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Monday, November 11, 2013

The SILENCE of Black Women

On a daily basis some of the most degrading, misogynistic and racist images of Black women are presented in the media. But oddly in the face of all these images presenting Black women in a negative light, there has been an eerie silence from the “Strong Black Sistas” of the Black community.

The Pornographic Website Ghetto Gaggers depicts Black women being humiliated, and degraded by White men. On this site women are called Nigger by White men while being slapped in the face, forced to choke on penises and sit in their own urine. Some of the sex scenes are so violent they’re borderline rape.

But not a PEEP is heard out of Black women.

The video site World Star Hip Hop presents videos of Black women fighting in the street, fighting in fast food places, and shaking their butts on camera in twerk videos. And some videos have presented Black women having sex on camera!

But not a PEEP is heard out of Black women.

Black celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Rihanna behave like porn stars promoting the Jezebel stereotype as the standard for little Black girls to follow.

But not a PEEP is heard out of Black women.

Reality shows like Basketball wives, Love & Hip Hop, Teen Mom, and Real Housewives of Atlanta show Black women as loud, ignorant, foul mouthed and violent litter cable TV. Syndicated Talk shows like Maury, Jeremy Kyle, and Bill Cunningham have turned fat, loud mouthed ignorant Black women fighting over cheating spouses and baby mama drama into a niche market on television.

But not a PEEP is heard out of Black women.

Numerous YouTube Videos and music videos feature scantily clad Black women depicted as from their backsides in twerking videos.

But not a PEEP is heard from Black women.

Film producers Like Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry produce movies that present the Black woman as a victim and a joke.

But there’s not a PEEP heard out of Black women in protest. Instead, sistas have made these men millionaires at the expense of their own dignity and self-respect.

Women like Halle Berry, Mo’ Nique and Octavia Spencer are praised for choosing to star in roles that present the Black woman as a Mammy and a Jezebel, putting a TARNISH on the image of Black women.

But there’s not a PEEP out of Black women in protest. Instead, they praise these women and laud them as pillars of the community.

TV shows like Scandal feature a Black woman settling for less by being a side piece to the President of the United States.

But not a PEEP out of Black women. In fact, Sistas support this program and look forward to it. Many a Black woman clears her schedule to watch another Black woman degraded onscreen.

I find it odd I’ve heard more from Black men about the degradation of Black women in the media than I have from Black women these days. In fact I find it disturbing. Don’t Black women care about their image? Don’t they love themselves? Don’t they care about the numerous negative messages this media is presenting about women who look like them to their daughters?

Or are they comfortable being presented as a mammy and a jezebel to the world? A complete and utter laughingstock among all women.

The last time I actually heard Black women protesting about the degradation of Black women was when rapper Nelly swiped a credit card in a woman’s butt cheeks. And that was close to ten years ago.

But these days Black women are quiet as church mice as some of the most degrading, misogynistic and racist images of Black women are presented in the media.

I wonder where is the outrage from our numerous “Strong” Black female leaders? Where are those Black feminists who fight so valiantly against misogyny and the oppression of Black men when White Supremacists present them as mammies and Whores?

Seriously, Where is bell hooks? Where is Angela Davis? Where is Alice Walker? Where is Maya Angelou? Where is Oprah Winfrey? Where is Michelle Obama? Where is Queen Latifah? Where are the women of the NAACP? Where are the women of the Nation Of Islam? Where are the Black sororities like AKA? Where are the strong independent Black women who have all these high-powered high paying jobs?

To quote YouTuber David Carroll: Silent as a rat pissin’ on cotton.

I’d think all those strong independent sistas would be out in FORCE to protest their own degradation by the White Supremacist AmeriKKKan media. I think they’d be the ones speaking out about all the repackaging of the Jezebel and mammy stereotypes in all the media these days. According to these organizations, the Black woman is a leader and supposed to be a “goddess” and a “queen” that is to be respected.

