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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Venereal Disease In The Bronx- Why Shawn Keeps it in His Pants

I’ve been celibate for the past 25 years. Why? I live in The Bronx.

Having sex with women here in the Bronx is like playing Russian Roulette with your dick. The Bronx leads the nation for herpes, Chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV.

If a woman says she lives in the Bronx, I’d advise you brothers to go get tested for VD and insist she take a VD test too. Chances are she’s got some sort of venereal disease from having sex with one of these dirty dick dusty dudes that live here.

In fact, last year the zip code next to the one I live in, 10457 had the highest percentage of reported venereal disease cases in the United States.

18 or so years ago Bronx resident NuShawn Williams infected over 25 plus women here with HIV. Looking at the statistics for venereal disease here in The Bronx, I’m starting to see he was the rule, not the exception here.

I don’t know who’s walking around with what around here. That’s why I’ve kept it in my pants over the past two decades. If the Bronx leads the nation in reported venereal disease cases, the unreported number of cases of Bronx residents having venereal diseases and not knowing it must be through the roof.

Even with all the free condoms available, it’s clear to me, most of the sewer crotch women here in The Bronx are letting all sorts of dirty dick dudes go up in them raw. And it’s more clear to me, most of these women residing here in The Bronx won’t tell a man up front they have an incurable disease like Herpes or Genital Warts.

Many of these females with thug boyfriends who went to prison for a bid or a jail term, won’t even acknowledge the possibility that their ex-man or their man has taken a dirty dick in the jawbone or in the ass while they were on that bid or waiting for trial.

Worse, many more men and women don’t even know they’ve been carrying a venereal disease for years. That’s how long they’ve gone without seeing a doctor. Again, if the reported numbers are bad, the unreported numbers for venereal disease have to be worse.

It’s sad day when Porn stars working in California’s San Fernando Valley do a better job taking care of their sexual health than most Bronx residents. It’s also more of a shame that a pornographic actress has cleaner genitals than most of the regular women who live in one of one of the biggest cities in the world. Even more embarrassing is the fact that same pornographic actress knows more about her own sexual health and sexual history considering both women have probably had the same amount of penises inside their vaginas.

If you’re sexually active, you’re supposed to get a blood test for Venereal Diseases and HIV every three to six months. Unfortunately, most Bronx residents have next to no education about sexual health. Many have never been tested for venereal diseases in their entire lives.

 Some say many don’t get tested for Venereal diseases due to a language barrier. Others say they’re ashamed to talk about sex because of their religious beliefs. And many more use these same excuses for not using birth control such as condoms or that would prevent people from being infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

The way I see it, everyone should be educated about sex regardless of language or religion. Everyone needs to be educated on the numerous ways venereal diseases are transmitted. The best way to prevent a venereal disease infection is to educate yourself about sex before you have sex. That way you make the right choices for yourself.

The way I see it, if a woman can’t produce a document from a doctor stating they’re disease free, before going to have sex then there’s no sex going on between a man and that woman. Period. That’s the standard Porn stars have. And it’s the standard more American people need to establish in their personal lives. All this casual sex without standards for health and safety really has to stop.

For the most part the Porn industry has been disease free for the past 20 years. Yes there have been outbreaks here or there, but when they happen, the Porn industry shuts down the entire industry, tests everyone and quarantines those performers. Some like the Milf Hunter Sean Rees used to use condoms when they performed with newcomers to ensure there is no transmission of disease on the sets of their productions.

20 years after NuShawn Williams infected 25+ women with HIV, the Bronx has become the capitol for venereal disease. Sewer crotch Women are giving up pussy to dirty dick dudes and not thinking of the long-term consequences of their actions.

That’s why I decided to stay celibate the last 25 or so years. It’s just safer for me to keep it in my pants these days. No sexual intercourse = No Venereal Diseases. Can’t get any safer than that.

Now I know there’s all this propaganda talking about you can live with a venereal disease. I call bullshit on that. Who wants to live with HIV? Who wants to live with incurable venereal diseases like Genital warts or Herpes? Who wants to go get a prescription like Famvir to deal with Herpes outbreaks every month? Who would want to deal with all those side effects?

For me risking my health isn’t worth ten minutes of pleasure with a jump-off. It’s a better quality of life knowing you have no diseases because you haven’t slept with anyone.

Most people in The Bronx aren’t honest about their sexual histories these days. Most don’t even know what the words sexual history or sexual health even means here in the Bronx.  And since I don’t know who has what it’s better to just keep it in my pants. Who Knows if any of NuShawn Williams jump-off’s are still out there?

The safest sex is no sex. I learned that when I was a teenager way back in Junior High school in 1986. The way I saw it back then, no pussy= No VD. It seems like that was the smartest decision I ever made.

 I saw this VD apocalypse coming way back then. In the time of the AIDS epidemic, Girls as young as 12 and 13 were letting dirty dick dudes go up in them raw just to get a tray of fried rice and chicken wings for dinner. Things have gotten worse over the last 30 years.

And instead of Bronx residents taking more responsibility over their sexual health by practicing safe sex, or even getting tested, they’re acting like it’s the Free Love 1960’s and 1970’s sticking dirty dicks in dirtier vaginas. The smart thing for any critical thinking brotha here in the Bronx is to either move or keep it in his pants. And since I’m broke and out of work, I’m just keeping it in my pants.

Again, brothers, if you live here in The Bronx, you need to go get a blood test for all the venereal diseases out there including HIV. There’s plenty of places to get tested for free. It’s better to know if you have something than not to. Because the faster know you have something, the faster you can put a plan of action in effect to deal with your infection.