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Saturday, October 25, 2014

TGIT….How far Black society has FALLEN

Back in the 1990’s ABC introduced a block of Kid-oriented sitcoms and called it TGIF. 20 years after the debut of TGIF, ABC has introduced a Thursday night block of dramas called TGIT featuring Black women participating in debaucherous and immoral behavior.

Oh how Black society has fallen.

Shondra Rhimes produced dramas Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder make up the TGIT Thursday night Block. Yes, it is the first block of programming on a major network produced by a single Black woman. But is this the BEST content Shondra Rhimes has to offer? And is it the kind of content we want to promote to represent Black women?

Most of the images in the TGIT line-up present some of the most negative images of African-American Women. Both Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder feature Black women being Bed Wenches. And Grey’s Anatomy is just a Nighttime soap revolving around a sexcapades in a hospital.

The Original TGIF featured positive Black shows like Family Matters, Sister, Sister, and Hanging With Mr. Cooper Shows that featured decent Black folks and presented the image of Black people in a positive light.

TGIT feels like a HUGE step back when it comes to the depiction of Black people on Television. Yes, we have a block of television programs produced by a Black person. But all the shows are Minstrel shows.

TGIT is no different than a Block of TV programs in the 50’s featuring Shine, Mr Bojangles, Amos N’ Andy and The Bula Show all on one night. A passive-aggressive slap in the face from Disney to the Black community. Yeah, they’ve given us Black shows. But they all feature content perpetuating the worst stereotypes known to man.

And all of this is okay because the content is produced by a Black woman.

Damn. Just…Damn.

The worst part about it is that Black women are sitting here celebrating this kind of content. All one has to do is go on Twitter or Facebook on Thursday and they’ll see dozens of Black women anticipating the next episode of Scandal or How To Get Away With Murder. Some even plan parties around these shows.

Self-hate at its finest.

The more and more I look at the Black race the more I realize it’s going backwards, not forwards. Thirty years ago Black folks protested Angel Heart when Lisa Bonet played a role featuring the same stereotype featured in Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder. Fifteen years ago some Black people called out Halle Berry for playing the same type of role in Monster’s Ball. Today, Black women embrace those exact same Jezebel stereotypes and praise them.

Damn. Just…GOD DAMN. White Supremacy at its finest. And not one of these Skrong ejumukated Black women with all their college degrees from so-called top universities has leaned the critical thinking skills to see the social engneering being done in these programs they watch. The most educated women in the world but still FOOLS when it comes to the subtle politics transpiring around them.

Most Black people think this is just entertainment. But it’s clearly social engineering. This nearly two-decade onslaught of racist stereotypes from Hollywood is designed to not only change the way Black people are seen by the world, but how they see themselves. In between Beyonce, Rhihanna, Nicki Minaj, TGIT, movies like No Good Deed, Zane’s Addicted, and minstrel shows like The Real, Black people are being socially engineered to accept the stereotypes of Jim Crow as a social norm.

What many Black folks watching programs like the TGIT Block don’t understand is that this media isn’t just targeted at them. It’s also tagrted at their children. The Black woman is the transmitter of culture to her children. And when they see Mom aspiring to be like Olivia pope, they think she’s someone to model after too.

That means the generation of Black girls growing up imbibing this media will eventually become the first generation mentally conditioned from birth to believe that being a White man’s Whore is more beneficial to them than being a Black man’s wife. And because they were told that this LIE by a Black woman, they accept it as a part of their lives as the truth.

But Shondra Rhimes has an entire block of TV shows on one night. Only she sacrificed of the image of the Black woman to get her success.

Shondra’s got hers. Fuck You.

Unfortunately, most Black women planning the Scandal Parties where they plan to get away with Murder of their children’s minds don’t see the middle finger she throws up at them in her mansion with her White husband.

