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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shawn’s thoughts on YouTuber David Carroll

I’m a regular listener to David Carroll on YouTube and A few days ago a commenter of my blog called him a White Supremacist when I used one of his quotes in a blog about the silence of Black women.

Time to deconstruct this argument.

A White Supremacist is someone who believes that White People are superior and Blacks are inferior. They are all about Whites being in authority and other races being subjugated under their authority.

Now I’ve watched all of Mr. Carroll’s videos and he never promotes White Supremacy. What he promotes is Black responsibility. If anything Mr. Carroll holds a mirror to the face of Negroes and holds them accountable for their current dysfunctional and sorry state.

All a person has to do is apply logic and see they cannot refute his arguments about the pathetic condition of the Afro-American Negro. I can personally say in doing all my research on Black culture and Black history over the last 25 years for my novels and screenplays all the points he makes can be documented with facts from numerous sources from Black publications and statistics.

And I can say from living in the Black community over the last 40 years David Carroll is absolutely right. The ongoing legacy of slavery has absolutely nothing to do with the sad state of affairs in the Black community today. From my lessons in a Minority studies class at Taft High school in 1991 and my own twenty-five plus years of research I can tell you that once slavery ended, the Black family was intact and functional. Even during the terrorism that transpired during the Jim Crow period, There was a mother and a father in the home.

It wasn’t until White feminists came to the Black community in the late 1960’s preaching their Lesbian propaganda to Black women and they took it for a religion. It was feminism that led the rise of the Welfare state and the single parent female headed household that led to the current condition of the modern day Afro-American Negro.

This current state of the Afro-American Negro has been the norm for only the last 40 years. And I’ll say most of it has NOTHING to do with White Supremacy. Seriously, how is it after trillions of dollars spent on government programs over the last 40 years to HELP the Negro get to the next level, how is it he is still in poverty with his hat in hand?

How is it after trillions of dollars spent on schools and financial aid for college is the Negro still at the BOTTOM academically with a 75 percent dropout rate that gets higher with each passing year? How is it after 40 years the literacy rate among African-Americans continues to DECLINE?

Why is it after trillions of FEDERAL dollars spent on grants such as the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone and Third Avenue Empowerment Zone here in New York does the Negro own NO BUSINESES in his own communities such as Harlem and the South Bronx?

Why is it that the Negro is getting WORSE instead of getting better with each passing generation?

Seriously, when do we hold this Negro accountable for his own condition?

All the tools for building wealth have been presented to the modern day Afro-American Negro since 1975 and in 2013 he is in a WORSE condition than the newly freed slaves. I believe if the slaves were given the exact same tools as the Afro-American Negro, I guarantee the Black community would have a thriving middle class, a political seat at the table and a rock solid tax base better than Black Wall Street.

But the Afro-American Negro is too busy being a VICTIM and wallowing in self-pity to see the tools in front of him. He keeps waiting for someone to see the extra salty tears in his eyes, feel sorry for him and do things FOR HIM instead of getting up off his dead ass and doing it for HIMSELF.

It’s this victim mindset that prevented the Negro from growing his and her community and collecting some of that $1.1 trillion dollars flowing through it as wealth these past 40 years. While the Negro spends his time crying, whining and pointing his fingers at the White Man blaming him for his sorry state, the White Liberal and his non black friends pretend to be ashamed of the bad behavior of “Evil” conservatives who demand he take responsibility for his actions and toss him a few crumbs in the form of a government program.

And while the Negro is eagerly eating those crumbs from those government programs, The White Liberal and his friends use the very tools in the Black community the Negro cannot see to capitalize on that $1.1. trillion dollars in Black spending power for themselves.

I dare to go further than Mr. Carroll and say this co-dependency on the White Liberal is what keeps the Negro from actualizing his potential and achieving economic and political power in America. For as long as he has the White Liberal to blame for his pathetic condition, He can shame him into giving him some scraps on the table in the form of a government program instead of getting up off his dead ass to buy his own cake or better yet learning the recipe for to making his own cake and selling it to the masses of Negroes in his own community.

This co-dependency on the White Liberal is why gentrification is happening in Black neighborhoods. This is why Koreans control the Black hair care market. It’s why Lebanese and Arabs run all the grocery stores, Hispanics run the supermarkets, and Dominicans run the barber shops in Black neighborhoods. This is why corporate chain stores can come into Black neighborhoods and build successful businesses.

All while the Negro remains in a perpetual state of poverty. Giving his money to the very people who “oppress” him. Hoping wishing and praying for a job from a White Liberal after he graduates a government training program given to him by White Liberals.

Not understanding that if he just stopped spending his money there and gave it to Black merchants he’d be richer for the experience.

The Negro in his victimized mindset REFUSES to see the tools in front of him because he has NO VISION and IMAGINATION. Like a SLAVE he only sees, WHAT IS, not WHAT COULD BE. He does what he’s TOLD because he has no critical thinking skills or reasoning skills. He can’t break down facts, or put things together in a sequence. He is a blind, dumb consumer without the creativity to think of producing anything of value.

If David Carroll is a White Supremacist for thinking that way then I guess they can call me the same thing. I’ve written on many of the exact same points in my blogs.

And I learned all about these same points at STRIVE 13 years ago. And before that watching Tony Brown’s Journal on PBS in the 1990’s. He too, presented similar arguments to Negroes on his program which focused on Black empowerment and Black personal responsibility.

Like Booker T. Washington, Claude Brown, Tony Brown, Dr. Claude Anderson, and myself, David Carroll insists that Black people stop looking to the government and start looking to SELF for their sustenance. They all insist that Black people start taking responsibility for themselves. And they demand that we Black people start investing in their own communities FIRST. The tools for building a the Black community into an economic and political powerhouse are right here in the Black community. We just have to have the vision to see them and use them.

I’m glad to see Mr. Carroll holding a mirror to the face of the Afro-American Negro showing him the horrible truth about himself. And I hope he continues to do so. Because if the Negro doesn’t like what they see about themselves, then maybe they’ll make an effort to finally change what’s reflected in front of him.


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