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Monday, February 17, 2014

Keeping The Lights on at SJS DIRECT

I wanted to take a moment to say Thank you to the folks at out in Atlanta for sending me a donation of 25.00 in December. I really appreciate it.  

With the support of this donation, I’ll be able to keep the paperback editions of All About Marilyn and The Temptation of John Haynes in print at Lightning Source for 2014.

These are great books and I’m urging readers to please pick up a copy for themselves or their friends. All About Marilyn is a critically acclaimed screenplay detailing the struggle Black actresses encounter in Hollywood. It’s a book readers all over the world have enjoyed.

The Temptation of John Haynes is one of my best novels. Critically acclaimed by book clubs and readers, Temptation is an action packed African-American fantasy fiction story it features a compelling storyline and rich multidimensional characters. Some readers have reported finishing the story in two days!

I thank God for the opportunity to keep the lights on at the SJS DIRECT imprint for another year. I want to keep this company running but I can only do that with the support of readers. Every dollar I get from a book sale or a is reinvested into writing and publishing more books Donations to the Blog are reinvested into business operations such as maintaining my Lightning Source catalog or special projects like hiring artists for covers.

I’m doing my best to do what God told me to do and keep going in spite of my financial issues. I’m planning on doing a fundraising campaign to get funds to hire an artist to do the next Isis series cover. I want to hire a really great artist to draw this concept in my head and I think I’ll need $500 to hire an artist to do a color cover, pencil and inks with two figures for the eBook and the paperback and maybe a few inserts for both. So if you want to drop a donation in the paypal box, it’d be a great help. 

My mission is to continue providing readers with positive stories about the African-American experience. I want to keep sharing my stories with readers, but I can only do it with their support. Tell your friends and family about my books and eBooks. Give them to your family and friends.

 To all my readers I say thank you for helping me by supporting my work. It’s  kept me going these last five years and your support has helped me make progress in spite of my struggles. 

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