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Friday, November 8, 2013

Shawn explains the Birth of Jesus To Baby Mamas

There’s a single mother who comes to this blog talking about how Jesus was an illegitimate birth to justify single motherhood. As a Christian I’m going to take the time to use this as a teachable moment about Jesus.

As a spirit Jesus was actually with God since the beginning of Time.  This is clearly mentioned in numerous Psalms, Proverbs and other Old Testament books of the Bible. He came into the world to do the work of God paying for all the sins of Man past, present, and future and redeeming all the souls of the world.

Jesus Christ was NOT an illegitimate birth.  His birth was a Divine conception by the Holy Spirit. Mary was a virgin not touched by her husband Joseph. The reason why He chose Mary for Jesus birth was for two reasons:

1) Because Joseph was a Patriarchal descendant of David, King of Israel. This is to fulfill God’s Word as prophesized in numerous books in the Bible.

2) The Holy Spirit used Mary as a vessel for the birth of Jesus because she was a Virgin. Jesus was the only human being on earth to be born without Sin. The Holy Spirit conceived his body inside of Mary. And the Holy Spirit is completely sinless and absolutely pure.

Mary was a vessel The Holy Spirit used to so Jesus could be born into the world as a blood human being to do God’s Work on Earth.

Joseph actually wanted to divorce his wife once he found out she was pregnant with Jesus but was told not to by God. Mary had NOT committed any sin during the conception of Jesus. Again, Jesus’ birth was a Divine conception by The Holy Spirit. So there was no sin.

God is Jesus’ Father. And Jesus and God are One.

Jesus was a legitimate birth of a Divine conception. However many of the women who are single mothers today have committed the sin of fornication. What is Fornication? Fornication is sexual intercourse outside of marriage.

And fornication is one of the sins Jesus expressly speaks of in books in the New Testament as a sin that comes out of the inside the heart of a man.

Fornication has been a sin since the Old Testament. According to the Mosiac Law, men and women who committed fornication were forced to marry one another.

In fact, here in the United States fornication was actually a crime in some states up until the late 1960’s. Before that time, having sex outside of marriage was considered shameful and brought dishonor on both men and women. Men who had sex outside of marriage were considered “weak” for having no self-control and self-discipline and women who had sex outside of marriage were considered “loose” and not fit for marriage.

Moreover, men and women having children out of wedlock before the mid 1960’s was considered a shameful and embarrassing thing for both a man and a woman.  Most in society would have nothing to do with either a woman or a man who had bastard kids outside of wedlock. Men who had bastard kids were actually considered bums and losers before the mid 1960’s.

Which is why there were so many forced and “shotgun” weddings until the late 1960’s. People did not want their children to grow up in families where their parents had lost face in the eyes of the public.

Unfortunately, in today’s perverted and debaucherous society we are taught from birth that fornication is not a sin. That sex outside of marriage is perfectly fine.

However, God never meant for men and women to have sex outside of marriage. In his word He clearly states that when a man and a woman get married he leaves his father and mother and the two become one flesh, cleaving to one another.

The two becoming one was a clear statement about men and women coming together sexually. And cleaving to each other meant that they would care for each other within their own household.

God intends for families to consist of a mother and a father. But in today’s world of Baby Mamas and Baby Daddies, The false gods of Madison Avenue and Hollywood tell us that men and women can have their on households without each other. That separate is equal.

 And now some of these lost and confused souls are trying to justify the births of their illegitimate children by using Jesus as an example. This is a lie from the Pit of Hell created by The Devil himself. Blasphemy.

The birth of Jesus was not a conception of fornication like the births of children from may single mothers. God did not bring Jesus in the world to keep a man, or to try to turn a jumpoff situation into a committed relationship. Creating a body through Divine conception through the Holy Spirit, God sent Jesus into the world to pay for the sins of all mankind and to redeem the souls of the world. The Divine conception of Jesus clearly shows the awesome power of God. No man on Earth can claim physical lineage Jesus because He is the Son of God.

The conception of Jesus was without sin. However, the conception of illegitimate children by single mothers is sinful because it comes through fornication. Single mothers need to understand that Fornication is a willful act committed by men and women that is a sin against God. Fornication is a sin that destroys the lives of men and women. It leaves men and women spiritually disconnected and emotionally lost. It prevents people from forming that close intimate connection with their husband or wife because there’s always a part of them connected to someone else. God made our bodies to be temples of the Holy Spirit, not to be used as toilet bowls. Do what Paul says in the Corintihans and Flee Fornication! 


  1. The Bible is a fairy tale book. It makes no sense and has several contradictions. You might as well believe in leprechauns and tooth fairies.

  2. Agreed with the statement above. The writings of the bible should never be taken out of proportion in the context such as this article. There are documents that have risen that suggest that Jesus never existed... Search 'covert messiah'; basically saying Jesus was created by the Romans as a means of psychological control. Also why are you so concerned with people having sex out of wed lock? You know everyone has been doing that since the dawn of man right? Before the idea of society and far before the idea of marriage came about.

  3. When people of color have sex outside of marriage, they produce children the state has to pay for.

    Moreover, 80 percent of these same people call themselves Christians yet 72 percent of their children are born out of wedlock.

    The very Bible they read says fornication is a SIN. So how can they call themselves Christians if they don't follow the tenets of the religion they confess to believe in?

    People will say anything to justify having pre-marital sex. If you want to do that, fine. But don't profess to be part of a religion or participate in a church if you don't want to follow the precepts of that religion. Too many Baby Mamas want to shame people with the Bible but don't follow a single word of it. They want to be religious when it's convenient for them, but when it's not, they sin Monday through Saturday.