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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shawn a Misogynist? I don’t think so.

Some who read my blogs think I’m a misogynist.

That’s the furthest thing from the truth.

If I hated women, why would I write a book like The Thetas that provides one of the most positive pictures of Black female life. A book acclaimed and praised by women fpr presenting a fair and balanced picture of womanhood. A book that  is on its way to becoming one of my more popular novels.

If I hated women why would I write a book like All AboutMarilyn which shows women how actresses are treated by the entertainment industry. Another book that’s also acclaimed and praised by women all over the world.

If I hated women why would I write All About Nikki, a sitcom featuring a Black FEMALE lead.  That series of books has proven popular all over the world and presents Black women in a positive light to

Moreover, if I hated Black women why would I be going out of my way to begin work on a Kickstarter to get a pilot for an All About Nikki produced?

If I hated women why would I write a book like A Recipe For$ucce$$ which features a Black female lead and teaches Black women how to move ahead in the business world?

If I hated women why would I write Tween/Teen./Young adult  books like theIsis series which feature Black female heroine and is designed to give little Black girls the Heroine who looks like them, and has hair their natural texture and teaches them about their history and their culture.

If one looks at my record they’ll see I care very much about women, especially Black women. But there’s a small contingent of women out there who want to call me a misogynist. They’re upset because I write blogs calling out Women’s reckless, irresponsible, immoral, reprehensible, and egregious behavior.

Now in some of my blogs I am critical of women, especially Black women. But the reason why I am so critical of women is because I care about them.

The Black woman is the transmitter of culture in the Black community. And when the Black woman is immoral and participating in irresponsible behavior like having random sex with any old male, having illegitimate babies by random men, and participating in acts of violence like street fighting, the culture of Black people is being poisoned.

And when the culture of a people is poisoned, the children of those women learn a culture that harms not only them, but the next generation of children. This is why we have boys who are effeminate, and girls who think the are masculine. This is why we have boys who think that sodomy is a heterosexual act and girls who think babies come out of their backs. Black culture is dysfunctional because the Black woman is lost and confused to what her identity is in America.

Brainwashed by the ideologies of Lesbian White Feminists and White Liberals 40 years ago, Today’s Black woman believes that she can lead herself. But under her incompetent leadership, the Black community is falling deeper and deeper into a ditch. As she continues to try to make the dysfunctional ideologies of White Supremacy and feminism with work with God’s natural order that rejects these ideas, the Black race continues to move backwards instead of going forward.

Some call this Putting the square peg in the round hole. Doing the exact same things and expecting a different result. The textbook definition of Insanity. 

And as she transmitting the dysfunctional ideologies taught to her by her White Liberals and white feminists to the next generation, they grow up lost and confused too.

If I didn’t care about women, especially Black women I’d remain silent. I’d just sit back and write books and blogs that pandered to women and soothed their egoes and make a stack of money off their pain. I’d just sit there and entertain Black women by telling them how great they are, and how nothing is her fault. Take their money and tell them what they wanted to hear instead of what they needed to know.

Books like the ridiculous Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man By Steve Harvey. Movies like those made by Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels. TV shows like Shondra Rhimes’ Scandal. Prosperity sermons like those preached in the Black Churches. Products that exploit Black women by playing to their emotions. Products that reinforce the idea that Black women believe they are VICTIMS.

But I don’t want to get rich off Black women. I want to enrich their lives.  I want women to start taking responsibility for their actions and start taking responsibility for their behavior and start taking actions that are constructive to them.

That’s why I tell them the truth. And yes, the truth hurts.

But without the truth women can’t start the process of healing.

When I was working at STRIVE 13 years ago with the homeless ex-offenders and drug addicts, I learned that pain is good. And pain is what leads to people growing and making the changes they need to their lives.

Yes, I am blunt. Yes, I am no-nonsense in these blogs. But I know that’s what women need.

Yes, I’ve used words like slut, ho, and side piece in blogs. But I want women to know what you’re being called when they act a certain way. Blogs like What Women don’t know about Being The Side Piece, The Silence of Black Women, Why 70 Percent of Black Women are Single and Why Real Men avoid Single Mothers are meant to show women how the world really sees them.

We’ve had too many men sugarcoating things and not telling women the painful truths they’re going to need to swallow if they’re going to survive in this world.

They think if they lie to women and try to protect them from the hardships of life they’ll get a chance to get laid.

I don’t put vagina on that high a pedestal. I value women from the neck up, not the waist down. Women need to know for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction from the world, and they have when they behave in a reckless, irresponsible, immoral, reprehensible or egregious way they will be held accountable for their actions.

The truth is the people who hate women are the ones who refuse to tell Black women the truth. It’s the Tyler Perrys, the Steve Harveys, the Lee Daniels, The Oprah Winfreys, The Shondra Rhimes, the Church Pastors, Simps and Manginas who pretend to be your friend by giving women a free pass and make excuses for their reckless, irresponsible, immoral, reprehensible or egregious behavior.

These are the misogynists. These are the men and women who hate women.

It’s their enabling that allows women to remain in a state of poverty and misery. And they want women to remain in this state. Exploiting Black women’s pain is a $1.1 trillion dollar business.

The truth in my blogs is bad for business of these hucksters. They can’t sell their snake-oil in the forms of books, movies, DVDs, seminars and sermons. 

Now I sell Books too. But those sales aren’t as important to me as seeing Black women grow to become better women and making efforts to teach the lessons they learn to their children so they can become better people.

Some of the women who read my blogs may think I’m a bitter misogynist. But that’s the furthest thing from the truth. People who truly love us tell us the truth. They don’t sugarcoat things. Because they know while what they say may hurt today, tomorrow that person can finally start the healing process and go on to being a better person.



  1. I would like to give you props, your blog is the truth. I would like to ask you, what's your view on woman that say "God will send me a good man"? I think that should be a subject you should touch. Thanks and keep spitting that hot fire.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

    I may touch on the subject of Black women who ask for God to send them a good man next week.

  3. Thanks and I appreciate that. Reason why I ask is because i hear a lot of woman saying god will send them a good man. To me that's like me saying I'm going to hit the million dollar jackpot but I never play the lottery. But thanks again and I'll keep my eyes open for that post....

  4. Response blog is up:

  5. Just got finished reading. I salute you, good post you gave me a better insight on this subject. Keep up the good work...

  6. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. I always try to write on a subjuect if a reader requests it.