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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Shawn's Thoughts On Christianity

 A few weeks ago, a commenter said that I should walk away from the Christian religion.

 I’ve seen God do great works in my life since I was seven years old. And that’s why I won’t leave Him.

Now I know a lot of Brothers and Sisters out there are practicing agnostics these days. And their reasons for being agnostic probably have to do with what they’ve seen from so-called Christians in their lives. The kinds of hypocrites who preach one gospel and practice another.

It’s these kinds of who believe that they’re saints.

When God Himself said every man was born in sin. And there was only one man who was ever perfect, Jesus Christ.

It’s these kinds of arrogant self-righteous people who have discouraged people from pursuing a relationship with God by acting like they’re infallible.

When in actuality our righteousness is like a filthy rag to God. In his eyes we’ve all done wrong.

It’s these kinds of religious bullies who use shaming tactics to impose their brand of Christianity onto the masses as the true Word of God. Who use God as an enforcer to force cowardly and superstitious people to submit to their will.

Sure these bullies can read a bible. But oftentimes they misinterpret it. Wilfully and intentionally with malice of forethought.  

Personally I can’t stand these kinds of Christians. Like the Scribes, the Pharisees, and the Sadducees, these are the kinds of scumbags who alienate people and make them turn away from the Word of God and a true relationship with God.

God is not directly connected to any organized religion such as Catholicism or Pseudo Christianity. There is only one way to a direct relationship with God and that’s through Jesus Christ.

When Jesus walked the Earth he never bullied anyone into following Him. He never shamed anyone into following Him. He treated everyone with respect because he loved the world. And the people willingly followed him because they loved him. It was a relationship based on mutual trust.

Yes he called out hypocrites like the scribes, the Pharisees and the Sadducees. But he called them out because he loved people enough to tell them the truth. How these corrupt individuals were using His Word to for political and economic gain so they could exploit the masses just like today’s pimp pastors do. These people knew better, but instead of teaching the masses the True Word of God, they decided to remain silent.

You do not need a Church to have a relationship with God. And I wouldn’t advise going to one these days. Most of these organized religions and these religious institutions are monuments of failure because they’re man-made institutions that have been compromised by men who seek to please themselves instead of God. They give you their subjective interpretation of the Word of God, and that changes to appease the masses.

The true Word of God is unchanging and unyielding. When we give our lives to Christ we change for it. It doesn’t change for us. We become more like Christ.

In the Black community churchgoers only know what the pastor tells them. Their misinterpretation of the Word of God. And the Word of God Black people receive from the pastor in the pulpit is not the same as what is written in their Bibles.

The best place to hide something from Black people is in between the pages of a book. And the true Word of God has been hidden from the Negro plain sight for over 400 years.

The best way to get to know God is to read the Bible for yourself. That way the Holy Spirit can teach you.

The whole point of reading the Bible is to get to know God. So you can have a personal relationship with Him. When one reads the Bible they see how God has worked in people’s lives throughout history and understand why Jesus came to Earth to pay for the sins of all mankind.

What you believe is what you practice, not what you preach. And I do my best to live like the Word of God says. But even I know that’s not possible on my own.  God has to live through me. I understand it’s only when He puts his spirit within me that I can be Christ-like.

I gave my life to Christ when I was 16. And while I have had my experiences with dysfunctional Christians even in my own family over the last 24 years, I won’t let it discourage me from my fellowship with God.

They have nothing to do with my relationship with God. I’m accountable to Him for what I do and how I live. I’m not a perfect person, and I know God will forgive me when I screw up. 

This is why my relationship with God has nothing to do with organized religion. Again for me the Word of God is something I try to practice, not something I preach. For me, the Word of God is about being ACTIVE and taking ACTION. The way I see it, God only makes things happen when I do WORK. Because in his word He says Faith without works is dead. One has to APPLY the word of God to their lives, not just tell people about God. They have to SHOW an example of Christ in their lives.

Brothers and Sisters, don’t let your bad experiences with a dysfunctional Christian discourage you from a relationship with God. God loves you and wants to have a relationship with you. He wants you to get to know him. I urge you to read the Bible for yourself and see how great a relationship with God is .