But by her silence she shows she just follows the status quo.
What queen would be proud of being presented as a White Man’s Whore? How respectable does a Black woman make other Black women look when all she’s showing the world is her backside? And how much character does it show when older Black women don’t take the time to correct those younger women?

Worse, what does it say when those prominent Black women who see this degradation transpiring and they remain silent? And what does it say when Black women like Shondra Rhimes produce degrading content like Scandal?

Outside of a few bloggers like La Reyna and Sharazad Ali, I haven’t heard a thing from most Black women. For the most part it’s been Black men speaking out against all these degrading images of Black women.

Unfortunately, when these decent caring brothas and these responsible sistas make efforts to protect the image of Black womanhood, a small faction of Black women and their Mangina and Simp supporters come out to silence them. Either by flagging their videos on YouTube and having their channels deleted, or, making ad-hominem attacks against them, or by flooding the comments sections of their blogs and articles so others cannot feel comfortable express their opinions. Censorship of the worst kind.

All while the numerous masses of Black women remain silent about how their image is being maligned in the media.

To me, the silence of Black women in the face of all these negative images makes a powerful statement: That it’s okay to degrade and humiliate Black women. That Black women themselves are comfortable with the degradation of themselves and other Black women. Them saying nothing is them saying YES to their own degradation.

Black women have the power to shut down all of this misogyny and degradation of Black women in American media in an instant. As the one who controls the purse strings in the Black community, she could refuse to spend her $1.1. trillion dollars until companies started producing more positive images of African-American women in the media.

But instead she does nothing but go along to get along.

All it takes is for good Black women to say and do nothing for the White Supremacist producers of these degrading images to win. I’m urging all you good sistas out there who have remained silent to start speaking out against these misogynistic and racist depictions of Black women. Because when you’re silent you allow others to speak for you. And when you allow those people to speak for you, they take your power away.

Black woman you’re better than this! Take your dignity and self-respect back! Take control of your image and stop letting others speak for you!


  1. Thank you Shawn James for writing this important essay. Most Black women don't realized that they're targeted against. Think about the recent murder of Renisha McBride by a white man. This should wake Sistas up.


  2. David carroll is a self hating coon period! He wants to be white so bad. Who cares what he thinks! Be a leader not a follower of DAVID CARROLL OR ANYBODY!

  3. S. Baldwin, I've wanted to write this essay for years. It saddens me that Black women have been silent for over a decade while some of the most degrading images of Sistas have been presented in AmeriKKKan media. I have been hoping wishing and praying for Black women to come out and speak out about this decade of degradation but the silence is disturbing.

    To David:

    David Carroll is a brilliant man. If you had critical thinking skills you would understand he cares more about Black people than any of these paid off pimp pastors or Civil Rights leaders.

    I do not follow David Carroll, but I agree with many of his arguments. Tony Brown also makes the same points in his work over 30 years ago. When I read his book he said the exact same things. So does The Iceman. And So does Booker T. Washington. Anyone who thinks logically can understand the points of these men. As a leader of self, I use points from others to reinforce my arguments. That's what research is about. The David Carroll quote was used to describe civil Rights organizatioins, and I used it to describe Black female civil rights organizations.

    Your attempt to deflect from the argument with an ad-hominem attack on Mr. Carroll shows you didn't read the blog or the arguments presented in it, but got emotional when you saw his name.

    Anonymous, how am I homophobic? I said nothing about gays in this piece.

  4. @ s baldwin

    So Black men don't murder white women too?? Should this story wake white women up??

    [waits for backpeddling]

  5. I got critical thinking! I also have common sense and a brain! And can think for my self! I don't let people on youtube or the internet brain wash me or think for me! David carroll don't care about black people! He is a white supremacist in black face! I read your blog and I disagree.There's nothing wrong with having stereotypes of black people in the media. The only problem is there needs to be a balance of both stereotype images and non stereotype images.



  8. Good Gravy. The Stupid. it burns!

    Justifying stereotypes? You make no sense. Why would I want to be what a racist expects me to be?

