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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Merry Christmas readers! This year's Holiday  photo features Black Superheroes! Can you name them all?

Merry Christmas  Readers! For Christmas I'll be offering Three FREE titles on Kindle:

E'steem: Demons Anonymous

Bad girl gone good! Good girl needs help! Approached by the handsome rogue demon Claudius, E'steem is asked to speak at Demons Anonymous, his support group for demons who have left Lucifer's Legion. But when Lucifer and D'lilah learn about her plans to speak to his demons about Christ they plan to crash the party and crucify Claudius. Can Hell's former harbinger save Claudius' soul from the wrath of their former lord?

*Due to a glitch(Shawn not checking the dates on theschedule) E'steem: Demons Anonymous will actually be FREE December 26th and 27th.) Sorry for the inconvenience.

Isis: My Sister, My Frenemy

Frenemies! Things come to a head as Isis tells her estranged sister E’steem she still doesn't trust her. But when E’steem is kidnapped by the demon D’lilah, Isis realizes that she has to move past the frenemy zone to save her former arch-enemy from a fate worse than death.

&All About Nikki- The Sensational Second Season Volume 1Six months after moving to Los Angeles sixteen-year-old Nikki Desmond is adjusting to life on the west coast. As she starts a new semester at Beverly Hills High School, she’s resolving to make changes to overcome her surly racist and rude behavior. In the screenplays of the first seven episodes of the Sensational Second Season of this teen sitcom, Nikki tries to navigate the Beverly Hills High social scene with a combination of tough love, humor and life lessons.

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