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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

E'steem: Demons Anonymous Chapter 2 and a note

Note: Working hard on two New books including Why 70 Percent of Black women are single, so I had no time to write a blog. Try to have one up for Thursday  Sorry about all the filler, trying to play catch up!

I take a deep breath to calm my nerves as E’steem reads through the flyer detailing the mission of my organization. I’m hoping she says yes and helps us out. With a legend like her in our group we can inspire countless other members to walk away from the Legion down the straight and narrow path to Christ.

It was a big risk approaching her; high-ranking Old Guard demons don’t even bother talking with low-level New Breeders like myself. But if someone who was as deeply entrenched in the Legion could change her wicked ways, then maybe just maybe she’d be willing to hear me out.

E’steem finishes reading the flyer and her friendly brown eyes smile at me. “Demons Anonymous?” she inquires.

“Yeah, it’s a support group for demons who want to leave the Legion.”

“Other demons have left the Legion?”

“You thought you were the only one?”

“Usually once you join up with Lucifer you’re in for all eternity.”

“That was the way it was for the Old Guard. You chose to be a part of the Legion. But as the children of those old Guard demons began roaming the earth, they were never given that option.”

“Wasn’t the Bible available to you?”

“In our homes that book was considered Blasphemy.”

“So the culture of the Legion has become a religion?”

“To the members of the New Breed it is.”

“I’ve been hearing that phrase a lot lately. What exactly are the New Breed?”

I thought someone as smart as she was would know something about our history. “The New Breed are demons born during the Industrial Revolution, I reply. “Around that time Lucifer dissolved the Order of Lords and established a new class system for demons to work within the Legion’s new industrial complex.”

“Demons with human faces?”

“Yeah. He felt these new demons would blend in better with mortals. Demons he believes will help him efficiently steal the souls of mankind through everyday sins.”

“Drones in a corporate industrial complex.”

“Mindless workers programmed to believe that they’re doing the right thing by going by the book and living by the golden rule. People who were born not knowing who God truly is.”

“Even though the Bible is in plain sight.”

“We were never told we had a choice.” I continue. A lot of us grew up in homes, schools and churches believing that Lucifer’s false religion was the truth.”

“How did you find out?”

“I went to college and met up with some Christians on campus. At first I didn’t believe them, but as I began reading the Bible for myself, I began to see the truth in God’s Word.”

“With that way of thinking, I’m taking it you’re not very popular in the Legion-”

“I’m not. But I didn’t give my life to Christ to win anyone’s favor. God doesn’t want any soul to perish. Not even a demon’s.”

E’steem’s eyes light up after I say that. “Wow. You’re really passionate about your cause-”

“I just want the members of the Legion to know they have a choice. And that no matter how much they’ve sinned in their lives God will forgive them and allow them to receive His gift of Salvation.”

“What can I do to help out?”

“I was hoping you could come and speak at one of our meetings. Someone with your reputation would have a tremendous impact on our cause.”

“You must not have read The Deadly Dish. My reputation in the realm of Hell is pretty much finished-”

“Not exactly. Many demons still hold you in high regard. And they’d still be eager to listen to you-”

“You must not have seen the pantsed picture of me in that article-”

“I have to say you do have nice legs.”

A playful chuckle surprises me. “I’d have to say the best part of me is up here.” She jokes pointing at her face.

From the curious look on her face she seems interested. I’ll try to close the deal. “So would you be willing to come to our meeting this evening?”

E’steem looks down at the flyer for the address then smiles as she looks up at me. “I think I can make it tonight. Just let me check with my boss.”

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