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Friday, December 6, 2013


If you live in a Black neighborhood, You probably see these guys running around your community. They carry red, black and green flags. They have made up Pseudoafrocentric names like Abib Hannibal Shabazz and Jamal Malik Brown. They wear knit hats, afros and natural hairstyles while spouting pro-Black slogans from long dead Black leaders and revolutionaries they know next to nothing about.

Who are these people? THE AFROSIMPTRICKS.

What is an AFROSIMPTRICK? An AFROSIMPTRICK is a Black person who talks Black but sleeps White. If one examines and dissects the AFROSIMPTRICK they’ll soon see that he or she is a complete FRAUD. Underneath that Made in Taiwan Caftan or dashiki, is a person who is a bigger sellout than Uncle Ruckus, Halle Berry and OJ Simpson combined.

The AFROSIMPTRICK male is nothing more than a SIMP who dresses up in Afrocentic attire hoping that by appearing to be pro-black and conscious he’ll get the attention of women.

These AFROSIMPTRICK males about being strong Black men, but on further examination one will see their behavior is just like the single mother who raised them. When one listens to the AFROSIMPTRICK they soon see that he acts and talks like a WOMAN. In his emotional street sermons he rarely uses facts to reinforce his arguments. And when people disagree with him he uses shaming language to make them feel bad about having their point of view. His whole goal is to make people submit to his religious bullying so that he can hustle them out of their money.

To run his games he’ll misinterpret verses from both the Christian Holy Bible and the Muslim Holy Quran to make it look like he’s a holy man or a well-versed person in the “true” Black religion. With most people, especially women not willing to question his flawed ideologies, the AFROSIMPTRICK uses his position as a Pro-Black righteous religious man as the fast track to shaming nonblack women into his bed.

White girls and Asian girls are the most likely to fall for his shame and blame game. Yeah, he’ll run his game with Black women if he can. But his ultimate goal is getting White girls and other nonblack girls to feel sorry for the 400 years of “oppression” and how much it’s hurt him.

Even though he was born in WAY after 1964.

And as soon after he tells them about his oppression by the White man and his discriminatory system, he tells them they can make reparations to directly him.  By dropping their panties and opening their wallets. That’s right, the AFROSIMPTRICK is usually the first one to have a White or nonblack woman in his bed.

But when he sees other non-Afrocentric Black men with nonblack women on their arms, he’s the first to launch into emotional attacks filled with shaming language. Calling these men sellouts, Uncle Toms for not supporting and protecting the “Black Queens” of the community.

The irony is that he’s not out to protect the queens either. He could care less about Black women. Unless they’re taking care of him.

Sure, the AFROSIMPTRICK may work, but he does not or pay bills with his money. No, he uses his Afrocentric gimmick to trick some woman into taking care of him. That’s right, the AFROSIMPTRICK is more likely to be living in some womans’ house than have his own spot. Again, this is how he gets “Reparations for the oppression of his ancestors”.

Or he tells a woman “it’s the Queen’s job to serve the King and to take care of him.” He’ll run this Classic shaming language on a woman while he’s sitting on her sofa wearing True Religion jeans, Air Jordan sneakers and playing his XBOX or Playstation that she paid for.

Again, when one looks under the made in Taiwan Dashiki or the Made in China caftan of this Militant Mama's boy, they soon see that this Pseudo-Afrocentric’s actions don’t match his rhetoric. AFROSIMPTRICKS are the last to shop at Black-owned businesses. He’s the last to work towards building a real business in the Black community. Sure he’ll hustle Quorans and Pseudoafrocentric literature on a table, but that’s all part of his game. He needs these books to reinforce his con on nonblack women.  

AFROSIMPTRICKS are the biggest frauds in the Black community. They talk about being strong Black brothers, but in reality are nothing more than the same Bitch-Made dudes from female headed households. They’re not looking to build a strong Black community, but a woman to take care of them just like their mothers. These pussy beggars aren’t leaders, they’re just followers looking for a woman’s skirt to hide under. For all their talk about being oppressed by a White Man, they sure enjoy receiving the benefits they get from living under the White women they have relationships with.

In Part II I will discuss the other part of the AFROSIMPTRICK game, these dusty boho herbal tea sippin Black chicks who talk about how much the Black man rocks but fiend for White Cock.  

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