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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Black women Pray to God for a Man but Don't WORK ON THEIR FAITH

80 percent of Black women say they are Christians.

72 percent of Black women have children out of wedlock.

Yet many Black women say they pray for God to send them a good man. If they only looked in the mirror they’d see why they don’t have one.

God has oftentimes answered the Black Woman’s prayers. But the only person keeping her from receiving her blessing is the Black woman herself.

Black women often practice religion whenever it’s convenient for them, but don’t take the time to pursue a full relationship with God on His terms.

The Black woman will say she’s a Christian but not follow the tenets of the very Bible she reads. For example, the Bible says Fornication is a sin.

Yet 72 percent of babies are born out of wedlock to the 70 percent of single Christian Black women who claim they pray to God for a “good” man.

Where's the faith in God?

God can’t bless those who don’t follow His Word. Basic logic.

You can’t get a “good” man if you are not “good” yourself. Like attracts like, and in a lot of cases Black women oftentimes wind up attracting the mirror image of themselves because they insist on doing things their way and not trusting in God.

Black women can't find a good man because they have no relationship with the man that's the most important in their lives next to their fathers: GOD. And because they have no relationship with God, they can't find a good man.

In a lot of cases God will send a Black woman a good man. Only Black women don’t want him. They want who the religion of White Jesus has established as their ideal Black man. Brainwashed by Madison Avenue and Hollywood is looking for Denzel Washington, Shemar Moore, and the brotha on the S-Curl Box. Fantasy images of Celebrities and millionaires.

And while she pursues these false gods she ignores all the good decent Black men in her own community. Men who are right for her. Real Men made in God’s own image. Men ready to lead their communities under God’s authority.

But Black women are so busy chasing an ideal from her false gods White Jesus and White Feminism, that they overlook the numerous Real Black men out here. Good Brothers with jobs, businesses and the ability to be strong fathers.

Confused by the false doctrine of White feminism, Black women don’t want these men. No, in their attempt to circumvent God’s natural order they’ll drive these men away.

Why? Because the White feminists told her SHE had to be the leader instead of FOLLOWING the lead of the man God sent for her to work with.

The Black woman prays to The  Living God to help her, but continues to try to reconcile false doctrines of White Jesus and feminism with the Word of God. Putting a square peg into a round hole. The textbook definition of insanity.

The first commandment of the Ten Commandments says Thou shalt have no other Gods before God. But the Black woman Puts White Jesus and the doctrine of White Feminism FIRST before God.

God’s natural order is that men lead women and women follow men . But in today’s world Black women are taught that Women lead and men follow. And since no man can circumvent God’s natural order, these women wind up single and miserable.

Full of hubris, The Black woman believes she can do better than God’s natural order. It’s this arrogant way of thinking that the Black woman can’t hold out on God for better.

Sometimes God wants Black women to wait. Sometimes Black women just aren’t ready for marriage. Sure, they may have money, education and material success, but on the inside they’re not emotionally mature enough or spiritually strong enough to handle a relationship with a man.

And while she’s waiting, He’s trying to work things out in her life to get her to that point where she’s spiritually mature enough where she’ll be ready for a relationship with a man that’s right for her.

But because the Black woman is greedy and impatient, she has to have her relationships on her terms. She doesn’t want to wait for God. No, she wants it NOW.

And this is why she winds up with the Pookies, the Ray-Rays, the Shaheems and the Thugs, dope dealers and the bad boys. Stranded in the Dusty Negro pool with four kids by three different dudes. Stranded in a HELL where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth from her illegitimate kids and that baby daddy and his drama.

And like the five foolish virgins who weren’t prepared for the bridegroom because they forgot to take oil with them, she misses out on the good man God has ready to receive her. He passes her by when he sees her with four kids by three dudes or brainwashed by the false doctrines of White Jesus.

In order for God to facilitate and provide us with what’s right for us, we need to be in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately, most Black women get sidetracked and distracted by Madison Avenue and Hollywood before God can bless them.

God has a plan for Black women. He wants the very best for Black women. But it’s oftentimes Black women who get in God’s way and prevent him from blessing them with the man who is the right leader for them. Black women need to stop listening to the false doctrines of Feminism and White Jesus and start listening to the true Word of God. Once they get their relationship with God right, He’ll send them the man that’s right for them, and they’ll find him. 


  1. We are God! In reality black women dont need males to survive and it has been proven over and over! Under certain conditions we are able to create life asexually. (No intercourse needed) Christianity was used as a scare tactic to keep us quiet and subordinate to a race of people that are inferior to us. The black woman is God!


    Good Gravy.

    Human beings can create life asexually? Someone rides a short yellow bus. Damn. Just Damn.

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