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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Black people need to understand the concept of Economic Triage

Black folks who have achieved economic success want to help other brothers and sistas out. Unfortunately, they wind up wasting valuable resources and precious time on people who can’t be helped.

Black people who have established themselves will spend thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to help friends and relatives who squander the opportunity in most cases. We spend our money and our time trying to help out never do well brothers, or hoodrat sistas without vetting them properly. For every Pookie, Skillet, Hambone, Shantisha and Janesha who blows a job opportunity, business connection, or a business opportunity that’s Shawn James, Lawrence Cherry, or JM McSwain with a solid business plan or business skills who can’t get their foot in the door.

That keeps other professional Black people from expanding their business in the Black community. Moreover, it keeps Black people from building wealth that can be passed on from one generation to the next.

The way I see it, Black people need to establish standards for sharing their professional and business connections with other Black people. And one of the most effective standards a brotha or sista can establish for themselves is the concept of Triage.

Triage is a medical concept where people’s needs are based on the severity of their condition. Black people need to establish their needs to help other Black people based on the severity of their condition as well. Applying the Triage model to business brothers and sistas need to assess:

Those who are likely to live, regardless of what help they receive; (established brothers, established sistas Black middle class, Black executives, Black business owners)

Those who are likely to die, regardless of what help they receive; (thugs, hoodrats, baby mamas, ex-cons, gang bangers, Manginas, Simps, Women who believe in feminism, entertainers celebrities)

Those for whom immediate help might make a positive difference in outcome. (students about to graduate, college graduates, individuals in skilled trade programs, owners of business start-ups,)

The Triage model will allow resources to going to the brothers and sistas who need it most. Ideally, this would help the brothers and sisters in school, the skill trades and owners of small business start-ups will receive most of the resources from the Black community. Over time, this investment in our best and brightest Black people would pay off in the form of jobs, and a strong Black economy.

The Triage model would be much better than what Black people are doing right now. Currently, Black folks will spend all their money and their time trying to help save those most likely to die regardless of what care or support they receive. Worse, they neglect those people who immediate help can have a positive outcome on like the recent college graduates, people trying to learn a skill trade, and business owners starting up a company until their mental, physical and economic health deteriorates and becomes almost as dire as those who are dying and cannot be saved. Leading to two walking dead individuals trolling in the community instead of just one!

What Black people don’t understand is that if they supported the people who immediate help would have a positive impact on they’d go on to lead healthy lives. They’d go on to get jobs and build businesses and go on to hire other Black people. And when their businesses thrive, they’d be able to build wealth that can establish a tax base and political power within the Black community.

Established brothers and sisters have to understand that they must invest in the brothers and sisters who are doing something with their lives and not the dying or the walking dead. Pookie, Skillet and Hambone are going to DIE regardless of how much money and time is invested in them. And Janesha and Shantisha are going on to DIE producing more bastard babies by more baby daddies regardless of how much money and time is poured into them. So any investment in them is a waste of valuable money and even more precious TIME. The government and the Black community have spent over 40 years investing trillions of dollars in the walking dead. And what has it gotten us?

Two more generations of zombies worse than the first.

All of this investment in the walking dead is why the Black community continues to remain in poverty 60 years after the Civil Rights movement. No amount of resources invested in a Thug, a Mangina, a Hood Rat or a Baby mama is going to turn them into a hardworking entrepreneur or a middle class taxpayer.

Black people who are functional and living need to come to the understanding that many who walk among us are the living dead! And the dead cannot be saved! The dying cannot be saved! As much as we love these friends and family we cannot help them!

Thugs, hoodrats, single mothers dope boys, and gang bangers are all among the living DEAD! Black people of means need to leave these living dead to die! They are going to the graveyard! Any sort of help and support only leads to the quickening of your own demise! Because when you become infected with their sickness, you too become as apathetic, indifferent and lazy as they are!

If the Black community is to survive, we have to start focus on investing our limited resources on the living. Every dollar we spend helping out a kid who is about to graduate from high school, college or a trade is money invested in our future. Every dollar we spend on a Black-owned business start-up is a dollar invested in our community’s economic future. When we put our resources into those who help will have an immediate help will make a positive difference, we show that we value our best and brightest people and will do everything in our power to take them to the next level.

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