The image of the Black woman is at the lowest point I’ve seen in years. I’d have to say it’s literally in the sewer. And what’s most disturbing is it’s Black women themselves driving it down further and further into the abyss. When there are literally a block of programs around the debauchery and degradation of Black women on network television, I wonder if there’s anyting I can do counterprogram this kind of content.


  1. That entry was too damn long and you say the same thing over and over again. You aren't a very good writer. I am starting to see why you have had no success. Why won't you just cut the crap and admit you hate interracial relationships with Black women and White men?

    1. You sound just like a single father at the end of his fuse.

  2. I find it so amusing when people post idiotic comments, if you don't like, don't read it, and why are you even on this site. I guess people just don't like to read the truth, I guess the truth really hurts, keep your head up, and keep posting more great articles, Shawn!

  3. I have a feeling that the more people promote otherwise degrading stuff, the more it verifies claims made by racists.

  4. Say what you want about Amos And Andy but it was the first show to feature Black people with careers and owning businesses! Not playing maids and tap dancing like the others. IM JUST SAYIN'

  5. I didn't know we had an English/Journalism teacher here. The blog entry doesn't say the same thing over and over again, it just says what you don't want to hear.

    I don't hate interracial relationships. I hate White Supremacy. And the goal of White Supremacy is to destroy Black-on-Black love and Black pride. Again, if YOU want a White man, go right ahead. But don't say I'm not warning you of the consequences.

    Amos N' Andy was a minstrel show featuring slow witted idiots who could barely function on a child's level. and men who were emasculated and berated by their women who put them in the place of a child. I watched old Amos N' Andy on a VHS tape I owned and on YouTube. It's a slap in the face to any Black person.

    Ad, Shows like Scandal are propaganda meant to reinforce the ideas racists have about people of color. And when there's no countermedia to present a different viewpoint, it makes everything racists say true. What make TGIT dangerous is that we have a Black woman promoting racist stereotypes as social norms, verifying everything they believe as true.

  6. Either we're dealing with a Black woman or a the son of a single mother.

    Keep bringing up the same shit on a different day. Most people would go to another website if they didn't like the content. But you keep coming back here.

    Again, Nino Brown is NOT a stereotype. There were actual dope dealers who behave just like the character in my neighborhood.

    Colin from No Good Deed is a stereotype. Read the synopsis for this movie :

    Then read the Ferris State University description for Black Brute:

    You'll notice how BOTH line up.

    Irrefutable facts there that can't be disputed. But with this dysfunctional commenter, FACTS will not sway them.

  7. Good Gravy...IT JUST DOES NOT STOP!
    Even in the face of FACTS.But this is what Black women and the spawn of single mothers do.

    Just gonna hit the delete button on this fool's comments from here on in

    Comments and Twitter followers are NOT a measure of popularity. I get over 5,000 hits a day these days up from 1,000 a few months ago. Many of my comments come from Facebook from people who don't have the time to deal with the comments section. So that takes care of your deflection.

    It's clear to me you are jealous.
    If you don't like the content on this blog, GO GET YOUR OWN. Google gives em' out for FREE. Or do you just NOT want to do the WORK and build your own audience?

  8. And what would I be thanking you for? Again, I get over 5,000 hits a day. People like college professors use the blog as a reference in their research. They drop a link and keep it moving

    I get traffic. So I don't need your trolling.

  9. Have you seen the movie addicted based on the bestseller book by author zane. It was a box office success, that grossed three times the budget..

  10. What do you think about the tv shows sleepy hollow and the walking dead! Do you think those tv shows potray minority women in a negative light.

  11. Ignorance is the trait of the many comments I've read. Some black folks have such low self esteem and are so needy for white acceptance, they'll do anything to please the masses. I've noticed good, quality black family sitcoms,and I emphasize family, don't last anymore. I don't think it's empowering to be portrayed as someone's bimbo. Black women are cuckoo for cocoa puffs. What's so empowering about having sex with a white guy? You're not gonna change color. You'll still be black.