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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Why 70 Percent of Black Women are Single- The Book

Sorry there haven’t been any blogs over the past few days. Had some internet issues and since I wasn’t able to get online I was busy working on a new project. (Drop a donation in the paypal link and maybe I can see about buying that Verizon Smart router.)

I’ve got a flow going on this new nonfiction book I started a few weeks ago Why 70 percent of Black Women are single. Yes, there will be a book coming out based on the popular blog. I hope to have the book out by this summer if things keep flowing.

Shawn James’ Why 70 Percent of Black women are Single won’t be some fluffy feel good cardboard book like Steve Harvey’s Act like a Lady Think Like a Man. Like the three books in The Simp Trilogy this book will be no-nonsense and hard-hitting going in depth detailing all the numerous reasons why Black women today are single, and why these approaches to life they’ve learned from their mothers are keeping them single.

Why 70 Percent of Black women are Single will present the issues of Black-on-Black relations over the last 45 years and how we got to this state today where a majority of Black women are single and how it’s gotten to the point where most Black men want nothing to do with Black women.

Over the last four years I’ve done extensive research on the subject reading dozens of articles. More importantly I’ve listened to dozens of Black men in the comments section of on my blog, YouTube and Facebook, not to mention men on the street.

I believe one of the problems keeping Black women single is that everyone keeps talking to Black women instead of listening to Black men. We get all the extra extra salty tears of Black women crying about the lack of eligible available Black men, but not once in the last 25 years has anyone like Oprah Winfrey or ABC News ever once asked regular brothers how they feel about today’s Single Black women.

Black men are supposed to be the ones making the marriage proposal, but the Oprah Winfreys, Lee Daniels, Tyler Perrys and Steve Harveys are so busy painting Black men as the bad guys, we never hear what brothers have to say and find out WHY they don’t want to commit to Black women today.

From what I’ve seen in all my research Black men aren’t the bad guys. And one of the problems is Black women have been told what they want to hear for too long by snake-oil salesmen too busy trying to make a buck on them and get into their panties.

For almost five decades we’ve heard from Simps like Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry who poo-pooed, and held Black women’s hands while telling them they weren’t accountable for any of their bad behaviors and it was all Black men’s faults. This enabling has allowed male/female relations in the Black community to deteriorate to the dysfunctional state they’re in today.

I believe it’s time Black women got to hear from the men in their communities like myself who are going too be the ones who want to have relationships with them. I think it’s time someone told Black women what they need to know to be better women.

Yes, this book will be tough and no-nonsense. I want this book to like a day in the STRIVE workshop. Raw, honest, and filled with tough love. A lot of what’s going to be in between these pages is going to be hard for some Black women to hear, and it may even offend some sistas. But I believe once Black women confront the painful truths about why they are single they’ll finally start taking steps on the road to healing and having healthy relationships with Black men.

Some will call this book misogynistic. But it comes from love. I love Black women enough to tell them the truth about what they’re doing and why it’s destroying not only themselves but the Black community and the Black family. I believe once Black women are shown the truth about the approaches they’re following sistas may start making the steps towards taking themselves out of the dysfunctional paradigm that has left them single for two going on three generations.


  1. I await the reaction.

    this topic is overdue for discussion - real discussion - not the pc nonsense of traditional media.

  2. Sure- so it is black women's fault that a significant proportion of black men are in prison or are deadbeat dads? Take some responsibility for your actions, men! And while it is very generous of Shawn to kindly offer us tips on how to get losers (by which I mean deadbeat dads and convicts-not all black men), it's actually unnessecary - we don't want them! Please stay away! (Although my experience is that deadbeat men like this are very keen on successful women and you have to fight them off!!)

    There are too many better options - and staying single is certainly one of them!

    The 'problem' with black women is that they out earn the majority of black men while running their household and raising their kids singlehandedly.

    Some men, like Shawn, think a man should be in charge of these capable women. I say- let them earn it! Let's see these insecure men getting educated, acting responsibly and earning a decent wage. Then, and only then can they throw their weight around- as an equal partner and nothing more.

    The only people who will read this book are underachieving black men - desperate for an excuse for their sorry situation in life.

  3. Who is blaming anyone?

    There reasons why Black women are single and why they pick the deadbeats.

    The reason why Black women earn out is because of White Supremacy funding a Black Matriarchy, a point I elaborate on in the book. That and the way Black women are socialized in single mother households are primary reasons why they are majority still single.

    This book is not about a gender war, but about promoting healing. It's about getting Black women to wake up and take a look at themselves and their community. This will be some Steve Harvey fluff fest that will make you feel good. This will be a book designed to make you think and grow. For too many years Black women have had the floor and not let the men speak. It's time sistas heard from the men who are supposed to offer the proposal what they're doing WRONG.

    For all your emotion, you don't understand the issue at hand.

    If I get one "underachieving" Black man to read this book I've done something. And if I get a couple of intelligent Black women to read it and think about what this book would have made a difference.