    All stereotype images do is reinforce the idea in racists heads that all Black people can be are Niggers, coons, and bucks.

    You don't see the impact of these stereotypes until you go apply for a job or want to live someplace outside of the ghetto, or go shop somewhere like Barneys like Trayon Christian. Then you come to understand why people want to eradicate them. Maybe when a White boss makes an unwanted advance on you Olivia Pope style you'll realize how they effect the lives of Black people negatively.

    All Caps? Really? Clearly I'm dealing with someone from a female headed household. Or I'm dealing with a Hood rat. I'm not being judgmental. I'm stating the facts about the silent majority of Black women who don't speak out about their own degradation in AmeriKKKan media.

    Y'know by that same token I could make the same argument you make about these movies and TV shows about you coming to this blog. If You don't like the content of this you could go look at kittens, , but you keep coming back here trying to defend coonery and ignorance.

    It seems there is no reasoning with some of you Black folks out here. Yous seem like a bunch of ostriches with your heads in the sand ignoring the people kicking you in the ass.

  9. To Anon,

    If you don't have anything to contribute to this website, then don't come here to start up trouble. You're just an angry white simp who comes to Black websites to start up junk.

    He's talking about the negative portrayal of Black women in the media created by those who look like you and have benefited from them because you want to maintain your false sense of superiority over Black and Brown people.

    I'm not afraid of you and anyone else who would challenge me and Shawn on this topic.


  10. @ anonymous-while it would be easy to not watch those shows-it's not Shawn, who you need to worry about. You need to worry about the folks who do watch that crap and have nothing to counter it.

    What about those folks who live in areas where there is not a large black population? The only images they see are the ones on tv.

    We want to discount the impact of media but how many black males and even females are dead or in jail because of folks thinking what they saw on tv was the true image of blacks?

    If we had a balance of the images-we wouldn't be having this conversation.

  11. To the comment above! Thats called bad parenting!.It's not t.v. & movie executive producers job to be role models. That's the parents job to be a role model to their children. It's the parents job to teach their children to decipher hollywood movies from reality. To decipher fiction make believe not real,from reality....

  12. I'm sorry but that argument won't wash here.

    the producers need to be held accountable for the content they create.

    Over the last 13 years there has been no counter to the stream of negative images poured into the Black community. This content has had an indirect influence on the brotha and the sista on the street.

    And it is the SILENCE of the majority of Single mothers that allow more and more of this content to be produced. They see the negative impact that this FILTH is having on the Black community but not a single sista speaks out about it. In fact, many Black women participate in some of the worst behavior known to man, emulating the trash behavior presented on television, the internet and on film.

    Most of these single moms have no idea what insidious messages are in these films and reality programs. Unless it's shown to these women, they think this dysfunctional behavior is normal.

    If White people can be depicted as responsible and competent in most of their media, why can't Black people demand that standard from our content as well? Since media influences the behavior of children, we should want our kids to be humantypes, not stereotypes.

  13. Like I said it's bad parenting! Common sense, if you don't let your children watch it, they want see it duh! Don't let your kids play with or be around certain people! That's not the producers jobs to be a second Parent to peoples kids! It's not a ipad or a iphone or any electronic device job, to babysit or take care of your kids!Don't have kids if your not going to do your job as a parent!

  14. Great parents don't let the media influence their children thinking! Only parents with bad parenting skills!

  15. According to your logic! Majority of black people are dumb & lack intelligence.Cannot decipher fake not real from reality. Desperately need celebritys, producers to be there handler,& control there future destiny.Cause you so stupid and can't function right,without the help, of a person with power! DO YOU NO HOW STUPID YOU MADE BLACK PEOPLE SOUND! THATS A STEREOTYPE ON IT'S OWN! THAT WE ARE DUMB AND STUPID!

  16. Not all stereotypes about black people are negative. The only ones in my opinion that are negative are the ones that break the law. The ones that are criminial activities. Drug dealer,hooker etc..... If they are not breaking any laws, then it shouldn't matter. Other wise your being judgmental and no different than a racist non black person....

