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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Less Than A Week to go on the Isis Series Kickstarter!

The clock is winding down on the Isis series Kickstarter. The project is 25 percent funded with $126 pledged and I need to raise another $384 in the less than a week! I know it’s a challenge but I believe we can do it! 

 Brothers  and Sisters, the project can only be funded if I receive all $500 by May 4. And those who pledge will receive rewards A $20 pledge gets a donor a copy of the next book in the Isis series Isis: Wrath of the Cybergoddess. And a $100 pledge gets a donor all the books in the Isis series.

Brothers and Sistas, this Kickstarter is an opportunity for you to see the power of Black Group Economics in action. When Black dollars stay in the Black community, they give Black business owners such as myself the capital we need to improve the quality of our products and expand our businesses. The money you pledge will be used towards the development of a finished product, a book in the Isis series.

You’ll see the process used to design this book from start to finish. If I get the funding, I will be updating the process of its publication on my blog and on YouTube videos.

I want readers to know I’ve been listening to their concerns about the art on my covers and this Kickstarter was my way of trying to address the issue. The money I spend towards hiring this artist to design my cover will help me towards leaving a powerful first impression on readers all over the world with a professional cover for my book. It’ll be a way to persuade readers on the fence towards taking a chance and trying a book in a unique genre such as African-American fantasy fiction.

I want to say thanks to Brothers and sistas have made contributions to the Kickstarter. I truly appreciate your support towards getting this project kickstarted. I’ve received donations from brothers and sistas all over the country and even from the UK.

There’s not much time left for you to take this opportunity for to participate in Group Economics and have your money make a difference in a Black-owned business.  My Kickstarter ends on May 4. If $384 Brothers and Sisters donate $1 or $2 a piece I’ll Still meet my goal and be able to take the Isis series to the next level. Please, help me get this project Kickstarted and take my business to the next level! 

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