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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shawn and the Charge of Homosexuality

When someone doesn’t understand someone, they try to kill them. Or if they can’t lay hands on them they just call them gay.

 Over the last 28 years I’ve had to deal with both of these scenarios. But in this blog I’ll deal with the Charge of Homosexuality that some people like to post in the comments section.

People have been calling me gay since I was 12 years old. And the reason why they call me gay is not because I expressed an interest in men, it’s because they didn’t understand me.

When someone like myself presents an image of Black manhood different than the stereotypes of what is considered the status quo people try to devalue that person in an attempt to deal with their feelings of inadequacy. In my case, I believe people just can’t deal with the idea that there is a Black man who presents an intelligent viewpoint on topics in these written blogs based on fact.

The Charge of Homosexuality is what insecure people use when they can’t refute the points in an argument. Unable to challenge the points presented in the blog they come out with the charge of homosexuality, an ad-hominem attack meant to keep people from focusing on the fact that all the points I presented were correct.

The point of the charge of Homosexuality is to bring the debate into the sewer where the commenter lives. Unable to deal with the fact that the debate is on another level beyond their limited comprehension, they want the discussion to devolve into name-calling and insults so they can go into victim mode and set me up for their shaming language. Once they get the conversation to devolve, they can come in with the charges of misogyny, racism, sexism, and take the debate off topic. Or get me to stop talking about the issue presented in the blog.

As I stated before I’ve been dealing with individuals like this since I was 12 years old. So I have a lot of experience with them.

Now for the record I am a very openly Heterosexual Black man. But because I present the image of Black man who is intelligent, has self-discipline and self-control, people can’t understand this.

So out come the charges of homosexuality. Just like Junior high school and High school kids. Some of these commenters reminded me of many of the bullies I had to deal with in the IS 148 schoolyard and the Park West cafeteria.

As a grown man I’ve outgrown the phase of my life where I believe I need to prove my sexual orientation to people. Because at this point in my life I know that’s the Classic Mangina paradox trap, a place where any answer I give will be wrong. If I say I like such and such woman, these same people will be calling me a sex fiend and a pervert for expressing a sexual interest in a woman. As I stated before, the goal of these attacks is not to discuss a person’s sexual interests, but to set a target up for their shaming language and bring the person into the sewer where they operate.

Again, I’ve run into this before. At school and on jobs. It’s a sign of people’s insecurity, not mine. Some of these people I’ve run into were so offended about being in my presence they turned the charge of Homosexuality into the Charge of Bestiality and two people even turned that into the charge of being a rapist.

Again, trying to take me into the sewer because they couldn’t relate to me, my presence or what I was bringing to table.  So they sought to turn me into a Black boogeyman they could discredit and destroy.

Am I heterosexual? Yes. Am I attracted to women? Yes. Am I attracted to Black women? Yes. Does it have any merits to the topics I write about and the arguments I present? No. My mission with these blogs is to promote books, showcase my writing style and present an intelligent viewpoint on a subject. Let’s keep the discussion on the high ground.