  17. How do yo condone stereotypes?

    So stereotypes about Square milquetoast white dudes are okay, Ching-chong Chinese are okay, Mexicans in sombreros are okay by your logic? Flaming gay stereotypes are okay?
    Stereotypes are BAD because they create a false picture of what people of other races and cultures are. They are usually based on LIES.

    You don't know what a drug dealer looks like. You don't know what a hooker looks like. Some dope dealers wear suits and ties.

    Anyway, that deflection holds no water. Nor does the deflection of saying the parents have to teach the children. No, These White Liberal Media conglomerates need to STOP producing this degrading nonsense.

    I don't produce that content and I refuse to produce that content. In fact, I counter that content with positive images. I understand the damage these stereotype images do to people. I understand how they can con people into believing that this destructive behavior is normal, not dysfuncitonoal.

    But what disturbs me is the silence of Black women. As a MAN I can't sit here and watch something like Ghetto Gaggers and be silent. But Black women remain silent as a rat pissin on cotton.

    Black women need to start speaking out about this degradation of their image. These stereotypes have an impact on the next generation.

  18. @@ Says the Black-woman hater.

  19. All those images are okay. The only problem is theres no balance....

  20. Like I said it's the legal guardian or parents job to take care of there children! If the media have an impact on the next generation, it will because those black parents or legal guardian failed at parenting!!!!!!!!

  21. Like you said in your lee daniels blog. That it's not the local public schools job to be a second parent, & teach black people and there children there history. It's not hollywood film producers job either, to be a second parent. And be role models to people children..

  22. The lengths people go to to justify an illogical argument.

    If those images are okay why aren't they presented in the media. We don't see any big nosed cheap jews, ching chong Chinese in pajamas who work as Houseboys or in Chinese restaraunts and can't pronounce R's and W's anymore. Nor do we see Mexicans wearing Sombreros talking about burritos and coffee. Or gay people in pink with rainbows talking about fashion. Why?

    Because the Asian community and the Jewish and the gay community would Protest if someone presented that media. They'd roast anyone who presented such a stereotype and make sure their media never got on the air by threatening the sponsors of said media with a boycott.

    Only Black people think stereotypes are okay. Which is why we are at the bottom. We have no pride in self and are willing to accept whatever just to be accepted by anyone else. If more Black people threatened to protest this media like the Jews, the Asians, the Mexicans and the gay community these stereotypes wouldn't see the light of day again.

    Hilarious. Call me a Black woman hater.

    What are Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels? What is Shondra Rhimes? All these people have shown more hatred of Black women than I ever have.

    I at least try to present the Black woman in a balanced posiitve light in my fiction and screenplays. The women in my stories are balanced, multidimensional and show strength of character. No woman is a victim in my work and in my stories Black women take responsibility for their lives and make efforts to solve their problems rather than look for someone to solve them for them.

    Those three produce content where a Black woman is nothing more than a victim of a Black man's abuse and a White Man's sexual play thing.They have set the image of the Black woman back to the Antebellum south.

    But I'm the one you call a Black woman hater.

    People who love us tell us the truth.

    People who hate us allow us to continue on in our delusions believing the lies are truth. And the sad thing about Black women is that there are so many enablers in the Black community and in other nonBlack communities that you can't get this Black woman to LISTEN and take that honest look at SELF.

    I've humored these deflections, but the fact of the matter is that Black women need to start speaking out about this media. And if they choose to remain silent they only have themselves to blame for their sorry state of affairs. Sistas, it's your image and if you want people all over the world to look at you as a JOKE, that's on you. All I'm doing is trying to present you with how the rest of the world sees you.

  23. There are gay people on t.v. And movies talking about fashion. Modern family have gay couple on it. Glee have gay people on it and talk about fashion.queer eye for the straight guy gay show and fashion etc...This means war movie had asian in it working at a asian restaurant talking to reese witherspoon character. Brenda song played dumb and stupid in the suite life on disney.

