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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Lady Think Like a Man is Garbage

I’m reading Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Lady Think Like a Man as part of my research for my Why 70 Percent of Black Women are Single book. And I’m finding everything in this book to be complete and utter garbage. Lies, Damn lies and Bullshit written to pander to Black women and not offer them any constructive solutions to why they’re still single.

I find the title of this book to be absolutely irksome. Why? Because God did not make women to think like men. If anything the main reason why so many Black women are single is because they believe they can think like men. I find it odd how Steve never mentions anything about feminism and the impact of single parent homes in his book and how women growing up learning these dysfunctional concepts in these toxic environments have led to so many women today being single. But I guess he didn’t want to offend his core audience.

I also find it strange how he constantly talks about men having to deal with a single woman’s kids. Like a Real Man would want to date a single mother. Most of the book seems to be written towards women believing men will get involved with a single mother and having a relationship with her.

Seriously, what guy is going to do this? What dude is going to put up with baby daddies? Kids that hate him? And What man is going to even consider a single mom now that there’s a possibility of him being forced to pay Child Support for kids that he never even fathered?

I love how he constantly talks about men talking to baby daddies and ex-boyfriends. What man is going to play Captain-Save-A-Hoe to a woman and try to solve her problems? If she’s having issues with an ex or a baby daddy, that’s HER problem to SOLVE. If she doesn’t want to talk to these guys she won’t talk to them. And if she’s still in contact with these guys, it’s a reason why a man shouldn’t get involved with her.

Then there’s the90-day-rule. I pretty much laughed at this chapter. Only a SIMP would come up with this idiotic concept. Who’s going to wait 90 days spending money on dinner and drinks for the possibility of getting sex?

Most women know if they want to have sex with a man within five seconds of looking at him. And they’re not going to wait 90 days to get with a man they’re attracted to. They’re going to find a way to get with that man on his terms.

What Steve Harvey doesn’t understand is that any woman using his 90 day rule is sleeping with a dozen different guys while stringing him along for dinner and drinks. Then on the 90th day after stringing Mr. SIMP along, she decides to tell him “it’s not working out” and drops him for all the thugs and bad boys she was sleeping with prior.

Steve Harvey’s big problem on the 90-day-rule is that he thinks that relationships are a one-way street. That’s a concept based on ideas from a man who was raised in a single mother household.

This is why Steve also believes that a woman’s vagina has power. And that a man will wait for sex.

I’d have to say Steve is truly strung out on pussy. Vagina does not have power. Vagina only has power over a SIMP. And Simps become Tricks because they believe they have to pay for the possibility of getting sex from a woman.

Here’s the deal: Women are not that special. Women do not have the power to make a man wait for her. Today, there are four women for every one man. And if she’s not showing him she’s bringing anything to the table other than sex, he has every right to entertain offers from other women. Until both parties agree to be exclusive to one another there is no relationship.

The 90-day-rule is where Steve Harvey’s book falls apart. The man does not have to prove himself to the woman. The woman has to prove himself to the man. The woman may choose the man she dates. But it’s the man who has to choose to offer her a marriage proposal. She has to show HIM she is worth of being asked to wear his engagement ring.

Only a SIMP would believe that he has prove something to a woman. If anything, the woman has to show him what she brings to HIS table for him to make a commitment to her.

I find it interesting how everything in Steve Harvey’s book is all about women making men react.

Men are not emotional. Men are logical. Real Men do not react to a woman, they respond to them.

The only men who react to a woman are those who are raised in single mother households. Men from two-parent homes THINK before they speak and THINK even more before they act.

For all the talk about God, Steve Harvey forgets one tenet of the Bible: The Man is the leader. And the woman is the help meet. She has to show how she fits into his program and how she’ll be a part of God’s natural order.

And the big problem with Steve’s book is he follows the Mangina concept that Men were made for Women. In Steve Harvey’s world the man has to find a way to fits into the woman’s program.

When this is a dysfunctional way of thinking. God made Women for Men. And Women follow the lead of men.

This is why I call his book garbage. It’s shallow, half-hearted and like the Pimp Pastors in the Black Church panders to Black women’s emotions to get at their wallets. Any woman who reads this book will wind up still single and with her wallet $20 lighter afterward.