  1. Honestly, no "black" person should be a "Christian" unless its the Ethiopian Christian Church or the Coptic Church (Egypt).

    Our ancestors in West/South Africa were NOT Christians. It is a religion imposed by force upon our ancestors and imposed in away to best maintain slavery and exploitation.

    In other words, Christianity - in the way most black people participate in it - is a

    SLAVE theology. And as such cannot lead to our psychological liberation, but only to remaining enslaved.

    The #1 problem facing black in America is this religion and others imposed by foreigners (Islam) upon Africans - for their - the conquerors benefit.

    The Bible is valuable only in its use as literature, some semi historical/allegorical use, myth, understanding the politics/ economics of the time, but NOT religious.

    Furthermore it has been edited, revised, compiled, re-revised, so much that next to nothing in it - especially the New Testament can be taken seriously as a religious text.

  2. I agree with the above comment. I have no use and no love lost for Christianity, the Bible, or the Church.

    I walked away many years ago and am a better person for it.

  3. Wow. This is really inspiring, Mr James. Its getting harder and harder to stand in faith and identify with Jesus and I really admire that you've done that. I pray that you continue to walk on The Path. God bless you.

    P.S I read your piece on Tyler Perry and the whole script writing/sending thing. Very interesting. I'm a writer myself and wanted to send a script (unsolicited) but after reading that, I don't think I will. Sigh. I wonder what the next step would be though...

  4. Sifushka,

    I'm glad you found inspiration in this blog. It's hard for Christians to stand in the face of a world that continues to

    The best way to get your script out there is to query by letter. A query letter is a simple one-page letter you send to production companies pitching your logline (what the script is about) and your contact information. Never send a script to anyone unless they ask for it with a signed written release!

    And the best way to get a response is by having the names of the people. A personal letter will get a response faster than an unsolicited script. You can find the names of people in a book like the Hollywood Creative Directory. With queries, all you do is send letters out and forget them; it'll be a LONG time before anyone if anyone responds. Just keep writing and keep pushing.

  5. Shawn I understand how you feel. HOWEVER, in order to really understand Christianity, you have to step outside of it and do some historical and cultural research on it. One of our biggest problems as Black people is the fact that we do not want to let go of these slave traditions because we are truly fearful of the unknown and we are afraid of letting go of an ideology that was/is used as a weapon to keep us docile. (Did you know that one of the first slave ships to land here in 'America' was The Good Ship Jesus?) Here is some things I want you to look up:

    -Emperor Constantine
    -Council of Nicea
    -Albert Pike
    -Horus/Heru/Amen-Ra & Aset/Isis (Where do you think you get the name Isis from?)
    -The Moors
    -Freemasonry (they are more influential to Christianity than you might think. There is a reason why they say that Jesus died at age 33)
    -Caesar Borgia

    Do not just take my word for it. Look up the information for yourself.

  6. You do not need a Church to have a relationship with God. And I wouldn’t advise going to one these days. Most of these organized religions and these religious institutions are monuments of failure because they’re man-made institutions that have been compromised by men who seek to please themselves instead of God.

    Truth! Even moreso, when is the last time you've heard anything other than feelgood rah-rah nonsense in a church???

    I attended a Church of Christ until sometime last year when I moved. NO Old Testament whatsoever.

  7. Awesome post and do not abandon your faith in God because lost individuals tell you to do so. The oldest trick the devil uses against black people is to say that white oppressors wrote the Bible but is in fact about "black" people. Just read Deuteronomy 28, other passages, and even look up some Hebrew Israelite material even though I don't agree with everything they say. Once again black people go following disinformation about their history. Literally everything happening to black people in today's world can be traced back to Deuteronomy 28. There is a host of info about the Hebrews of the bible being black. For instance Jesus and Mary were originally portrayed as black as demonstrated with the black Madonnas of Europe. Sadly multiple racists campaigns were done to erase the truth and destroy the black images. I bet you not one of these black people who call the bible "the white mans book" actually attempted to read it, but they are spiritually blind after all.