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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Some people take the Internets WAY too Seriously.

Some people take the Internets WAY too seriously.

I was reading the comments section and hearing some of the emotional responses I get from some people makes me wonder what’s wrong with some people.

Just recently I got this response in the Why Real men Avoid single mothers blog:

Shawn, You are just a woman hating moron! You say mangina and pussy as if a vaginas and pussies are bad things. You obviously hate women. I'LL BET YOUR MOTHER WAS A SINGLE MOM AND IT IS CLEAR FROM ALL OF YOUR RANTS THAT YOU HATE(D) HER. Just chill you idiot and let people be. ----- by a 52 year old white male who is tired of you trying to overcompensate for your obvious inadequacies, insecurities and hatred

This was supposedly from a 52-year-old man. 52. Now I could understand this kind of emotion from a twentysomething woman. But a grown man older than I am? Getting emotional over something someone wrote on a webpage?

Damn. Just Damn.

Tamera Mowry-Housely gets extra extra salty tears from the internets trolls. For me it’s just another day at the office. That’s why I’m here to give everyone some advice.

People, it’s the internets. It ain’t that serious. If you don’t like what you’ve read just click out of the page. Or if you’re on YouTube stop watching the video. Don’t subscribe. Don’t follow. If you see this person has views that you don’t agree with, chances are they’re going to produce more content you don’t like.

Now I know what many of my facebook friends and owners of YouTube channels like Tommy Sotomayor, The Iceman and JiaIreland go through on a daily basis. People hear something they don’t like and get bent out of shape. Words on a webpage get them that upset.

Like this commenter on the Why 70 Percent of Black women are single Blog:

Shawn you are disgusting. This sorry excuse of an article or analysis of yours should be banned from the virtual world in it's entirety! The current status of black women being single is far more complex than this bias and negative trivia that you are projecting. You are propelling appalling stereotypes of black women that are unfounded. I am a black woman and I know many black women who to the contrary of your nonsense are physically active, keen to try new things, supportive, intelligent, ,inspirational and non materialistic. Quite obviously you have some emotional drama and or issues that you haven't dealt with that inform your delirious opinions. Find peace and find God! You should be ashamed and embarrassed. Anyone who agrees with you is as ignorant as you obviously are. 

Wow. Just wow. I should be banned from the Internet? For having an opinion. I thought we had Freedom of speech here in AmeriKKKa. I so wish I could show Tamera Mowry that one.

Again, it’s a helluva lot easier to click out of the page. But what do people do when offended? They share the webpage with others.

Or they write little digs about the blog on their own page. The ultimate online BITCH move. Too afraid to have it out in the comments section these cowards go to a message board o their own website so they can have strength in numbers for their personal attacks.

Then there are those who get so upset with what they read in an article they go into ad-hominem attacks. Like this commenter on the article Beware the Washed up Black Woman:

I like Shawn. He has outed himself as a closeted homosexual over and over. Notice the drawings of white women DL men love to floss ww? Notice he hasn't been in an relationship for 25 years Notice he doesnt big up BW but doesn't come out and say, exactly, what sort of women he desires. Closeted gay men are very creative but Shawn really. Come on out, mane. You'd most certainly sell more "books".

Damn. Just Damn.Again, I wish I could show Tamera Mowry a day at my office.

I thought I was back in the schoolyard of IS 148 Junior High or in the Gym class at Park west back in 1988 when I read this one. The Charge of Homosexuality. When you can’t refute the argument presented in the article just call someone gay. And follow it up with shaming language talking about how I don’t talk about the woman I desire. Classic deflection.

None of this has anything to do with the points I presented in the piece. Just plain old emotional reaction because they didn’t like what they read. Also note the swipe at my quote-unquote “books” at the end
After 28 years of actually getting my feelings hurt about attacks like this, I had a good laugh at this one. I love how people have to bring my sexual orientation into an argument where it has no bearing on the topic.

Again, easier to click out of the article, but people come back for more. Unless I post up a sample chapter of a book. Then it's a ghost town around here.

Over the last five years I’ve grown a thick skin dealing with trolls in the comments section. Only one time did I delete a piece (Why Real Men avoid Single mothers Part 2) because trolls had hijacked the page and took it off topic.

Seriously people words on a page can’t hurt you. That’s all they are. Words. Someone’s opinion. And the web is filled with the opinions of billions of people. It was designed to be a place for people’s opinions. If you don’t like what someone is saying, click out of it and move on. Life is too short to be coming back to a webpage you just don’t like. Again, this is America, and in America we have the right to free speech. If you don’t like what someone is saying on their page, all you have to do is go to one of the other three trillion pages here on this information superhighway.

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  1. Right! If you don't like the heat get outta the kitchen, that simple!