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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Black Male Homosexuals in Denial-The Disturbing New Trend in Down Low Men

There’s a disturbing new trend among young Black males these days. These Black males are running around having gay encounters and saying that they’re still heterosexual. Worse, These Black males have the warped idea in their mind that if they participate in homosexual acts but aren’t attracted to the man they’re having sex with, they aren’t gay.

That’s a LIE. These males are GAY.

Here’s the deal:

If you are a man and you look at a man and see him as sexually attractive, you are a homosexual.

If you are a man and you touch another man’s genitals, you are homosexual.

If you are a man and you like letting another man touch your genitals you are a homosexual.

If you are a man and you give a man a handjob you are a homosexual. And if you are a man who receives the handjob and you reciprocate by giving the other male a handjob, you are a homosexual.

If you are a man and you put another man’s penis in your mouth to sexually stimulate another man to orgasm, you are a homosexual.

If you are a man and you let another man put his tongue in your anus you are a homosexual man.

If you are a man and you put your tongue in another man’s anus you are a homosexual.

If you are a man and you let a man who is NOT A PROCTOLOGIST put a finger in your rectum you are a homosexual.

If you are a man and you allow another man to put his penis into your anus you are a homosexual. If you put your penis into the rectum of another man, you are homosexual.

Now I know why these boys sag their pants. Now I know why they walk around with their butt cheeks hanging out for the world to show. It’s not swag, It’s a signal to other homosexual men that their booty holes are available. Maybe even to provide easy access to another man in a corner somewhere.

Seriously, I don’t know what is wrong with these Black boys today. It’s clear they’re not having a strong positive male influence in their communities. All these single parent female headed households have clearly had a negative impact on Black males over the last twenty years.

When a male thinks participating in a sex act with another male is not homosexual, he’s clearly lost and confused as to what his identity is as a man. All of this gender confusion has Black boys thinking they can participate in homosexual acts and still be heterosexual.

I have to wonder if any of these boys ever read a damn biology book? Or if they studied human sexuality in school?

Then again, this is the generation where many think babies come out of their backs. That’s how fucked up things are among Black folks. No one is teaching these children about their bodies or about sexuality, due to the shame many Black females have about their own bodies and the fact that there’s no Real Black Man in the household to teach these Black boys what they need to know about how their bodies are changing as they grow up to become men.

There’s a desperate need for Real Black Men to return to the Black community. Right now, Men are acting like women and women are acting like men. It’s clear the feminist controlled Black Matriarchy has FAILED in their quest to raise a boy to manhood, and these dysfunctional sistas and their Pimp pastor, and Mangina supporters in the corrupted Black church and Black leadership need to be relieved of their positions as authority figures in the Black community. Only a father can teach boy to be be a man, and only Real Black Men can lead the Black community out of the confused state its in.


  1. Do you think men can be bisexual?

  2. No.

    A "bisexual" is just someone who wants their cake and eat it too.

    But in the case of these Black males they are denying their homosexuality by saying they are heterosexual while performing homosexual acts with other men.These males are in denial about their homosexuality. These are men and boys who post video of themselves having sex and taking one in the ass but say they aren't gay. That's not bisexual. That's DENIAL.

    1. My dear friend how can you talk so boldly about family when you want people to embrace being gay? Gay ideals are just one of the many things that destroy the family that God specifically created to be started by man and woman. Read Genesis is you don't believe me. Until you get your head straightened out I do not see your precious plan for the comic book industry having any good effect on the family. I would keep my kids away from comics for that reason until they learn what is right and wrong in what they see in comics.

  3. I disagree. Why cant you be attracted to BOTH genders??? Thats like someone telling you that you are not allowed to enjoy vanilla and chocolate ice cream because you can only like one. Its ridiculous. However there are some men that are totally full of shit by claiming to be bisexual....some not all.

  4. You can disagree, that's your opinion.

    But you have to choose a side to have a committed relationship with. And either you are straight or gay to have that committed relationship with that one person.

    The men and women who claim bisexuality don't want a commitment. They want their cake and to eat it too. They want the benefits of a sexual relatonship with both genders but none of the responsibilities.

  5. As a single mother raising my daughter, I teach her to be independent so that she won't be helpless. I grew up with my dad in my life and he still is. Her father is there as well and has other children. He makes it a clear distinction about gender roles. I didn't understand until now how the feminist movement was just another government ploy to destroy black male figures. How they plotted to take away black males manhood by offering assistance to mothers if black fathers werent in the house. As a christian how the governments gay acceptance is another plot. I not saying I have no tolerance. We should all love each other. I fell into a trap as well being a single parent. But we have to wake up to the schemes and plots by the enemy and get back to the days raising a family under one house hold was the only way.

  6. Heres a very interesting article about the plot of homosexuality.