatred, sexual violence and openly degrades Black women and not a PEEP is heard from any of these Negroes who are so offended by what they read in one of my blogs.

Nor will these same Negroes go to WorldStar HipHop and voice any protest. Here is another site that openly degrades Black people on a daily basis by presenting some of the most embarrassing images of Black people and not a PEEP is heard of any of these Black folks who are so offended by what they read in one of my blogs.

What the Negro does not understand is that the World Wide Web is an open platform. And on it you will find content from people all over the world. You may agree with some of it, you may not agree with some of it.

But it is that person’s First Amendment right to post that information on their page. If you don’t like it, you just move on to the next page. There are three trillion web pages out here. You can take your bandwith and your time and go visit one of them. It's a waste of time to keep arguing with someone about something online. Move on. 


  1. I don't think you should be pointing at 'Negroes' as a whole. From what I've noticed all around the web, this is solely a Black woman's racket.

    Black women are seemingly the only group of people that cannot be criticized, even if the fault is glaringly obvious. According to them, everything a Black woman does (no matter how embarrassing it is to Black men), she is 100% correct. After reading your last post, I can tell you you'd be hard put to find a Black woman who questions Shondra Rhimes.

    Refer to the 'blackladies' sub in reddit. ( Try commenting even the SLIGHTEST negative comment on Black women, even if it is towards embarrassments like Gabourey Sidibe or NIcki Minaj - you'd be banned in an instant. You may only sing the praises of Black women there, and this is also true for most blogs/websites.

    Black women are by far the biggest threat to the Black race, and they will never back down until they have destroyed everything of value to us.

  2. Anonymous or should I say Klein Returns or Sweet Lady, or whoever you are, I delete troll comments. I don't put up with bullshit.

    You keep posting them, I'll keep deleting them.