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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chinese SIMP Kills Himself Because His Girlfriend Wanted to Shop Till She Dropped

I was reading online about the Chinese man who killed himself after enduring his girlfriend's five-hour shopping spree. According to the article, she wanted to keep shopping for shoes. So he threw all the merchandise over the seventh floor railing and then threw himself over killing himself instantly.

It’s clear to me that along with the credit cards in her purse she also had his testicles in there too.

What happened in that mall in China was a clear case of a “Nice Guy” who had no idea on how to deal with a woman. He was probably the kind of guy who put this woman on a pedestal and worshipped her. To keep her happy, he probably bought her anything she wanted and never said NO to her.

Seriously, what man would stay in a mall with a woman for five hours straight? Most guys will plan out with a woman how many stores they were going to and how long they were staying before heading out the door and make her stick to that schedule.

And when she said one more store, a Real Man would have walked away from her and let her keep shopping. Then after she took a cab home from shopping till she dropped he would have dropped her. Because a woman who can’t respect her man’s feelings has no respect for him.

Better yet, he just wouldn’t have gone shopping with her at all. If she’s got her own job, she and her girlfriends can go shopping together. They can spend all day running around in malls trying on clothes and buying things. Most trips to the mall with a woman are usually five to six hours long. This is why a man tells her to go with her girlfriends. Most men just don’t have the patience to put up with females and their indecisiveness when they’re in the mall shopping. Some women will take as long as twenty to forty minutes just to choose between a white bra and a bone colored one or if it’s a Playtex or a Warner’s. Then they’ll take an hour to choose between six different pairs of heels after trying them on.

That’s no place for a Real Man.

This Chinese man who killed himself clearly was a “Nice Guy”/SIMP to me. All the signs in this case point to a man with limited social skills. A man who couldn’t set boundaries with a woman. A man who let a woman walk all over him like a doormat. A man who couldn’t say NO to a woman.

This man probably was simmering and boiling in frustration quietly for years like most “Nice Guys” and SIMPS do. And when his wife got belligerent with him in public, he finally exploded in an outburst of angry violence. First by ranting emotionally and throwing the merchandise seven stories down, then by killing himself.

If only he had an intervention by Real Men, he could have learned how to solve his problem without going to extremes.

Now a man who knew how to deal with women would have just left her with all those bags and walked away from her after she said “one more store”. Again, if she likes to shop till she drops, then it’s time to drop the woman. Clearly, this woman is a gold digger who values the things she gets from a man rather than the company of that man. To be that insensitive and inconsiderate of his feelings shows how narcissistic and cruel she is.

But again, most men who have experience with women would have just told her to go with her girlfriends. Some activities are guy activities and others are girl activities. Things members of the opposite sex do to bond with the members of their gender. Places no man should be at all.

Part of boundary setting for a man is saying the word NO. Saying NO will not break a woman into a million pieces. Saying NO is a healthy part of establishing boundaries for a relationship. It means that a man is saying what he won’t tolerate from a woman.

And women who respect us will listen the first time when we say NO to them. Too many “Nice Guys”, SIMPS and Manginas think saying NO to a woman is akin to cursing them out.

When it’s exactly what they want to hear.

Most women find it sexy when a man says NO. It shows a man has a backbone and testicles. It shows he has a healthy sense of self-worth. That he values himself enough to say that his boundaries will not be broken and the intangible line in the sand he established will not be crossed. When a man shows that he sees himself as valuable, then that woman will see him as valuable too.

I’m truly sorry for the loss of this poor fellow in China. My condolences go to him and his family. But I believe there’s a lesson here for men all over the world to learn from his death. Don’t be afraid to say NO to a woman. And if she doesn’t respect you saying no to her, then It’s okay to walk away from her. Because a man should never sacrifice his personal power just to be in a relationship. You have a right to be happy too! 

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