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Monday, April 7, 2014

Shawn’s Kickstarter And Black Group Economics

Around this time of year many African-Americans will be getting their income tax refunds from the government. And 97 percent of that money won’t be spent with Black-owned businesses like mine.

Every year in the Black community income tax refund money is spent with nonblack businesses on stuff like Air Jordan sneakers, designer handbags, hair weaves nails, big screen TVs rims on tires.

Black people work hard all year to spend money with nonblack businesses that make no effort to improve the quality of their products or services or to even give us courteous customer service. And at tax time, they go out and spend TWICE as much money with these same businesses that disrespect us. Such as that Arab owned corner store that sells stale and rotten groceries, that Korean owned store that marks up the price of hair weaves, the white corporate chain stores that sell sneakers and electronics, or the high-end stores that sell the designer clothes and handbags.

Group economics is the only way to improve the quality of life in the Black community. When Black people shop at Black-owned businesses they make an investment in themselves. When we spend our money with Black-owned businesses they can invest in the Black community by expanding their businesses and hiring other Black people.

Every dollar spent with Black owned businesses allows business owners like myself to have the capital to reinvest in our business, create new products and take our business to the next level.

I've heard the complaints about my book covers from readers. And I want to make an effort to improve them.  

One of the reasons I’m doing this Kickstarter is to get Black people to see how group economics directly impacts them by showing them how Black business owners use their money. Every dollar brothers and sisters invest in this project will be used to expand my business and publish the next book in the Isis series. It’ll allow me to hire an artist to design a book cover that will allow me to leave a stronger first impression on customers, attract the attention of new casual readers and possibly increase my sales on the next book.

Right now the Kickstarter is 10 percent funded at $51 with 27 days to go. All I’m asking for is another $449. That’s about as much as two pairs of Jordans or Lebrons or some PS4 games. If 500 people donate $1 or $2 a piece we can meet that goal and I can take my business to the next level. Everyone who donates $20 or more will get an autographed copy of the next book in the Isis series Isis: Wrath of the Cybergoddess.

Brothers and sisters, help me make this project happen. Invest in me so I can continue investing in you. 

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