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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Support Salli Richardson-Whitfield's Kickstarter A Lady Must Live

I’ve been a fan of Salli Richardson-Whitfield’s acting for over 20 years. Her performances in Posse, A Low Down Dirty Shame, The Jamie Foxx Show and Gargoyles inspired me to create several characters in my novels such as E’steem from The Temptation of John Haynes and Cassandra Lee from A Recipe For $ucce$$. Currently she’s got a Kickstarter going to put on a Broadway play A Lady Must Live where she’ll be portraying the legendary Lena Horne.  She’s looking to raise $40,000 to finance it. And I’d love to help her achieve her goal.

Being familiar with Salli’s work I know she’s going to give a great performance in the role of Lena Horne. Salli always gives performances with lots of heart, humanity, and soul. The chance to see her portray the Legendary Lena Horne on stage is a once in a lifetime opportunity audiences need to experience.

Salli often picks rich, complex, multi-dimensional roles in independent Black films such as I Will Follow that present Black women in a positive light She has great acting range and I know she’ll pay respect to the late Lena Horne in her portrayal.

Salli’s project is a great example of Black Group Economics, and it’s a great opportunity for Black people to support another Black person and use Black dollars towards making a difference in a business venture. Opportunities to see positive images of African-Americans in the media are rare. And in most cases they’re not produced unless Black people finance them.

I’d love to see Salli play this role on Broadway.  But the show can only go on if brothers and sisters help get this project kickstarted!

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