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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Al Sharpton’s Customer Bill of Rights is a Bill of Sale

 Al Sharpton and Macy*s, Barneys and several High-end retailers here in New York City are rolling out a Customer Bill of Rights.

You may as well call it a Bill of sale. Because no one in management at any of these retailers is going to enforce these policies.

Shawn sees the smokescreen behind this con. And he’s urging Black customers not to fall for the game being played on them by the Civil Rights dinosaurs colluding with these high end retailers.

This Customer Bill of Rights touted by Al Sharpton is nothing more than a superficial publicity stunt meant to pacify the Negro masses. A band aid that does nothing to address bullet wound of the issue of shopping while Black. Something that makes Black people feel safe about shopping at nonblack retailers.

The strongest statement Black people could have made this Holiday season in the aftermath of the Barneys and Macy*s incidents would be to stop shopping at these retailers and start participating in Group Economics. If Black people would just take their money to a Black-Owned business like mine they’d be making a powerful political statement against shopping While Black.

These retailers clearly don’t value Black dollars. So it makes no sense to continue spending them there. That money would better spent invested in Black-owned businesses and helping them become more competitive.

Every dollar spent with a Black-owned business like mineallows those businesses to expand their resources. To create new products. And to hire other Black people. Keeping money in the Black community to help other Black people.

Black folks, we have $1.1 trillion dollars in spending power and we use that money to enrich everyone but Black people. And Since 1964 we’ve gone out every year and spent money with everyone but other Black businesspeople.

Financing our own continuing high poverty and unemployment rates.

Black folks, all these Civil Rights dinosaurs want to do is keep you shopping at nonblack retailers who continue to suck the life out of the Black community because they get rich off racism. As long as the Civil Rights Dinosaurs can shame nonblack people with their race card, they can make money by exploiting Black people.  

Thanks to the failed integrated economic policies of 1964, 97 percent of Black dollars pay for Jews, Whites, Arabs, Hispanics and Asians to live a middle class lifestyle today. And While people like Kayla Phillips and Trayon Christian are buying $350 belts and $2500 shopping bags from retailers like Barneys all we’re doing is paying for those people to send their kids to the best schools and the best colleges in the world.

While Black kids continue to fail in crumbling public schools where 75 percent drop out of high school. Again, investing in the continuing unemployment of the Black community.

Sure the Civil Rights dinosaurs like Al Sharpton benefit from a publicity stunt like the Customer Bill of Rights. They get a little free press, and maybe a donation from those retailers under the table. But while the Black community sings “We Shall Overcome” and begs for the privilege to shop with nonblack businesses like Barneys, Black people continue to remain the poorest people in America 50 years after all the social programs and the trillions of dollars poured into Black communities all across the country.

Clearly the problem with Black people today seems to be more psychological than anything else. When you have to BEG someone to buy their merchandise, with money you WORKED for and EARNED, that speaks volumes about one’s self worth. I’d like to think Black people would value their dignity and self-respect more than $350 belts, $1100 watches and $2500 purses made by nonblack people who don’t give a shit about them and don’t want them wearing their merchandise.

Until Black people begin practicing Group Economics and start supporting each other’s businesses we’ll never be able to truly have any say in the business policies of America. Economic power is how you gain political power. And the only way to truly stop racial profiling in stores is to have the money to buy a seat at the table and make sure the laws are written in a way that benefits Black people.

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  1. After Macy's response to the idea of getting rid of Donald Trump no Black person should want to be caught dead at Macy's. We have bigger issues to deal with than whatever it is Rev Al wants to march on.