For me, Steve Harvey’s book doesn’t dig deep enough into the real reasons why Black women are single. This slickly packaged snake oil in paperback barely skims the surface on why Black women are single and don’t go in depth about the numerous economic, political, psychological and sociological reasons why Black women have such a hard time maintaining a relationship with a Black man today.

The truth is so-called relationship experts like Steve Harvey don’t want to offer solutions to Black women. If anything they profit from keeping Black women single. It’s the only way they can keep selling books, movies and DVDs to the masses of Black women in the Matriarchy that controls the Black community.

Yeah, I’m writing my own book on why Black women are single. But I’d like to think I’d offer more solutions in one chapter than what Steve Harvey offers in his entire book. My research comes from historical sources like the Bible, American history, psychologists, mental health counselors, and most importantly Black men. I find it odd that for all the talk about the issue of Black women being single not a single sista has ever talked to Black men about why they don’t want to marry them. Maybe if we started talking to each other instead of through intermediaries we’d start healing the fractured Black community.


  1. steve harvey is another dr phill

    they know one thing:
    best way to make money today is to appeal to women because they are the majority of spenders

  2. Steve Harvey decided to cash in on the Mangina movement and Black women's desperation and hardheadedness.

  3. I saw a book on the shelf last week that sounded familiar:

    "Date Like a Man"

    I am guessing it was on the used book clearance shelf for a reason.

  4. This is retarded. I stopped reading after you saying no man will take on a Single mother. ACTUALLY, my brother is happily married now to a once single mother and I Myself , as a single mother , is engaged.

  5. Only Simps marry single moms.

    This book is garbage. It doesn't give you anything from a true male perspective. Steve Harvey panders to Black women just to get money out of their pockets. It's all-new All-different snake oil.

  6. Only Simps marry single moms.

    This book is garbage. It doesn't give you anything from a true male perspective. Steve Harvey panders to Black women just to get money out of their pockets. It's all-new All-different snake oil.

  7. As a white man, and a MGTOW, I can see this shit all around me. And it's not just confined to the black community either. Seems every woman thinks she's a goddess nowadays. And thinks every man ought to come to the goddess temple, and supplicate and prostrate themselves in front of the altar with the solid gold vagina mounted on top of it. But most men know that the gold is just a very thin plating. And when it's worn off, the vagina is just so much rusty tin underneath. Thinking men know this, and it terrifies women to know just how much their SMV is plummeting. Pussy power is dying, and MGTOW is rising exponentially and growing every day. It's getting to the point that the only men eating the blue pill anymore, are simps, manginas, and white knights. And even they will wake up eventually after they've been fucked over enough times. MGTOW is the future...And all the feminists, and other delinquent women, manginas, simps, and white knights aren't gonna do shit about it. Because they can't compete with a man who's decided to walk away and they NEVER WILL BE ABLE TO! We'll go out of our way to make damn good and sure of it. And once a certain "Demographic Tipping Point" is reached...It's all over anyway, so who gives a wet sticky fuck...Certainly not me, that's for sure.

    1. Im glad to see another fellow MGTOW renouncing gynocentric garbage.

  8. Great article. I despise Steve Harvey's twisted brand of feminism that adds further to the destruction of appropriate gender relations between men an women. In my opinion, Harvey is a SIMP PIMP puppet put in place to further divide genders and make a few bucks along the way. And his Family Feud show emphasizes almost nothing but subtle "female as leader feminism."

  9. This blog is as much bullshit as Steve's book. Racist, sexist and complete ignorance.

  10. Mgtow is the future.

  11. Whoever wrote this blog is a total idiot. Probably Steve's brother. You should stop referring to the bible as your source for gender roles. There is no such thing and sexuality is fluid.

    1. Good Gravy, you are STUPIDER THAN A BOX OF ROCKS. You do know Steve Harvey references the Bible in Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man. Christ Himself said there were male and female. Gender and sexuality are NOT Fluid and are hard established by God himself. Stop buying into nonsense and learn some common sense.

  12. I think his point is to take the focus off the physical part pf a relationship and concentrate whether you will be compatible. As for single mothers, hes just suggesting losers will try hard thinking they are all desperate and lonely , in reality they want better or they would be with the ex and miserable.Simps will always take whoever they can. Single mothers are wise and men that think they are better should keep moving past single mothers because they do not need another child to raise and teach the common sense their mothers did not teach them.