  24. Big nose jewish woody allen and his movies, have shown jewish people in a stereotype way. Majority of his females characters are whores and when or nominated for major awards. big nose jewish actress Scarlett johansson is one of his actresses in his movies. That play stereotype characters and won awards. Woody allen is praised in hollywood for his stereotype jewish characters.

  25. Like I said theres nothing wrong with stereotype characters in hollwood. Even A-List jewish actresses natalie portman, scarlett johansson play stereotype characters, in hollywood. Like I said the only problem with black people is there need to be a balance....

  26. Majority of black people are not in poverty. There for are not at the bottom! Theres 40million black people in america, only 12 percent is in poverty and there for are at the bottom! The other percent which is 28 million black people are not in poverty & not at the bottom......

  27. More Straw Man arguments...

    Woody Allen is reviled. He's a pedophile and a sexual deviant. Most Jews want NOTHING to do with is sick ass. Most people don't want to watch his movies. He's a sociopath.

    Modern family and Glee do not feature stereotype gays. You obviously don't know what a stereotype is.

    Gay stereotypes are some flamboyant man with a moustache wearing pink tights and talking with a lisp.

    Brenda song was not a stereotype Asian. She spoke regular english and was mulit-dimensional. No an Asian stereotype is Charlie Chan movies and Mr. Moto movies. Mickey Rooney's Character in Breakfast at Tiffany's. That's a racist asian stereotype!

    Learn about stereotypes before you talk about them.

    I guarantee you put Charlie Chan or Mr. Moto on and Asian people would go OFF.

  28. Most people don't want to watch woodys A films. I can't hardly tell, recent box office, 2012 To rome with love movie 74million, 2013 blue jasmine 74million, 2011 midnight in paris 150million worldwide. Academy award nods for woody, best director, best screenplay, best screenplay golden globes fool. Allen is much loved he is still relevant.

    1. If this is how you write, I hate to see how you speak.

  29. Stereotypes are not all considered negative. For example positive black stereotypes a few are, blacks can all sing, blacks can all dance, blacks believe in god worship jesus. Positive asian stereotype, all asian can fight martial artists, asian are geniuses, creative geniuses.

  30. There just need to be a balance.

  31. Woody Allen is irrelevant to me. After he sexed up his daughter he was dead to me. The fact that Hollywood celebrates a pedophile does not reinforce your argument. There is no balance when it comes to stereotypes. These ideas give people the wrong picture about Black people. And that hurts you when you are in the minority in a country. Not all people are the same and you can't go by what you see in a stereotype.

  32. Your post is so silly it almost funny, seems to like you just want to feel good about your self. Black women are busy watching the "real" "housewife's" of Atlanta. That in itself is a bigger threat to balck women.
    Black women are busy twerking to music from black men singing and raping about body parts. Hip hop has done more damage to the black woman than what you are talking about.
    The black woman is basking in the glory of the mistakenly pride that has been attached to being a Single mother produce more female children like her self and male children than we never grow up to be men but big male kids that will go forth and and no value whatsoever to society. No, the will just go and further damage as many black women they come across. And where is the black woman, she is still twerking to music that degrades her.
    When NAS releases an album with a title to make the black man and woman think "Hip hop is dead", the snub him, the what to twerk.
    When Cosby tries to talk to us on the damage we the black people are doing to ourselves, we boo him, we want hip hop, we want to watch bravo and BET for "drama" and ignorance.
    What is this? We make our bed with silliness, but do not want to lay on it? We degrade our selves but do not want other races to degrade us? We call ourselves nigger but do not want others to do so?
    Yep, you a silly joke!

