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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Black People Participate in Group Economics-Support Black Owned Businesses This Holiday Season!

Some of the titles in my Catalog! Buy one of these and help a Black owned Business!
Before you spend $200 on that pair of Jordans or Timberland spice tans spend 99 cents on a Shawn James eBook.

Or take your money to another  Black-owned business and buy products there. 

Before you Spend $600 on that Xbox One or PS4 and a bunch of $60 games spend $15 on a Shawn James Paperback.

Or take your money to a Black-owned business and buy products there.

Brothers and sisters when you spend money on products from a Black-owned business you keep money in your own community. And you help Black owned businesses like my SJS DIRECT publishing imprint stay in business.

Brothers and sisters, we spend 97 percent of our money making nonblack businesses richer. How about you give some of that $1.1 trillion dollars of money you spend back to Black people in your own community this Holiday season.

Every dollar you spend with a Black merchant like myself enriches you. With the money I receive from paperback and eBook sales I can have the financial resources to continue promoting the SJS DIRECT imprint.

I can finally have the money to hire artists to re-do my covers. I can pay for online advertising. I can hire proofreaders and editors to ensure better quality control on my finished eBook and paperback scripts. I can have the money to travel and finally do larger shows like New York Comic Con and Circle of Sisters. And maybe I can publish other authors in the future. Over time I can bring money and jobs to back to the Black community. 

Group Economics is how we lift Black people out of poverty. When Black businesses like SJS DIRECT grow, I look to hire other Black people. I want to bring jobs to the Black community. Because I know when Black people spend money on other Black people it has a positive impact in the community.

Every dollar spent with a Black-owned business keeps money in the Black community. And that money is what can be used to improve the quality of life for all.

As a writer I promote Group economics in several of my Books such as The Temptation of John Haynes and The Thetas. The way I saw it If Black people read about Black people buying and selling from other Black people that consumer patter will become stamped on their minds.

And I’ve been going out of my way for over 20 years to buy Black. Almost all the Milestone and DC comics in my comic book collection were bought from a Black comic vendor. When I had money, I’d go to Black trade shows like the Circle of Sisters and the Harlem Book fair, not just to sell, but to BUY.  Group economics is not just a concept for me. It’s a way of life.

The latest book in the Isis series
I know the importance of Buying Black. When you Buy Black you not only help a Black business, but you help build wealth in the Black community.

Wealth that helps establish the building blocks for political power. It’s people with money who write political policy in the world. And the reason why most political policies don’t benefit Black people today is because we spend most of our money helping give nonblack people the economic power that’s used to influence politicians. Economic power buys political power.

Now I know 99 cents or $15 dollars doesn’t sound like much. But added up by the thousands among the millions of Black people in America it can have a positive impact on the Black economy. When you Buy Black products like mine, money stays in the Black community.

Group economics helps the community Black people get to the next level. Every dollar you spend with me or another Black business.

And if you help out Black businesses they’ll help you.

This holiday season I’m urging Black people to start practicing group economics and start spending Black. When you buy books from me or products from other Black businesses you not only help Black businesses, but help yourself. Give the gift that keeps on giving. Support my Black owned business and the businesses of other brothers and sistas. Every dollar you spend in the community helps to improve the quality of life for all brothers and sistas. 

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