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Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Note All About All About Nikki Season 2-

Blog posts have been erratic. Why? I’ve been busy the last few weeks on projects. Developing a concept for a new Isis cover, Revising a new Isis story and Drafting up Why 70 Percent of Black women are single.

In between all those projects I finally managed to finish a project people should have gotten in 2012:All About Nikki: The Sensational Second Season. I finally wrote the last episode last night.

I didn’t plan to do a Season 2 for Nikki, but after the overwhelmingly positive response on Smashwords to it, I put it on the fast track in 2011. I thought I could finish the book by 2012 after finishing season 1 in less than a year, but I got caught up in other projects like The Thetas and the Isis Series.

I’ve released teaser Nikki books on Kindle and Smashwords over the last two years with the first six or so episodes to let Nikki’s readers know what they’ll be getting in the future. This season is all about Nikki’s growth as a character. She’s going to be a bit more socially active and getting to know more kids at Beverly Hills High School and the social hubs like The Spot and the Beverly Bowl. Staying true to the continuity in All About Marilyn, there will be an episode featuring that clear bowling ball Marilyn had on display in her home. There will be lots of new characters, and new settings.

Along with all the changes in Nikki’s life will be a change to the story model. Instead of one long overreaching story arc over 13 episodes, this season will be broken into smaller arcs of 1-3 episodes. I figure that model would provide an easier entry point for new readers/viewers.

I’ll be tackling some more serious subject matter this season such as teen sex and shoplifting.

I’m planning on giving Smashwords readers a bonus “lost” episode for being so loyal to the series. It’ll probably be something from Season 1, or I may drive myself crazy and write something new

All About Nikki- The Sensational Second Season should be available for e-readers soon! Until then tide yourself over with the three episode book on Smashwords or All About Nikki- The Fabulous FirstSeason.

Now on to the editing!

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