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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Halle Berry Baby Mama Drama-The Saga Continues....*FACEPALM*

It just does not end. Dammit, it just does not end!

Just when we all thought Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez were gonna live happily ever after in France, there are rumors that they’ve separated. Halle's in L.A. and Oliver is in France.

Looks like Oliver Martinez has received a heroes’ reward for playing Captain-Save-A-Hoe: A face full of Kryptonite Doo Doo.

Looks like this relationship is right on time to crash and burn. Usually around the five-year mark is when men start heading for the hills after getting involved with Halle Berry. It’ s just a matter of time before she goes to the press blaming him for the failure of her relationship like every other man she was involved with.

Keeping score here, four men, three marriages. One committed relationship. Two going on three divorces. Not to mention Two illegitimate kids by two different fathers.

Good Gravy.

Again, who’s the bad guy here? David Justice? Eric Benet? Gabriel Aubry? Halle painted all these guys as liars, cheaters, and scumbags.

But when the dust settled and we saw the truth about the situation only one person was the villain: Halle Berry.

Seriously, there’s no difference between Academy Award winner Halle Berry and a hoodrat from here in the South Bronx. Like Michelle Obama and her best friend Beyonce, I have to wonder if Halle sips her malt liquor with a straw or does she take the 40 ounce straight to the head.

The way I see it Oliver Martinez is no saint. And he’s getting his just due for putting on the SIMP cape and Mickey Mouse galoshes and trying to save a hoe. Most men who want to be a hero just don’t understand the treacherous nature of a predatory woman like Halle Berry. After you save them, they turn on you.

Plain and simple women like Halle Berry aren’t loyal to any man. They’re users out to get what they want out of a man. And once they get what they want they toss a dude to the curb. For them men are tools to use to get them ahead in life and nothing else.

What did Halle want out of Oliver? A way to get away from Gabriel Aubry. And some sperm to create Nahla’s baby brother. Halle really wanted to stick it to Gabriel, and having a kid by another man was her way of sticking a middle finger up at him.

And what did Oliver want out of Halle? Basically a place to stay, spending money and a steady supply of pussy. Like Most SIMPS Martinez had an angle and he used it to get into Halle’s panties, her house, and her purse.

Only like all the other SIMPS he’s finding out Halle is crazy as catshit. That’s why he’s probably heading for the hills. There’s only so much a lame-ass lothario can take. So he’ll probably just take his alimony and child support payments and move on in a couple of months to a year.

Four relationships. Two Black men and two White men. A failure rate of 100 percent. No one can Blame Black men this time.

This is the second of two Great White Dopes sent down for the count by Halle’s emasculating roundhouse kick to the nuts. Funny how Black women touted these White boys as their great White savior. Now that a second one has been sent down for a 10-count by the allegedly most beautiful Black woman in the world I wonder if they’ll continue to praise White men as superior to Black men.

Or will they say Mr. Charlie just can’t handle a “strong Black Woman”.

Each man whether Black or White has stated that Halle Berry’s insecurity and her constant accusations of cheating was the reason why they abandoned the relationship. Not to mention her domineering, emasculating, and bullying ways. Sure she was cute in the face.

But crazy all over the place. That’s why Real Men smash and go and don’t try to save a hoe.

In all these failed relationships there’s always been one common denominator: Halle Berry. She’s been the real bad guy in all her relationships and her own worst enemy.

And the other common denominator was dudes agreeing to have a relationship with Halle Berry on her terms. All these men saw a pretty light skinned chick paying them some attention and sacrificed their personal power for a chance to get into her panties.  Sure they got the pussy.

But when the relationship was done all they got was FUCKED OVER. If there’s any lesson for men to learn from Halle Berry’s numerous relationship failures is for a man to have the relationship on HIS TERMS. When the man submits to the woman and follows her lead, he’s destined to get screwed.

At almost 50 years old , I’d think Halle Berry would grow up. But all it seems she’s doing is growing old. Doing the exact same things and expecting a different result. The rest of the world calls this insanity. But for Halle it’s business as usual. Unfortunately, the saga continues. In 20 years when her pubes are the color of tinsel and those flapjack tits are on her knees, she’ll be blaming some gray haired Woodrow looking dude from Sanford & Son for doing her wrong.


End already! END DAMMIT!


  1. Halle married those two white boys
    in order to have her two -light skinned mixed babies-.

    we all know how desperate black women are to have those ......

    she dated many many many black dudes and never had a baby.

    she{s a racist or a colorist ......

    1. What does that make the many black men who marry white women?

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  3. I figured Halle was a little off when she did that low budget Monster's Ball for an award. She had the sistas looking bad out there.


  4. Dark skinned actress lupita nyongo named people magazine most beautiful of 2014 :-) She is the new halle berry

  5. Halle berry was peoples most beautiful now lupita nyongo! :-)

  6. Lupita nyong'o oscar winner Halle Berry oscar winner. Lupita nyong'o First kenyan african to be signed with a top major cosmectic contract, lancome cosmectics. Halle Berry first african descent woman to be signed with revoln cosmectics, both of there contracts is worth millions of dollars. Lupita nyong'o top choice to star in big budget movie starwars. Halle berry have the xmen movies... Halle berry paved the way for lupita nyong'o and other african american actresses...

  7. Halle Berry won an Oscar for being a whore.

    Luptia Nyongo won an Oscar for being
    a slave.

    Both these roles fit within the White Liberal's narrative for Black women.

    When a Black woman plays this kind of role and can be seen as a human being then we can talk about how things are changing.

    Halle Berry paved the way for Black actresses to play degrading roles in exchange for an Oscar.If anything she TARNISHED the image of the Black woman and paved the way for all the ratchetness we see today among Black women.

  8. Again, who’s the bad guy here? David Justice? Eric Benet? Gabriel Aubry? Halle painted all these guys as liars, cheaters, and scumbags.

    But when the dust settled and we saw the truth about the situation only one person was the villain: Halle Berry.

    She is THE ONE common denominator here.