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Sunday, November 24, 2013

How the Knockout Game Knocks Black People Out of the Game of Life

There’s this new game going around called Knockout. In it groups of bored kids are going around punching random people on the street to see if they can Knock them out. Then they videotape the mayhem and post it to sites like YouTube and World Star Hip Hop.

I normally don’t advocate violence. But if any of you run into a group of punks like this they take a swing at you feel free to take a shot at them. They want to play the knockout game, you play the body bag game. See how many of these little Bitch-Made™ fools you can put in the morgue. You have a legal right to defend yourself if attacked, and in this case homicide is justified.

Maybe if enough adults played the body bag game kids would find something else to do.

I truly hate it when dumb niggers go around doing stupid shit like this. All it does is reinforce old racist stereotypes about Black people to the rest of the world. In the age of the first Black president, dumb Niggers seem to drive their own culture deeper and deeper into the sewer by participating in some of the most depraved and savage acts known to man.

The problem with most Black teenagers today is that they don’t think long-term. And because many grow up in female headed households, they don’t understand for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And when Black people act in a way that makes people of other races react, it can be detrimental to not just them, but the Black community as a whole.

What these dumb Niggers who play the Knockout game don’t know is that when groups of Black males act out like this White people start changing legal policy to deal with it. And when they change legal policies they come down HARD on Black communities.

Maybe some of these kids need to talk to their parents about 25 years ago when the Central Park five went “wilding” or when Yull Morales and his crew stabbed Brian Watkins on the E train as he was going to the U.S. Open in 1991. That’s if they talk to their parents at all. Google those cases and find out what’s going to happen to you when you get caught.

White politicians used these cases out-of-control teen violence to bring a HAMMER down on communities of color. They started charging the kids they arrested for participating in these acts of violence as adults. Want to know what that means?


And when a young Black male gets a FELONY CONVICTION, that’s GAME OVER FOR HIS ASS.

After he gets out of jail, (if he survives the experience in 5-25 years) The entire world closes itself off to him. Because once a Black man gets a felony conviction, in AmeriKKKa you are virtually unemployable.

Black men with felony convictions can’t vote, participate in juries, nor can they receive financial aid to go to college, apply for Civil Service jobs or participate in the military. 90 percent of the private sector jobs pretty much close themselves off to you as avenues of employment.

So that Knockout game you played at 14 or 15 knocks you out of the game of life at 24 or 25.

After you get a felony conviction, all you wind up being able to do is sit in your mama’s house working bullshit low-wage jobs like fast food and old folks homes changing diapers. No one will want anything to do with your ass.

Including the homies who you were laughing with and the girls you were trying to impress.

And this station in life will be all your fault Black male. Your stupid ass is videotaping the very evidence that’ll be used to get that felony conviction on you that derails your life.

Felony convictions are money in the bank for the rich White people running prison industrial complex. And the Knockout game gives them more cheap Black labor to make money off of.

Black folks, The Knockout game knocks you out of the game of life. While you may be having fun today, I guarantee you’ll be miserable five or ten years from now.


  1. These stupid negroes never learn, do they? And we pay the price for it.

  2. This so called game is a myth and prison propaganda. Kids are not running around knocking out people. How come babe rapers you see on to catch a predator don't don't have a campaign against them? Why no special laws? Because they are white males and it happens more than knock out. Recently pedophilia was declassified as a mental illness. Soon it'll be legal. That's white Americans response to white male perversion. Acceptance not condemnation

    1. You are ignorant and stupid as hell you are the problem its obviously not a myth if there are videos of the stupid black kids actually doing the shit and everybody know about it

  3. The innumerable videos posted on the internet prove this is hardly a damn "myth."

    These black coward punks are hitting women and old men. Anyone can be sucker-punched...anyone can be assaulted by surprise while going about their lives.

    I was raised in Pennsylvania but have lived in the damn Confederacy for over 30 years. If me or my siblings would have ever said "nigger" my old man would have pounded us to the ground. I caused problems in my idealized adolescence defending blacks, made enemies of friends even.

    However, blacks have gotten extremely ignorant lately. Between punching old WHITE people and flash-mobbing to rob stores it seems they are incapable of seeing where this will lead.

    I'm an inch away from tearing the next young black, pants on the ground, jaboney I see to pieces.