  33. Edited...
    Your post is so silly its almost funny, seems to me like you just want to feel good about your self.
    Black women are busy watching the "real" "housewife's" of Atlanta. That in its self is a bigger threat to the black woman.
    Black women are busy twerking to music from black men singing and raping about body parts. Hip hop has done more damage to the black woman than what you are talking about.
    The black woman is basking in the glory of the mistakenly pride that has been attached to being a Single mother. She will produce more female children like her self and male children that will never grow up to be men but big male kids that will go forth and add no value whatsoever to society. No, they will just go and further damage as many black women they come across. And where is the black woman, she is still twerking to music that degrades her.
    When NAS releases an album with a title to make the black man and woman think "Hip hop is dead", the snub him, they what to twerk.
    When Cosby tries to talk to us on the damage we the black people are doing to ourselves, we boo him, we want hip hop, we want to watch bravo and BET for "drama" and ignorance.
    What is this? We make our bed with silliness, but we do not want to lay on it? We degrade our selves but do not want other races to degrade us? We call ourselves nigger but do not want others to do so?
    Yep, you are a silly joke!

    1. I'm guessing you come from a household with only either a mother or a father instead of both at the same time, you're saying arguments that only make sense after downing two or more bottles of alcohol while having a conversation to yourself.

  34. It's amazing how much people squawk and rant/rave about things wrong with the world like sissy men and irritation at low-brow humor, but when it comes to following through with what they want to fix, they're as silent as church-mice.

  35. Alot of these women know what they are getting themselves into. But for a black women to sit there and witness all the cruilty and racist humiliation of black culture that happens on gehttogaggaers and still show up to the studio to do a scene is like saying they don't really care about what black men will think in the future, they don't care that it affects the mind of a white mans first impression on black women once they see her walking down the street, in the store, bar, or club. white man can't act right because of what he seen on ghettogaggers is what he tries to imitate in real life on black women. This white man can secretly be a lawyer, detective, judge, doctor, teacher or regular citizen i mean who knows what type of white man are out there secretly watching ghettogaggers on the low. Black women know what's going on and I've seen it happen in front of me, black women get mad at black men for flirting with them in negative ways but when white men flirt with black women in a negativly way its all laughs and gigles like nothing is wrong. These type of black women will litterlay call themselves boss bitches saying quotes like : we get money, bout that life, I'm independent,niggas ain't shit meanwhile their on ghettogaggers with a bowl of puke poured out on top of their heads smilling like it's cute, getting slapped around, choked and spit on like it's cute. But they call themselves boss bitches though smh. Here is my impression of ghettogaggers: "wassup bitch ready for white cock? get on your fucking knees you dumb whore, open your fucking mouth you fucking idiot, Dude she has a wig on. Dude slam her on the fucking couch Dude, Dude make her swim around in her own vomit like a fucking pig".(excuse the profanity) But this is what some black women consider getting money, this what some black women will rather do for white men because niggas ain't shit and they need money. These women will get mad at a black man if he ever attempted to treat her that way. Meanwhile these same type of black women will consider themselves boss bitches on social media like Instagram and Facebook lmao. Some of these women on ghettogaggers talk about going to college and other professions but could you just image one of them walking in for an interview after they graduate college and the hiring manager says: " wait a minute i've seen you on ghettogaggers befor". Smh! It's a shame it really is a shame black ppl in general are silent about what's going on, specifically black women.

  36. Part 2: I can somewhat blame the music industry and social media because black ppl gravitate to other black ppl. Alot of black women think black men ain't shit because alot of black men talk about guns, drugs, money on social media and alot of black men think black women ain't shit because majority of half naked women on social media are black women shaking their ass. Alot of it came from black music and social media is a way to act out what they hear from the music now all these women wanna be strippers and all these men wanna be dope dealers meanwhile professional white people are making fun of us. The white men now and days are probably thinking: "welp those black women will end up on ghettogaggaers and those black men will end up in jail hip hip haray!". Meanwhile black men are still showing off guns and drugs black women are still fantasizing about stripping and prostituting and I guarantee none of them know any knowledge about ways to get different money like stock markets, real estate, CD banks, auctioning and other liget professional ways that are quick and easy to learn money sources/careers Smh. Instead our brothers and sisters are blind and it really eats up the ones that cares about what's going on in America.

  37. Excellent piece Brotha Shawn. This is my first time reading it... though I've long shared these sentiments.