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Monday, February 24, 2014

Fundraising To Pay For A New Cover

Looking to hire  pro to execute this concept!

The Isis series is one of the most popular series in the SJS DIRECT catalog. Featuring a positive Black female heroine, these contemporary fantasy stories based on Egyptian mythology have built a small following of readers of all ages in paperback and eBook over the past year and a half all over the world.

While most customers have enjoyed the stories in the Isis series, some have complained about the art on the covers. Due to financial reasons I’ve been drawing the covers myself over the past year.  Being out of work these past five years, I just don’t have the money to hire a professional artist.

I know many readers judge books by their covers. And to leave that powerful first impression on them so they will give the Isis series a try, I’d like to hire a professional artist to draw, ink and color the cover for the next book in the Isis series: Isis: Wrath of the Cybergoddess.

The concept cover I’ve drawn up features two figures and a minimal background. I estimate the cost to be around $500-$800 for a professional artist to draw up and color the cover for the paperback and eBook editions. If I can move past the $800 benchmark I can see about trying to put an insert or two in between the pages of the paperback and the digital editions.

If we meet the benchmark, supporters of this project would receive a free autographed copy of the paperback edition signed by me, Shawn James.

Help me take the Isis series to the next level. In a sci-fi/fantasy world of mostly White heroines such as Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, She-Ra, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Xena: Warrior Princess, I created Isis so little Black girls would have their own heroine featured in fantasy adventures they could identify and relate to. With a quality cover drawn by a professional artist I know I could reach a lot more readers all over the world. With your support Isis could be the next Monster High.

If you’re interested in helping me take the Isis series to the next level, use the Paypal link at the top of the page to donate to this project. Thanks for your support and consideration.

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