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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Steve Harvey, Raven Symone and other Sold out Negroes

I’m kinda in between a pair of stories, so I haven’t had much time to write a real blog. But I wanted to drop some thoughts

I wonder if there’ something in the water in Hollywood. The way these Negroes are selling out is just disturbing.
We got Steve Harvey saying that he’s going to get Paula Deen to teach Black boys about cooking.

Process that through your mind. Paula Deen. Southern racist Paula Deen is gonna teach Black boys about cooking.
And most of these Black women will co-sign this nonsense the same way they co-signed so-called Christian Tyler Perry being a baby daddy.

Steve Harvey is the New OJ Simpson. He probably got his Uncle Ruckus Card in the mail last week.

Now there were at least three Black male chefs Steve could have elevated and still got press.
Rock from Hell’s Kitchen Season 3
Chef Jeff
And Christian from MasterChef Season 5. And that’s just the Black male chefs I know off the top of my head.
Instead he shows how much of a sellout he is and picks Paula Deen.

Damn. Just Got Damn.

How is a racist white woman gonna teach Black boys about cooking?
Is Steve Harvey’s mentoring program really about training Black boys to be better Black men? What can a Black boy learn from a racist like Paula Deen but White Supremacy. Aren’t these Black boys getting enough of that in the classroom from the White woman who teaches them every day?

The only thing Steve Harvey is teaching black boys to be is a Bitch-Made™ SIMP like him and to pander to Women and Mr. Charlie. I dare to say to even be a COON as well. In between him, these single moms and Homosexual Don Lemon mentoring Black boys the Black community is going to be fucked up in 20 years or so.

Then we have Raven Symone declaring she’s not Black. Officially announcing to the world she’s a bed wench.

First she’s a Lesbian. Now she’s not Black. She’s American. Another one of these individualized niggers who believes in the “rainbow”. Someone who will be traveling down a highway trying to avoid the cops in a few years.

Raven needs to ask OJ Simpson how that worked out. He was AmeriKKKan too. Then the friendly and tolerant White liberals in KKKalifornia showed him how much of a nigger he was.

The way I look at it Who needs the KKK when we have Black Hollywood. These niggers do a great job of promoting the destruction of Black people. The way I see it our so-called Black entertainers are nothing more than a bunch of Uncle Ruckus Minstrels these days. A role model for being the perfect slave for White Supremacy All the Negro will have to do is follow the lead of these Hollywood shines and they’ll be back on a plantation in 25-30 years.

I never thought I’d see the day when Black people would lose their dignity. Their self-respect. Their self worth. Here we live in a golden age with a Black President. Where Black people have all the technology and the tools to build an infrastructure for themselves and instead of rolling up their sleeves and working together, these niggers sit here and are STILL begging Mr. Charlie for scraps from his got damn table.

I have to wonder if there’s something in the water with Black folks? Or is it that these niggers are so got damn scared of the thought of actually being forced to take responsibility for themselves that they have to run back to White Daddy and show him why they need him. The Co-dependent mentality in most Black folks has come out during this Obama Presidency. Instead of showing that the Black race can do for itself, all Black folks have done is show why they continue to need White Supremacy.


  1. Well said,Shawn. It's so sad but so true! They all fall into the same trap, instead of being the leaders, they're just a bunch of stupid followers!

  2. Shawn, you should add fake Beyoncé to that list, she is the worst role model for black women!

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if Paula Deen's camp paid Steve to help her "repair" her public image by "mentoring" Black boys. I hope his soul was worth whatever they bribed him. I expect Paula to publicly latch on to more coon-ass negroes in the near future, and you'll have Black folks dumb enough to think her racist, opportunist ass is being sincere, and "learning from her mistakes".

    As for Raven, she'll get her wake-up call, and discover that even if *she* doesn't see herself as "Black", plenty of racist White people sure do, and they won't let her forget it, regardless of how much money she has. (See also: Oprah Winfrey, and how she was denied access to some fancy boutique overseas.)

  4. I brush Steve Harvey off because any educated Negro knows that the man is full of it. The things he says on national television is damn right laughable.

    But at the same time, I cannot brush him off because of the ridiculous number of Black women who listen to his foolishness. Black women obsess over his so-called relationship advice when the man himself has been divorced a number of times.

    As for Raven, she's just another Hair-Hatted Hooligan that will gladly buck-dance to play the 'sassy black friend' to a white lead actress in rom-coms. She was obnoxious on her show and is obnoxious in real life.

  5. This article is all around racists. Raven never denied her blackness. Steve Harvey isn't a sell out just because he invited Paula Deen to mentor young males about cooking. Yes, she said hurtful and racists things. But maybe she learned to keep her mouth shut. This article you written is slandering good names.

  6. Good Gravy, dumber than a box of rocks with Green Jelly on it. Raven Symone was ON TAPE saying she wasn't Black. Steve Harvey is an Uncle Ruckus and a SIMP plain and simple.

  7. Amen we Black cant stand together for nothing. Butt kisser Steve trying to get a Check

  8. Amen we Black cant stand together for nothing. Butt kisser Steve trying to get a Check

  9. Great Scott. This was intense. But could it be the Niggers are not sellouts, but in fact infiltrating whitey? I lived in the whitest states, New Hampshire and Maine. Not one did I forget I was black, but played to white people ignorance but letting them think I was a Coon. Now with all of their knowledge....

    YOU WHAT.....this is a waste of my time.......HATE IS A WASTE OF ENERGY. ....