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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Progress Report

I’ve been working hard. Pushing, trying to get books together for release later this year. Still struggling and still trying to make progress.

Why 70 percent of Black women are single is a book I wanted to get out for the summer, but there’s just so much information I want to put in this book to make it thorough and comprehensive. This book will NOT be like Steve Harvey’s  Act Like A Lady Think Like a Man.

This is an outline of what the book will feature:

Part 1- White Supremacy, Pseudo Christianity &; the Religious, economic and political forces that are institutionally designed to keep Black women single (The foundation for what I call the Paradigm of Failure)

Part 2 Feminism and approaches Black women have learned over the last 40 years that keep them single (the belief system of the Paradigm of Failure)

Part 3 Things Black women do that keep them single,
These include shaming tactics, trying to force a man to have a relationship with them, and trying to control the relationship.

Part 4- Breaking free of the vicious cycle of the paradigm of failure. Tips and strategies Black women can use towards changing their way of thinking and how they can learn how God wants them to have a relationship with a Black man.

Right now I’m working on the part where I deconstruct the concept of a “good” Black man and why Black women going on a quest for a “good” Black man is a waste of time.

Again, this book is NOT anything like Steve Harvey’s cardboard Act like A Lady Think Like a Man.

One of the things keeping Black women single is that they believe that they can actually think like a man. This is a concept created by White feminism and completely illogical. God created women to think differently than men, and that way of thinking allows them to effectively work in His natural order.

What most Black women don’t understand is that most White feminists are lesbians and many actually want to be White men. So they want to think like men. Thinking like a man puts a woman in a position to be a rival and an adversary to a man, not a partner and a helpmeet.

So far I’m about 2/3 of the way through the book, and the cover is done. And there’s so much stuff that has to go into part 3. I’m trying to get organized so I can put it all in.

This book is gonna cost more than my usual nonfiction due to all the time and money I put into doing research for it. The minimum price for the eBook will be $5.99 and the paperback will probably start at $14.99

Isis: Wrath of the Cybergoddess is pretty much done. The manuscript for this one was finished way back in January. I’ve done the page layouts and I’m giving it a final proofread before doing a final upload to CreateSpace.

The one thing I’m waiting for before I publish Cybergoddess is the cover. Right now after 30 days the Kickstarter is 10 percent funded with 51.00 and 29 or so days to go. I’m pushing the kickstarter hard, doing blogs and YouTube videos to promote it, and I really want to give this story a great book cover. It’s one of the best stories in the Isis series and I want people to give this book a read.

I’ve talked to several artists about prices for the book cover. And the $500 I’m raising would pay for the art and the books I’d have to ship if I met the kickstarter goal.

One of the reasons I’m doing the Isis series Kickstarter to get Black people to focus on Group Economics. Black people don’t support Black owned businesses. 97 percent of Black dollars get spent at nonblack businesses. With this being tax refund time most Black dollars are being spent on sneakers, big screen TVs, rims, tires, designer handbags and other items made and sold by nonblack people. I want to get Black people to start thinking about investing in their own communities and their own people. When Black people invest their money in Black-owned businesses like mine, they can hire other Black people or invest the money in expanding their business to hire other Black people.

The other reason why I’m doing the Kickstarter is to address issues about the covers on my books. Many have complained about the art on the covers. And I’m hoping that the critics on the sidelines take the opportunity to work with me on the solution instead of complaining about the problem.

If 500 people donated $1 a piece to the Kickstarter I’d meet my goal.

The first draft of All About Nikki Season 2 is FINALLY complete. Right now I’m giving the manuscript edits. There will be another three episode book out on Smashwords this summer, and hopefully, Season 2 later on.

This book was a challenge to write as I got stuck several times. Lucky for me I got inspired and was able to finish it. Having written 26 episodes and two seasons of All About Nikki by myself I now understand why TV production companies hire a team of writers. I don’t know if I have it in me for a Season 3.

Several books will be leaving the KDP Select program in the coming months.

Isis: My Sister My Frenemy will be leaving KDP Select after close to a year in the program. Smashwords users will get the chance to read this chapter in the Isis series later this month.

Isis: All About The Goddess will also be leaving the KDP Select program. Again, it’s just time for Smashwords readers to get caught up on the Isis series.

The Thetas will be leaving KDP Select soon as well. The book seems to be strong enough to carry itself. So it’s time for Smashwords and Nook readers to experience the Sophisticated sorority story.

I’m planning a Thetas Paperback, and I may release it this summer. Some people want to curl up with a good book and I’ll make the paperback an option for them. It’ll be Amazon exclusive though.

So if you have a Kindle and you have Prime and you want to pick up one of these three titles, hit the borrow button NOW.

Earlier in February the blog celebrated its first day with 1,000 hits. And it’s had several days with over 1,000 hits. A week ago I flirted with 1,200 hits.

Several blogs have been read by thousands of readers and have been linked all over the world such as:

Why Real Men Avoid Single Mothers.
What Women Don’t Know About being the Side Piece
Why 70 Percent of Black Women are Single
Ways Single Mothers Destroy Their Sons

Numerous message boards related to MRA, MGTOW, childfree, and dating have picked up these blogs and shared them and some women have picked them up as well. I’m hoping the information provided in them help people understand the dysfunctional behaviors people participate in and I also hope they take constructive action to make their lives better. The reason why I wrote these pieces was to help people and it looks like they’re making a difference.

In addition to all this work I’m doing, I’m still looking for a day job. Put in some resumes, but no callbacks. Maybe I’ll get a break one day. But until then I have to do what God says and keep going.

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